Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa

Dr. Raj Kanodia is an incompetent surgeon based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. There are tons of negative reviews against his clinic, Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa. 

People complain about condescending behavior, failed surgeries, and late appointments. The following review of this celebrity surgeon will expose the reality of this surgeon. You will find out how this guy runs his clinic and whether you should trust him with your procedure or not: 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa Wiki: Bella Hadid, House, Reviews, Medical School, Wife, Famous Patients, Age, Instagram, Etc.

Dr. Raj Kanodia runs a plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills, called Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa. The address of his clinic is 414 N Camden Dr Suite 801, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States. 

You can contact the clinic by calling on 310-276-3106. On the other hand, if you want to book an appointment with him, you’ll have to visit calendly.com. Dr Raj Kanodia age is 61 years at the time of writing this review. 

The net worth of Dr. Raj Kanodia is estimated to be $9 million. There’s no definite number available on how much he earns per year or how much he has made so far. 

Raj has over 500,000 followers on Instagram. The list of Dr Raj Kanodia famous patients includes the names of Ashley Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Cindy Crawford. 

His celebrity status has allowed him to get features on various publications and shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Vogue, E!, and Dr 90210.  

All of these accolades and successes make Dr. Kanodia seem like a flawless surgeon. However, the reality is way different. 

According to numerous Dr Raj Kanodia reviews, he is an entitled and rude professional who doesn’t care about his clients. As you’ll read on, you’ll see how his patients complain about his lack of professionalism and care.  

How Dr. Raj Kanodia Spread False Rumours About Bella Hadid’s Rhinoplasty

Bella Hadid is a gorgeous and among the most successful supermodel. There are many rumors related to her nose as many fans believe she had a rhinoplasty done. 

However, who did the procedure is unknown. No one has revealed who did the procedure. 

Still, the PR team of Dr. Kanodia has ensured that people associate him with Bella Hadid’s rhinoplasty

That’s why one of the most popular things people look up when googling him is “Dr. Raj Kanodia Bella Hadid” even when there’s no association between the two. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

There are only rumors about who did Bella’s rhinoplasty. Her family even denies having any kind of nose job. 

Whether he performed the procedure or not isn’t even the question. He shouldn’t be spreading rumors like this in the first place. Obviously, the person who performed the rhinoplasty on Bella Hadid had to sign an NDA. 

Spreading rumors like this suggests that Dr. Kanodia prioritizes his interests over his clients’ privacy. It’s certainly not a good sign. 

Selling House For $99 Million When Failed To Swindle

It’s not as if Dr. Kanodia only scams his patients. You can see his tendency of trying to scam others in his other business ordeals too.

For example, he was selling a spec house in Bel-Air with an asking price of $180 million in 2018. However, when he realized that he can’t get any buyers for such an exorbitant rate, he slashed the price by half. 

In 2020, he set the price for his spec house at $99 million. 

If the new asking price is $99 million, anyone who would’ve bought the Dr Raj Kanodia house at $180 million would’ve gotten ripped off. That buyer would have paid $81 million extra.

His excuse for slashing the price by half was that his neighbor has slashed his asking price as well. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

Raj wanted to scam someone but failed. Because fake PR, super rich parents and celebrity friends can only help you so much in life. 

This instance is just another proof of how Raj is a shady person. After reading some of his reviews, you’ll realize how depraved he truly is. 

Repeatedly Breaching Non-Disclosure Agreements & Leaking Sensitive Information: Dr. Raj Kanodia Is An Attention Seeker

Dr. Kanodia doesn’t respect his non-disclosure agreements or the privacy of his clients. He is so self-centered that all he cares about his personal PR. The Bella Hadid rumors are just the tip of the iceberg. 

When you sign an NDA for a project, you can’t let anyone know that you performed the procedure. The clauses of such agreements fall under HIPPA laws. They are a prominent aspect of the plastic surgery business because many clients want to exercise discretion when getting a procedure. 

Even with laws like HIPPA in place, Dr. Kanodia doesn’t care. He does “innocent” things to let people know that he performed a procedure on a certain celebrity. 

For example, he commented on an Indian celebrity’s instagram page forcing her to disable the comments on that post:

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

On another occasion, he liked a comment that talked about the rumor of him performing a nose job on a celebrity:

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

Neither of those celebrities have revealed that they had a surgery. Raj hasn’t said anything about this matter as well. This means his client doesn’t want him to reveal any details about the procedure.

