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Dr. Randal Haworth

Dr. Randal Haworth is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. The guy is a master charlatan and has ruined tons of lives in his career as a medical professional. 

The following column wouldn’t cover his products such as Nightlift, Medicament, or Biochemistry. It would focus solely on the professional expertise and competence of Dr. Randal. Many of his clients complain about botched results and poor service. 

You’ll learn why this doctor might not be the best for you in the following review. 

What Dr. Randal Haworth Wants You To Know: His Cherry Picked Testimonials & Claims

Dr. Randal Haworth Reviews & Testimonials

Dr. Randal Haworth is a celebrity surgeon. His clinic is located at 465 N Roxbury Dr suite 901, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 

He rose into popularity through the Fox show called “The Swan”. Dr. Randal is the founder of The Haworth Institute. The Haworth Institute is the name of his plastic surgery clinic. Dr. Randal has the MD and FACS qualifications. 

He offers various services including face lifts, lip lifts, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, fat transfer, wrinkle release, and plenty of other popular cosmetic procedures. 

Dr. Randal Haworth has a significant following on Instagram. He is also a painter. 

His website makes him appear as a genius surgeon who knows a lot about his field. That may have been true a decade ago. But that’s no longer the case. 

His recent reviews and controversies suggest he has become very incompetent. You can’t trust Dr. Haworth or his team with a scalpel. It would be too dangerous to rely on him for any surgical procedure. 

@dr.haworth Instagram

He has been running his clinic for years and claims to be the king of plastic surgery. However, I don’t think he is a king of anything. 

The various reviews I found on his practice show that he is not a highly skilled surgeon. They show the opposite. An arrogant and careless surgeon. 

But before I talk about his various reviews, I must first address the various conflicts surrounding this guy: 

Dr. Randal Haworth Takes ZERO Responsibility Legally But Claims To Care About Patients

Dr. Randal Haworth makes a lot of claims about his professionalism and expertise. He claims that he has garnered a global reputation for offering excellent services. However, he doesn’t take any responsibility for his services. 

There’s a small section in terms of service called “Medical Disclaimer”. The disclaimer says that he doesn’t make any guarantee or warranties about his procedures. You can’t hold him liable if he botches your surgery. 

The disclaimer also says that all of his services are non-refundable. 

In other words, Dr. Randal doesn’t take any responsibility for the services he offers. Once you opt for a surgery by him, you’re trapped. You can’t take him to court if his rhinoplasty gives you a crooked nose. Similarly, if his face lift gives you severe complications, only you’re responsible for the results. 

Randal’s attorney would simply point to the disclaimer and say, “The client understood the risks and gave consent to the procedure.” You waiver all your rights when you get a procedure from Dr. Randal Haworth. 

Many unethical professionals and scammers hide such sensitive information in their terms of service. Alex Mehr is a prominent serial scammer who has been stealing from people by using this exact tactic. 

Very few read the terms and conditions of availing any service. People like Alex and Haworth take advantage of this fact. 

Dr. Randal Haworth and His Various Illegal Activities

Recently, the self-proclaimed king of plastic surgery was in the headlines for watching hardcore vulgar content during surgeries. One of his ex-employees revealed numerous problems surrounding Dr. Randal. 

Dr. Randal Haworth file photo

The ex-employee pointed out that Randal had altered and forged his patients’ records to perform surgeries he wasn’t fit for. He had an eye surgery done because of eye cancer. It affected his vision but he never informed any of his patients about these implications. Why?

Because he knows that no one would lie on the operating table if the surgeon doesn’t have pristine vision. 

So, he lies to his patients about his physical fitness. 

That’s not all. One of his former patients revealed that Dr. Randal had issues with depth perception. He would also illegally obtain prescription drugs for himself by writing prescriptions for others. 

The patient had filed a malpractice lawsuit in 2017. 

Obviously, Dr. Randal and his lawyers have denied all of these allegations. He has called them bizarre and claims the ex-employee is only targeting him out of spite. 

Randal is now facing a lawsuit for fraud and emotional distress along with the allegations I mentioned above. 

