Dr Prabhjot Gill – Domestic Violence, Abuse and More

Dr Prabhjot Gill is a doctor who was able to keep his job despite receiving allegations of domestic violence from his ex-wife. 

The doctor’s wife had claimed that he beat her during their marriage. She recounted her experience at a medical disciplinary hearing. Even though the court had cleared Dr Prabhjot Gill of all criminal charges in 2015, he heard his former spouse’s claims in the medical disciplinary hearing later on. 

The victim alleged that he used to punch her in the back, kick her and sometimes slap her. Furthermore, she claimed that he pushed her into a radiator once. 

Dr Prabhjot Gill

She alleged that in one instance, Dr Prabhjot Gill had pushed a dirty nappy into her face. Then, he took their children into another room and locked her in the bedroom of their estate. 

The victim succeeded in recording one of their heated arguments. She played the recording before the tribunal. 

The family doctor could have lost his license for misconduct as a result of this hearing. At the time of all these incidents, he was in a GP training program in Essex. 

However, even though the tribunal found the argument’s recording ‘disturbing’, it didn’t find Dr Prabhjot Gill ‘impaired to perform his duty’. They found that his only wrongdoing was pushing the victim into a radiator. 

It dismissed the rest of the allegations against the doctor. 

The tribunal heard that the couple had married in 2006 but their marriage deteriorated over time. They had a lot of arguments, especially between March 11 and 15, 2014. 

More Details on the Domestic Violence Case Against Dr Prabhjot Gill:

When she was giving evidence to the panel, the victim wept as she recounted the terrible incidents that occurred during their marriage. She said that most of their arguments were regarding their finances. 

The victim pointed out that Dr. Gill would constantly belittle her job and tell her to make more money. 

She described the incident when Dr Prabhjot Gill had shoved a soiled nappy into her face. 

The victim explained that she was in the main bedroom of their house when he came up the stairs to the room. At the time, she was changing their daughter’s nappy. He noticed this and got mad at her saying it was disgusting. 

Dr. Gill claimed that there were gems everywhere. The victim pointed out that she was only changing her daughter’s nappy on the bed and she had done this before. 

He said it was disgusting and the two started having an argument. In the middle of the argument, he picked up the soiled nappy and put it in her face. Then, he took their daughter and the other kid to another room. 

She pointed out that he locked her in the bedroom and the kids in another room. The victim recalled that their kids were screaming and crying but Dr Prabhjot Gill didn’t care. 

He locked the door and didn’t let her out of the room to clean her face. When she requested him to open the door, he declined. Eventually, he opened the main door and let her out. 

What Happened After the Nappy Incident:

The victim said that his sister was living with them and she kept asking him to keep calm. After that incident, the victim took the kids to stay with her parents for a few days. 

Also, he was apologetic initially but then started telling the victim that he would come and get her and the kids if she didn’t come herself. 

The victim told the panel that the nappy incident was very disgraceful and degrading. She didn’t want to go home. Eventually, she did return because he came to her parents’ house asking to take the children back. 

After she got back to his house it didn’t take long for the couple to begin arguing again. A day after her return, Dr Prabhjot Gill argued with her again.

Apparently, he went to the kids’ room and saw them using a portable heating while watching cartoons. He allegedly picked up the heater and threw it down teh stairs. Then, he went into the bedroom to confront the victim. 

This time, the victim recorded the argument fearing things might ‘escalate’. 

She told the panel that she was scared for her and her kids’ lives. He had been violent towards her before and so, she thought recording it would be the best course of action. 

Dr. Gill told her that she doesn’t pay for the heater, he does. Then he pushed her and she fell backwards into a radiator. He spat on her, kicked her when she was on teh floor and threw a slipper at her. 

The victim recalled that she went downstairs to diffuse the situation but it didn’t help. He began shouting at her and she had to get out of the house. 

The recording showed the couple arguing in Punjabi and English. You can clearly hear her crying and shouting “leave me alone” while Dr Prabhjot Gill says “I will smash your face in”.

Later, she called the police after Prabhjot began throwing her clothes out of the wardrobe across the room. 

Dr. Gill admitted later on that he had lost his composure and was frustrated at the time. 

The Divorce of Dr Prabhjot Gill and The Tribunal’s Observations

The victim pointed out that they tried to make the marriage work but things went downhill when she claimed that he had been abusive towards their young son. 

A magistrate’s court didn’t find Dr. Gill guilty of any wrongdoing and cleared him of all charges in 2015. 

The couple had divorced that year and he remarried the same year. 

dr prabhjot gill

According to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, the victim’s evidence was ‘somewhat disorganized’. However, the panel chairman noted that the audio recording consisted of a distressing and heated exchange where Dr Prabhjot Gill lost control. 

It found the recording to be disturbing. 

Furthermore, the panel pointed out that the recording represented an imbalance of power and Dr. Gill must have been aware of how intimidating he was for his ex-wife. 

As a result, the tribunal placed a warning on him for 5 years. That’s it. They said that he verbally abused the victim and pushed her, causing her to fall on a radiator. 

According to the panel, this conduct doesn’t meet the standards required of a doctor and risks bringing disrepute to the profession. “Whilst this failing in itself is not so serious as to require any restriction on his registration, it is necessary in response to issue this formal warning,” the tribunal noted in its observations. 


Currently, Dr Prabhjot Gill is working as a general practitioner at NHS England. He is also an OOH Clinician Supervisor and a MedCo Accredited DME. 

Based on the panel’s observations it’s obvious that Gill is guilty of domestic violence and abuse. He was abusive towards his ex-wife and his punishment was a 5-year warning. 

Do you think that’s a strict punishment for verbal and physical abuse of one’s spouse? 

Keep in mind, such cases are becoming increasingly common where the culprit of domestic violence faces negligible punishment for their behavior. For example, Brook Lang Seattle used to abuse his wife and that marriage ended in divorce. 

Beware of such people. Share your thoughts below.

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Dr Prabhjot Gill has a history of domestic violence and abuse. For hurling verbal abuses and being physically violent towards his wife, he received a 5-year warning. The matter was called “disturbing” by a panel.

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