Still, he associates himself with the celebrities, comments on their posts, and likes the comments that say he performed a surgery on them. 

If you want a plastic surgeon who respects his client’s privacy, Dr. Raj Kanodia isn’t the right choice for you. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Faces Backlash For “Ruining” Britney Spears’ Nose

As you’ll find in this review, Dr. Kanodia has botched a ton of plastic surgeries. The list includes the name of Britney Spears who revealed in an interview that she had a procedure from Kanodia. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

After this news broke out, many of the Toxic singer’s fans started criticizing Kanodia for his botched procedure. 

Some even demanded him to retire from the plastic surgery field while some called him horrible. 

For example, one person wrote that it’s unfair that he spoiled the sweet face of Britney. Similarly, another person pointed out that he is a monster for ruining her face. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review
Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review
Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

For those who don’t know, Britney Spears is a successful pop singer who ruled the charts for decades. Some of her hits include, Baby One More Time, Toxic, and Gimme More. 

The Kanodia MedSpa: Overpriced Mess

This post would be incomplete without talking about the Kanodia MedSpa. Because of Kanodia’s celebrity status, the prices of this place would obviously be sky-high. 

Still, it’s vital to share some details about this place so you know what kind of services he offers. 

The Kanodia MedSpa offers:

  • Red carpet laser facial
  • Exilis Ultra
  • Lip enhancement
  • Facial contouring fillers
  • Plasma pen
  • Emsculpt body sculpting
  • BTL vanquish
  • Vitamin cocktails

And much more.

Now that you know about his profession and the kind of work he performs, you can understand what kind of lies he propagates about himself. 

Below are some of the numerous reviews on Dr. Raj Kanodia. Unlike his paid PR, these reviews will give you the grimey details about his ugly reality: 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Behaves Terribly with Women

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

This reviewer points out that Dr. Kanodia doesn’t know how to talk to women. He is rude and entitled. 

Dr. Kanodia’s Rhinoplasty Gave Breathing Issues and a Crooked Nose

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

This person had a surgery with Dr. Kanodia three years before posting the review. It was a rhinoplasty. However, the results were very disappointing because their nose looks very similar to their previous one. Also, the nose is a little crooked on the right issues and the reviewer has been suffering from breathing issues after the surgery. 

To fix the crooked side of the nose, Raj gave them an injection but it just made the nose worse. 

The reviewer had spent $21,000 for the procedure but it was too disappointing. They warn against hiring him, like most of the reviewers I have shared in this article. 

Kanodia’s Ego is Too High (Mistreating an Asian Client)

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

This reviewer is a first-generation South Asian and thought Kanodia would be a great fit for them. Turns out they were wrong. 

Kanodia charged them $200 for the consultation. Money wasn’t a question for the reviewer because they were more concerned about the quality of treatment. 

However, they point out that Kanodia doesn’t like to spend much time with you if you aren’t a celebrity. When Kanodia entered the meeting room he didn’t introduce himself. He simply looked at the reviewer’s nose and said that they needed a rhinoplasty and left. 

The reviewer also shares that the staff is quite scared of him. Later, he claimed that he doesn’t use computers for post-op imaging. Instead, he made drawings on the reviewer’s pictures to show the potential results. 

When the reviewer asked him how many South Asian noses he had worked on, he said they should have known who he was before coming to his clinic and that they should conduct proper research on him. 

Clearly, the guy has too much ego. The reviewer says that Raj behaved like a toddler and was throwing a temper tantrum. When the reviewer shared their experience with the nurse, she said that Raj is just like that but he’s very talented. Being talented doesn’t give you an excuse to talk rudely and arrogantly with others. 

Moreover, the numerous botched procedures indicate that Raj isn’t any talented surgeon. He simply has a “celebrity status” because he has performed a few surgeries on some well-known personalities. 

Kanodia’s Rhinoplasty Gave a Pinched Nose with Large Nostrils

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

This reviewer had a rhinoplasty with Kanodia but several years after the procedure, the results have been horrific. 

They point out that their nose is over projected, crooked, and pinched. Moreover, their nostrils are quite large and Kanodia didn’t fix their breathing issues even when he had promised to. 

Kanodia gave them botox in their upper lip because their tip had become droopy. He also injected fillers into their nose to compensate for the disproportionate bridge and tip. 