Now that I have covered all the issues Dr. Randal has right now, let’s talk about the various patient complaints he has. The following Dr. Randal Haworth reviews will help you realize why it would be dangerous to get a procedure done by him. 

Sexually Harassing Female Patients

Dr. Randal Haworth had ruined a patient’s rhinoplasty. However, what’s worse is he sexaully harassed her during the procedure.

The patient said that he touched her multiple times when she was under the anaesthesia. Furthermore, the reviewer alleged that he wasn’t behaving properly during consultations. The patient was preparing to file a lawsuit against Randal for sexual harassment and malpractice.

And it’s not the first time someone has made these allegations against Dr. Randal. I have already pointed out before how Randal is facing a lawsuit for forging records and lying about his physical fitness. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he abuses his position as a surgeon. 

You can’t trust a guy like Randal. 

$20,000 Surgery Left Patient With Uneven Lips, Dents & Keloid Scars

Dr. Randal Haworth scam

This patient had went to Dr. Randal Haworth to get a facial liposuction in 2018. They believed he was an excellent surgeon because he had a ton of positive reviews online. 

Randal charged them over $20,000 for the procedure. However, the results weren’t what he had promised them. They had uneven lips, keloid scars, dents, and bumps on their face after the surgeon. Hence, they don’t recommend Dr. Randal to anyone. 

You should read the positive reviews of a celebrity surgeon with a grain of salt. Any business can have 5-star ratings on BBB and Trustpilot if they are unethical enough. For example, CNN Money had found in an investigation that BBB accredited businesses have 4.5+ ratings regardless of their service quality. The investigation uncovered that businesses who were discriminating against customers and were facing charges of fraud had impeccable ratings on BBB because they had a paid membership. 

Similarly, you can easily buy Trustpilot reviews for your business:

I’m not saying all 5-star reviews are fake. There are many genuine reviews online. However, you should only believe those that are well-detailed and list out the reasons why they have a 5-star rating. Posting fake reviews is a highly unethical practice but many businesses use it. 

Botched Lip Lift Causing Scarring, Tethering, And Asymmetry

Dr. Randal Haworth review

Dr. Randal botched this procedure like the previous one. Here, he gave an asymmetrical lip lift with bad scars and tethering. There was also prolonged numbness and the patient couldn’t even feel their nose running. It was very embarrassing for them to go out in public because of the procedure. 

Dr. Randal Haworth Caused Multiple Complications After Lower V Y & Lip Lift

Dr. Randal Haworth review 2

According to this reviewer, Dr. Haworth gave them a terrible lip lift and lower V-Y. It caused them a plethora of complications. 

Randal claims himself to be a globally-recognized expert in face lifts and lip lifts. However, these complaints suggest the opposite. He has botched too many procedures to consider him as the “king of plastic surgery”. The guy has some serious narcissism problems. 

Horrible Liposuction & Zero Aftercare

Dr. Randal Haworth reviews

This person had hired Randal to perform multiple surgeries. However, they had to get all of them redone. They rated Randal’s surgical skills as awful. The reviewer had a liposuction that was very pricey and left them with sloppy incisions. They paid tens of thousands of dollars for the procedures but the results were miserable. 

Moreover, Randal didn’t give them any aftercare. Once he received the payment, he didn’t care about the patient at all. The patient was infuriated and said that such doctors are similar to criminals. I couldn’t agree more. 

The issue with doctors like Dr. Randal is they stop caring about their patients once they get the money. It’s against the ethics of medicine but they don’t have any ethics from the start. 

Uncomfortable & Tight Lip Lift

Dr. Randal Haworth review 3

The above reviewer says they are very sorry to choose Dr. Randal as their surgeon. The lip lift they had from him looks very artificial and feels very uncomfortable and tight. But the reviewer was lucky. They found doctors who were caring and compassionate enough to fix the issues Randal had caused them. At the end of the review, they say they wish they hadn’t gone to Randal at all. 

Yet Another Botched Lip Lift

Dr. Randal Haworth review 4

This complaint is similar to the ones on Randal’s lip lift surgery. The reviewer had a lip lift procedure done by him but they needed revision surgery after a year. 

