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Dr. Richard Swift, MD – Incompetent Surgeon Ruining Lives

Dr. Richard Swift, MD is a NY-based cosmetic surgeon who has botched too many procedures to count. As a result, many of his clients have complained about his services online. The following review will shed more light on how this surgeon works and what it’s like to get a surgery done by him: 

Who Is Dr. Richard Swift, MD?

Dr. Richard Swift, MD is a plastic surgeon located in New York. His address is 110 E 87th St, New York, NY 10128, US. Richard claims to be NY’s premier plastic surgeon but his reviews tell a different story. 

Although he claims to be an expert, his reviewers say that he doesn’t care about his patients and is very careless during procedures. Dr. Richard Swift, MD takes no responsibility for his procedures. He has added a little disclaimer in the bottom of his review page to share this fact: 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Richard has too many complaints online. Instead of addressing them and trying to fix his errors, he buries them with unverifiable and suspicious reviews. His website has a dedicated section for reviews which share no images of their positive results. 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

This is not a unique strategy. Many scammers use this method to mislead consumers into thinking they have a stellar reputation in the market. However, if a plastic surgeon is using this tactic, you should be more cautious. You wouldn’t want him to be like Dr. Payam Kahen MD, who had to change his name because of the negative reviews he had received. 

Dr. Richard Swift Botched A $3000 Procedure and Deleted The Patient’s Review 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

This woman had a terrible experience with Dr. Richard Swift. She alerts other consumers to stay away from him if they are looking for natural results or want a permanent procedure because he lacks the skill. The reviewer had a fat transfer in 2018 and loved the results. However, it was a little overfilled so she went to Dr. Swift’s office and was very optimistic.

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She wanted soft, feminine volume to the mid face to even out her appearance. The reviewer wishes that she found the red flags early. For example, he was commenting on the pictures she provided that the models had high outer cheekbones when she had highlighted the apple/midface. He had suggested using fillers in the temple which she clearly declined. 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

The reviewer has shared a snippet of her email where she has asked Richard to improve the apple of cheek to enhance her front and side profile. 

She had discussed what she wanted from the procedure many times. However, Dr. Swift clearly didn’t care what results she wanted. He injected fat in the areas she had told him to avoid. Richard left her face wider, giving it an uneven and unnatural look. She points out that her right cheek has a protruding contour while the left one is round. Richard performed an uneven lipo on her lower face which left lumps beneath her skin. His procedure also left her with permanent scar tissue and bums around her mouth. 

That’s not all. When she complained about the botched procedure and disappointing results, he started saying that it could have been worse and started making excuses. Dr. Swift even claimed that the reviewer has body dysmorphia because she didn’t like the results. 

The reviewer says that this horrible experience has affected her life personally, socially, and professionally. She is mortified of her pictures now and highlights that no one compliments her anymore. 

Also, she points out that she ruined her face for $3000 and it’s not worth the pain. 


Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

The reviewer later updated her review and added more details as she did follow-up meetings. 


Here, she points out that the first few months after the surgery were very dark for her. The fat Dr. Swift had injected into her is too much for her face and she can barely recognize herself. 

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In the update, she added pictures of the botched results and the email she had sent to Dr. Swift. 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Moreover, Richard didn’t release her medical records, which is illegal. The procedure caused her so much trauma that she is going to therapy to cope with the depression. She also highlights that Richard is buying fake reviews on Google and fake followers on Instagram. 

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In this update, she points out that Dr. Swift showed no remorse or mercy for the lives he ruined. She didn’t receive any apology or resources on how to fix his failures. The reviewer warns other womens to avoid going to Swift’s clinic. 

Additional Images of the Patient

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review
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She has shared her experience on other platforms. Like with most of his patients, Dr. Swift didn’t try address her concerns:: 

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Used Too Much Botox Changing the Shape of The Jaw and Chin

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Dr. Swift Can’t Tell The Difference Between Fat Storage and Water Retention

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

The Patient Couldn’t Smile or Talk as Dr. Swift Uses Patients as Guinea Pigs

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review
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This reviewer shared their complaint on other platforms as well. Clearly, Dr. Swift doesn’t address any complaints his clients post online. 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review
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Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Here are the images of the patient: 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Botched Liposuction and BBL, Leaving the Patient with Permanent Scars

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Scammed the Patient Into Paying More, Didn’t Inject Enough Juvederm and Radiesse

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Here’s the updated review of this person. Dr. Richard Swift, MD didn’t inject enough botox, juvederm, and radiesse even though he forced the patient to buy more syringes. So, the injections didn’t change the appearance of the reviewer at all: 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Called the Patient “Obese”, Disrespected, and Insulted the Patient 

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Promised to Fix a Botched Scar Revision but Made it Worse

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Failed Lipo Left Made Stomach Uneven with Divots

Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

The reviewer shared their experience on another platform because Dr. Swift chose to ignore her gripes: 

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Dr. Richard Swift, MD review

Dr. Richard Swift, MD Lied About the Procedure and Withheld Information

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Certainly, Dr. Swift doesn’t care about his patients or the results they receive. He only cares about the money he can squeeze out of a client. That’s unprofessional behavior and you should stay miles away from such a doctor. 

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Certainly, Dr. Swift doesn’t care about his patients or the results they receive. He only cares about the money he can squeeze out of a client. That’s unprofessional behavior and you should stay miles away from such a doctor

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