WHen the reviewer pointed out their breathing issues, he said it was an allergy and suggested getting a humidifier. The reviewer had to get a revision procedure from a different doctor. They have shared their experience on other platforms as well: 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

Rude, Demeaning, Snobby Doctor with Horrible Bed-side Manner

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

According to this review, Dr. Raj has a horrible bedside manner. He was very condescending, insulting and rude towards this client. The reviewer was very disappointed with their experience and said that he has the worst personality out of all surgeons present in Beverly Hills. 

Charged $18,000 and Botched a Simple Nose Job

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

This reviewer warns against hiring Dr. Raj Kanodia. They had a small bump on their nose and wanted a natural-looking nose so they went to see Dr. Kanodia. 

After his rhinoplasty, they have a “turned up nose job looking” nose. They suggest avoiding him at all costs. In fact, they regret the decision of hiring him and wish every day that they hadn’t made this decision.

They had paid him $18k for this procedure yet he botched it. 

Kanodia’s Botched Rhinoplasty Gave this Patient a Deviated Septum

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

This reviewer had a broken nose and went to see Dr. Kanodia for it. He performed a rhinoplasty on this person and botched the procedure. Raj had suggested they wait for a year to see the complete results but even after a year, the reviewer has a deviated septum.

When the reviewer asked him about this issue, he didn’t suggest a revision surgery. No, he gave them a nose filler and recommended getting one every 6 months. The guy couldn’t accept his fault. Instead, he tried to squeeze more money out of the reviewer. 

Luckily, the reviewer got second opinions from two other surgeons. Both of them told them that they had a deviated septum. At the end of the review, they advise others to do thorough research on a surgeon before hiring them. 

I’d recommend doing this too. For example, Dr. Joshua Lampert seems like a genuine professional at first but the guy harassed a disabled lady for weeks and even sent legal threats simply because she posted a negative review on him. 

Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty Resulted in Nerve and Muscle Damage

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

This person had a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation from Dr. Kanodia. He failed at both of them. The reviewer’s chin was swelling for several months and they couldn’t leave their house because of it. 

Kanodia insisted on keeping the implant in even when it wasn’t healing. The reviewer reveals that they now have lasting nerve and muscle damage which can’t heal. 

Like many other clients of Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & MedSpa, this one also highlights that he behaves rudely with his patients and his staff seems scared of him. They advise him to leave the plastic surgery industry before he does anymore damage. 

Made the Client Wait an Hour for a Brief and Terrible Meeting

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

Brendan wasn’t going to share his experience online but a request to post a review from Raj’s clinic made him post one review. He drove for 3 hours to see Raj. When he arrived, the clinic told him that there’s a $200 consultation fee, which doesn’t go towards the surgery. 

Then, Brendan had to wait for 45 minutes in the reception after which they led him to another room where he waited for another 20 minutes. Then, Raj entered the room in white linen flowing yoga layers and in bare feet. 

He didn’t say anything to Brendan and simply looked at his face. Moreover, Raj didn’t listen to any of his questions even when it was his first appointment for any surgery. He also points out that the bedside manner of the staff and the doctor were horrible. Raj was dismissive, arrogant, and talked in a very passive-aggressive tone.

Brendan left the place feeling worse about his looks than he was when he had gone to the place. Luckily, he found another surgeon who offered much better service. Below is the image of the email he received from Dr. Raj:

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review
Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

Dr. Kanodia Gave an Extremely Crooked Nose and Injected Fillers to Fix His Errors (Which Didn’t Do Anything)

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

Celine had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Kanodia and like many of his cases, he botched this one as well. Her nose was extremely crooked to one side and many of her friends and relatives had pointed this out. Moreover, the rhinoplasty left her with a bump on the tip that Raj didn’t shave down sufficiently on the bridge. 

In her follow up meetings, Kanodia told her that it was swelling and nothing more. He suggested injecting her nose with cortisone and he did so in two follow up meetings. However, she found later that he was injecting cortisone on areas with extra cartilage that needed surgery to fix the issue. 

After the second cortisone injection, he told her that she needed another surgery but he didn’t know how to fix her nose without making it look pinched. 

Then, he told her he’ll refer her to another surgeon and she’ll have to pay for a second procedure. However, he never gave her a call back. When she called his clinic, the receptionist told her that he’s too busy to talk. 

She has seen multiple ENT specialists and they all told her that she has a collapsed valve with a deviated septum. Below are the images of the reviewer’s nose. You can see how Kanodia has botched this procedure: 

Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review
Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review
Dr. Raj Kanodia Rhinoplasty & Medspa review

Made the Nose Look Like a Slope!!! 