Randal’s procedure didn’t give lasting results as he promised. Moreover, the reviewer’s lips felt very tight and stiff because of this issue. 

“Asians Get Scars” Dr. Randal Haworth’s Racist Manager Blames Patient For Terrible Lip Lift

Dr. Randal Haworth review 5

This was truly a hard read. The patient had a horrible experience with Dr. Randal. He ruined their face by causing multiple bumps and dents around their lips. 

That’s not all. When she posted her review online, Randal’s staff treated her very horribly and unprofessionally. The office manager contacted her and yelled at her because of the review. 

Moreover, the manager called this person a scammer and alleged that she posted the review because she wanted to extort money out of Haworth. The manager said the bumps and dents were ‘natural’ because the person is ‘asian’ and ‘asians develop scars easily’. 

It’s one of the worst things any clinician can say to their patient. Like Dr. Randal, his staff members don’t take any responsibility at all. This reviewr had paid $20,000 for the procedure and below are the results she got: 

Dr. Randal Haworth Doesn’t Care About Patients At All

Dr. Randal Haworth review 6

This person had a terrible experience with Randal Haworth too. They had hired him for an eye surgery but the results weren’t what they expected. 

The reivewre had an eye surgery in November 2020. The staff at the Haworth Institute changed most of their office appointments at the very last minute. And they didn’t even inform the patient about those changes. Instead, they called the patient unreasonable.

The staff never told this person that they had to return the next day for post-op care. This was a huge oversight considering the reviewer couldn’t see after the procedure. A month after the procedure they started sharing some concerns over the procedure. But Randal’s staff made it seem like they were paranoid and crazy for fearing anything would happen.

Moreover the staff behaved very rudely with the patient. While the results were okay, the reviewr had a terrible experience because of the poor service. The person warns others to always get second opinions and consulationats from other doctors. 

I agree. You should always get in touch with multiple doctors to get an idea of who can serve you better. It would help you make a better-informed decision. 

$47,000 Surgery & Post Op Charges And Still Messes Up

Dr. Randal Haworth review 7

According to this complaint, they went to Dr. Randal’s clinic for years. They trusted them but were mistaken. Randal called them a bummer and said he can’t have his signature on such a person. 

They had spent over $35,000 on the surgery and $12,000 on the post-op care. However, the laser left multiple scars on one of their hips. They also had a revision lip lift which gave them great results. But it left them with a scar on the side of the nose which is highly visible. There are holes in the side of their nose because of the scars. 

Even after 6 months, the recovery has been terrible. When they went to Dr. Randal Haworth to fix the issues, he gave them fillers which didn’t do anything. The scars require another surgery. 

One of the nurses at Randal’s clinic said the person was lucky that he spent so much time on their case. The patient was infuriated. They trusted Dr. Randal with their face and he ruined it. He didn’t even care enough to fix the issue. The guy takes zero responsibility for his actions. 

He has given the following response to most of these complaints I have shared. It’s a copy-pasted response and it doesn’t address the actual issues. His team posts this response solely to appear considerate when he’s clearly not. 

Bone Bulging Against The Skin On The Nose After Dr. Randal Haworth Does A Surgery On It

Dr. Randal Haworth review 8

This person had a rhinoplasty from Dr. Haworth in 2005. Their experience has been terrible like all the reviewers I have shared in this column. The person has gone to 14 different surgeson to repair the damages Randal’s procedures did but no one wants to take the risk. They have a permanent ball on top of their nose with a piece of nose showing through. Certainly, it’s not the desired outcome. They wanted to look better but the procedure ruined their looks. 

Also, none of the surgeons can figure out what Randal has done in this procedure. He has completely botched this case. 

Dr. Haworth’s $30K Surgeries Result In Dropped Lip Lift, Huge Scar Under Nose, Marionette Lines & Awful Dents 

This person had multiple surgeries from Randal. Every one of them needed revision. Their lip lift failed and dropped back down over the teeth. They have a large scar under their nose which has turned white. And they have developed marionette lines that didn’t exist before. 

