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Sam Rizk Review is long overdue. I had mixed emotions about writing this however after much consideration I made the decision to proceed, as my experience could help others who are contemplating this procedure with this physician  

I had a consultation with Dr. Sam Rizk for an ethnic rhinoplasty in December of 2018, and my ask was to have a more contoured nose to include the bridge, nostrils, and tip. Sam Rizk said that he had experience doing ethnic rhinoplasty’s and as an example, asked one of his staff to model her nose. I must admit, Sam Rizk’s results were impressive.

I decided to move forward, paid approximately $17k, and had the surgery. I returned to the office for a post-op visit after 10 days, (to early to declare success) and had the cast removed and I was more than pleased with the results.

Fast forward a few weeks and my nose began to take more of its true shape. I was very happy with the bridge of my nose however the tip was still very large and my left nostril was even more asymmetric than before the surgery.  I forwarded a photo to Dr. Sam Rizk and he asked me to make an appointment.

Sam Rizk stated, “I will make sure you heal perfectly.” As scheduled, I went in for the appt., he offered to do a revision to my left nostril, which I appreciated however he would not touch the tip as Sam Rizk didn’t want to remove anything, as there would be nothing to hold it up. I wasn’t at all happy about that however this was my first rhinoplasty and he is considered the expert, so I agreed.

After the left nostril revision was done, I went in for a visit and told him that now the left nostril passage is smaller than the other side and my left nostril was still elongated. He noticed it and offered to put permanent filler in, which he did, to help with symmetry however the filler did not work. At that point, he not only appeared to be defeated but also agitated. I proceeded to tell him how dissatisfied I was and that my job required me to be client-facing. His response was, “Maybe you can hold your head downward.”  

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In conclusion, my nostrils are still asymmetric, and the tip is extremely large. I have attempted to make other appointments with his office to fix this however I concluded that it was best for me to find a Dr. that is proficient in ethnic rhinoplasty. Fortunately, I have the self-confidence and makeup skills required to conceal and cope with this debacle and still carry on with my life.

Dr. Sam Rizk

Patients place a great deal of trust in their surgeon of choice for elective cosmetic procedures. They have high hopes for a happy ending, which gives them confidence. Not every surgery is successful, leaving patients disappointed and disheartened.

The patient and Dr. Sam Rizk ultimately decided to proceed with an ethnic rhinoplasty after consulting about it. Despite initial optimism, the patient eventually realized that the asymmetry and the large tip were not what she had requested.

Dr. Sam Rizk recommended correcting the left nostril, but the result was disappointing. Then, he attempted to rectify the situation by using a permanent filler, but this too failed. At this point, the patient felt hopeless and despondent.

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This story illustrates that formal education is not a guarantee of future success. In order to perform delicate procedures such as rhinoplasty, physicians must be true craftsmen. Incompetence on the part of the physician let down the patient in this instance.

It is essential to locate a surgeon who is familiar with the procedure you require and has a track record of success with similar cases. Patients should do their own research and not place too much stock in a doctor’s credentials or list of famous patients.

Patients should understand that cosmetic surgery is not risk-free and that outcomes cannot always be predicted. Before deciding to undergo a medical procedure, it is essential to establish reasonable goals, locate a qualified physician, and discuss the potential outcomes at length with them.

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The moral of this story….your credentials will always look good on paper (education, certifications, celebrity clients, etc.) however please keep in mind that you are impacting a life.  If you are not an expert in your client’s specific procedure, act with prudence and refer them to a qualified physician.

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