Jordan had hired Dr. Kanodia for a rhinoplasty and he failed here. She points out that he made her nose long and similar to a slope. Jordan had told him that she wanted a small and straight nose but she didn’t get the requested results. Moreover, he behaved very arrogantly and she complains that he has a horrible bedside manner. 

Moreover, he botched the tip and gave her a bumpy cartilage. She had to get two revision surgeries which cost her $20,000. Jordan suggests avoiding Dr. Kanodia and finding another surgeon. 

Dr. Kanodia Doesn’t Know How to Deliver Post-op Care

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This was a detailed review of what it’s like to get a primary rhinoplasty from Dr. Kanodia. The reviewer’s first consultation was very brief. They spent 5 minutes with Kanodia where he didn’t discuss the specifics of the procedure and wasted most of the time bragging about himself. 

It cost the reviewer $12,000 to get the surgery from Kanodia. Everything was quite ‘normal’, except that Dr. Kanodia and his nurse Carla were very cold. 

In her post-op meeting, the reviewer pointed out that the recovery was very difficult and they get scared everyday because of the swelling and uncertainty. Instead of telling the reviewer that everything was okay, Kanodia said that the reviewer is a worrier and he can’t do anything about it. 

The reviewer started crying after hearing this response and left the room. They also point out that Kanodia didn’t send any emails or give calls to set up follow up meetings. The reviewer had to call his clinic to set up those appointments. They have shared their experience on other platforms as well: 

1vFirGR887juKWmX7ls58XtMJ5ZHjWyNIjzmkvCjQcx6HJNJFc b73ZxoqXOxtvE7HeWRx7JjmTuJOatPJKvk5i1dxzLWYg UR6kM72uVItV1T

Kanodia Botched a Procedure to Such an Extent that He had to Issue a Refund

riMPy0Am6XXJHHuKoFKKCKmCoijX12cuO9FNHrp15noqh0osrOd4B2b0x7nL 3BFqcMbf MMfkHtoI7fpKegEyp WX1DJ89Sq6oAghyhq153m

Tara here tells other consumers to stay away from Dr. Raj. She had a rhinoplasty with him and he messed up horribly. In fact, he issued her a full refund. Tara wanted to meet with Kanodia before she went under the knife to ensure they were on the same page but the staff gave her a pill to relax. When she woke up, the procedure had already finished. 

She got her cast removed a week later and found that she had a crooked nose with a bump. Tara points out that she didn’t have any of these problems before the procedure. She tells others to avoid Dr. Kanodia at all costs. Below are the images of the reviewer: 

izkmrbFI7ga6Ei NGfNb79TzhdCYDPjneg4mxyXNxzy fs0jGW7ps23rdHWlThpLGFVrn96ZeS8phMSCuxNC5SblLVm0Egv635dLU5SB
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Delivered Disappointing Results and Insulted the Client

PADaa9z09s0YOqfJgORrCLmVMaE I8BubTsujsTkX HhzBGYagE

Jennifer says that if she could give Kanodia 0 out of 5 stars, she would. Dr. Raj Kanodia had performed a rhinoplasty on her in 2000 which was great but over the years, the nose started degrading in appearance. 

So, she visited him in 2015 to discuss the issue. He told her that he was unsure and recommended getting Botox. However, Jennifer didn’t want to take any risks with her nose and hence, didn’t use botox. 

After a few years, she enquired again. However, Kanodia’s behavior changed completely. He came in the checkup room with 3 female assistants and Jennifer points out that she saw no reason why he did that. 

Then, he said that there wasn’t anything wrong with her nose and that the fault was in her face. So, she asked what she should do and he told her to use botox. Then, she asked him what his thoughts were on using botox on different areas of her face. To this, he replied by saying that she was too late. 

Jennifer points out that he clearly didn’t want to work with her. He simply wanted to insult her. She told him that she was hesitant with botox because she doesn’t like the ‘frozen’ look. Kanodia replied by trying to scrunch his face to show that his face wasn’t frozen. 

Obviously, he insulted her multiple times during her visit. She says that she will never go back. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia did Half-done Rhinoplasty and Took No Responsibility

7aAdeoeNH39zHxnN Af E4FGDC0CvOwSTOrrXEk6NQBbOtoVPwgwI qlhyHlGJJwZHe5pgdle9W2HU D0vnHehanQYbQPuBbkPZ81Zoc3fUIxZg kmwPQ 5CpZmne5Rri38edKte=s0

The reviewer points out that you shouldn’t hire Kanodia unless you’re famous or extremely rich because he would treat you horribly otherwise. They had a rhinoplasty with him 3 years before writing the review and he left the nose nearly as crooked as before. There wasn’t much difference in the nose after the surgery. 