They are also deep dents at the places of the stitches. The person’s lips looked very swollen after the surgery but their looks got worse over time. Randal put permanent fillers into the grooves that developed after the surgery. That has become lumpy now.

They had a revision rhinoplasty which also turned out to be a failure. The procedures cost the person over $30,000 and they only ruined their looks. 

Persuaded Young Girl To Get A Face Lift And Botched It

Yet Another Horrible Nose Job By Dr. Haworth (With Picture)

Randal ruined the nose of this person as well. He did two surgeries (one revision) and said he could do better a third time. But the person becomes so scared that they have stopped trusting surgical procedures. As you can see in the picture below, Randal has ruined this person’s nose completely: 

Rude Staff And Ruder Doctor Bodyshame Client, And Quote $90,000 For Face Lifts & Facial Rejuvenation

This person flew in from New York to Los Angeles to get a consultation with Randal. They wanted a rhinoplasty. But when they visited, the staff suggested them (indirectly) to get a face lift. 

Randal started criticizing the looks of this person just as he saw them. He said they had a witch’s chin and a very poorly shaped nose. Haworth suggested multiple procedures including a face lift and a fat transfer under their eyes. 

The price he quoted was around $90,000. 

Luckily, the reviewer decided to get a different opinion from other doctors. They didn’t need a face lift and realized that the $500 consultation fee they paid him was for getting insulted. 

The reviewer says Randal should work on his service quality. He should be more compassionate, nice and caring towards his patients. I don’t think that’s possible. Seeing Randal’s record, he would rather use his legal team to go after such disgruntled patients than improve his behaviour. 

Rhinoplasty Results In Tight Nostrils, Ruined Smile, And Permanent Trauma

Randal botched the rhinoplasty of this person. He placed permanent sutures to prevent their nostrils from flaring. It affected the reviewer’s ability to smile as they have to put in extra effort for the same. They also complain about the skin around their nose being tight. The reviewer says they wouldn’t undergo surgery again because of such a horrible experience. 

I can understand where they are coming from. This person didn’t expect Dr. Randal Haworth to be so ruthless when they hired him. 

Dr. Randal Haworth Review: Conclusion

He is a negligent, narcissistic, and irresponsible surgeon who’s a disgrace to the medical community. Dr. Randal has ruined too many lives through his careless procedures. His website has a small disclaimer that frees him from any accountability. 

The guy is facing lawsuits for manipulating patients’ records, getting prescription drugs illegally, and has too many complaints online. 

All of this suggests that you should stay away from this surgeon. There are plenty of doctors in Beverly Hills. You don’t need to go with a doctor with such a sketchy record. 

2.1 Total Score
Negligent Narcissist

Dr. Randal Haworth has botched multiple procedures and has a ton of complaints online. His website says he is not responsible for any results his procedures cause. Best to avoid this “self-proclaimed” king of plastic surgery. 

2.5Expert Score
Professional Record
Business Ethics
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Professional Record
Business Ethics
  • Experienced
  • Facing a lawsuit for watching graphic content during surgeries
  • Facing a lawsuit for manipulating patient’s records
  • Facing a lawsuit for malpractice
  • Has botched numerous procedures
  • Exorbitant pricing
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  1. It was so difficult to read all of those Dr. Randal Haworth reviews. I had no idea that guy was such a horrible person. Glad I looked into him before contacting his clinic. Thank you gripeo.

  2. 0.65
    Professional Record
    Business Ethics

    It bothers me to see that this guy is roaming around freely when so many people have suffered because of him. Enough is enough. Throw him behind bars or something. This is not okay! Where are the authorities when you need them?

    Dr. Randal Haworth should resign.

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  3. 0.5
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    Monsters like Dr. Randal Haworth are putting a bad name to the medical industry. They are the reason why people are afraid of plastic surgery. These guys can’t stop being greedy and because of them, we suffer. I’m a medical professional myself and I hate rodents like him.

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  4. 1.3
    Professional Record
    Business Ethics

    I have had a mediocre experience with Dr. Randal. Honestly, I had no idea he has been giving such treatment to his clients. You learn something new every day I guess. Eye-opening article. Thanks for posting.

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