In the follow up, they wanted him to perform a revision surgery. However, he refused and said that he can only fix the issue with fillers

His fillers left a huge lump on the reviewer’s nose. They got their money back for the botched fillers but not for the failed rhinoplasty. 

What’s worse is that Kanodia didn’t apologize because his ego is too big. Instead, he deflected the blame on the reviewer and made them feel guilty for his mistakes. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia is Arrogant and Delivers Poor Post-op Care

This reviewer shares that Kanodia insists that his patients get general anesthesia. However, it leads to many of them feeling nauseated. Moreover, he suggests his patients to inhale a specific oil and believes that it helps in healing. The problem with this oil is that it can get into the lungs, which is what happened to the reviewer. They started suffocating but Kanodia didn’t do anything. Instead, he got mad at them.

The reviewer spent three days in the ICU at UCLA. They highlight that Kanodia’s work is inconsistent and he doesn’t work well with fillers. The reviewer’s daughter also had a procedure from him and she had to go to the ER because of nausea. 

Then, Dr. Kanodia suggested that a cortisone shot in the daughter’s nose would help but it didn’t do anything. The reviewer says that it was truly a horrible experience and they didn’t receive the promised results. 

Kanodia’s Rhinoplasty Gave an Asymmetrical Nose with Breathing Issues


This reviewer traveled all the way from the east coast to LA so she can have a procedure from Dr. Raj Kanodia. She points out that it wasn’t a good decision. The surgery was three years before the review and her nose is still big. She points out that she was looking for a realistic nose job but not something like this. 

The only reduction that has occurred on her nose is the removal of a bump. However, the nose is now crooked and looks different on each side. She now has a big, long, and droopy nose. 

Moreover, the nose is asymmetrical as if Raj forgot the left side completely. The left side looks untouched while the right side looks drooping and crooked. 

She was trying to avoid open rhinoplasty and went with him in the hopes that he doesn’t perform this procedure so he would be successful. However, she points out that the reason why Raj doesn’t perform an open rhinoplasty might be because he doesn’t know how.

More Dr. Raj Kanodia Reviews

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Dr. Raj Kanodia might be a celebrity surgeon but he’s certainly not a good one. He doesn’t respect the privacy of his clients, behaves rudely with every client, botches surgeries, and tries to squeeze out as much money from his clients as possible. 

Certainly, Kanodia isn’t a good professional. He might have been a skilled surgeon a few decades ago but now he is simply an arrogant old man who doesn’t respect his clients. 

If you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, he is definitely not the right choice. 

2.2 Total Score
Truly a Monster

Dr. Raj Kanodia doesn’t respect his clients’ privacy, insults the patients, and botches surgeries. He might have been a skilled surgeon several decades ago but now he is simply an arrogant old guy. Best to avoid this Beverly Hills-based celebrity surgeon and find a true professional.

2.8Expert Score
Concern for Clients
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Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Exorbitant pricing
  • Arrogant and rude
  • Constantly insults his clients
  • Doesn’t respect non-disclosure agreements
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  1. 0.75
    Concern for Clients

    Dr. Raj Kanodia should quit rhinoplasty. He has ruined too many lives by now. The fact that this guy is playing around with NDAs shows that he has no respect for his clients. He is too entitled.

    Some of these reviews were too heart wrenching to read, ngl. Especially the one about the lady who got breathing issues and a crooked nose because of this guy. He shouldn’t be allowed to even touch a scalpel. What an arrogant piece of trash.

    - CONS: Rude demeaning Arrogant
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  2. 0.9
    Concern for Clients

    I feel sorry for that mother who took her 19-year old daughter to Dr. Raj Kanodia’s clinic. That poor lady had no idea that this guy is rude to everyone and feels like he’s entitled to everything. No one deserves to get such treatment. Dr. Kanodia should realize that he works with real people, not some lifeless objects that don’t have feelings. It’s not like he’s the best surgeon either. All of those botched rhinoplasty pictures are proof that he is just as terrible as the next guy.

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  3. 0.65
    Concern for Clients

    Arrogant, rude, self-centered. Raj Kanodia isn’t the type of surgeon you’d expect for the prices he charges. I had a bitter experience with his clinic quite a while ago and to this day, I’m glad I never hired him. Only work with Kanodia if you don’t have self-respect.

    - CONS: terrible person
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