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Dr. Sam Rizk – Botches Surgeries & Ruins Lives Regularly

Dr. Sam Rizk is a NYC-based plastic surgeon with too many issues in his services. According to various Dr. Sam Rizk reviews, this guy has botched innumerable procedures and lacks the skills to function effectively as a surgeon. 

His patients complain about various issues including lack of proper care. The most prevalent issues in his clinic are:

Dr. Sam Rizk review


In many of his reviews, Dr. Sam’s patients have reported multiple issues with his services. The most prominent issue among them is rushed appointments. Apparently, Dr. Sam doesn’t spend much time with his patients. That’s a common complaint among his patients as you’ll find out in the various reviews I have shared later in the article. 

Another huge issue with this guy is that he doesn’t explain the problems properly and doesn’t listen to his patients. His patients report that they don’t trust his opinion and decisions, raising eyebrows at his competence. 

Some additional issues in Dr. Sam’s services include unfriendly staff, long wait times, poor environment, and difficulty in scheduling appointments. It seems Dr. Sam doesn’t like to make things easy for his clients. 

Misc. Details About Dr. Sam Rizk: Ethnic Rhinoplasty Cost, Celebrities, Wife, And Nationality

Dr. Sam Rizk, MD is a plastic surgeon located in New York. His address is 1040 Park Ave, New York, NY 10028, US. 

The “Dr Sam Rizk price” for consultations is around $350, according to his reviewers. That’s quite a lot. Many people look up Dr Sam Rizk wife and Dr Sam Rizk celebrities, but there’s no information available on any of them. 

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It’s a surprise that he is able to run a clinic in New York after receiving so many negative reviews. In fact, Sam Rizk malpractice complaints are too many to count.

Dr Sam Rizk education is MD and FACS. He claims to be a celebrity surgeon who looks after his patients’ interests. However, his patients disagree. 

According to most Dr Sam Rizk reviews, the man doesn’t know what he’s doing and is ripping people off. 

You should stay miles away from such notorious surgeons. It can be too dangerous to enter the Operation Theater with this guy. For example, Dr. Matthew Schulman is a notorious surgeon who has botched liposuction, BBL, and has stolen money from patients. 

That’s why it’s best to conduct proper research on a doctor before you hire them. I have shared some of the many Dr Sam Rizk malpractice complaints available online. Keep in mind that all the information I have shared below is publicly available: 

Greedy Doctor who Charges $350 Consultation Fee 

Dr. Sam Rizk review

This patient spent $350 on consultation fees but didn’t receive the satisfactory results. They highlight that Dr. Sam is way overpriced and no consumer should ignore the various negative reviews on him. 

Patient Couldn’t Sleep and Couldn’t Stop Bleeding after a $16,000 Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sam Rizk review

This reviewer spent $16,000 on the rhinoplasty expecting to see positive results. However, Sam didn’t make any changes he had promised to make. Instead of getting a beautiful nose, this reviewer had to suffer from constant bleeding. Moreover, the reviewer can’t sleep without saline spray because both of their nostrils get blocked. 

Dr. Sam Rizk responded to this complaint by saying that he “feels sorry that she feels unhappy”. His clinic says that he gave her the best result without compromising her breathing. I don’t think constant bleeding and insomnia are positive results but Sam seems to think so. 


Dr. Sam Rizk Gave an Asymmetrical, Unnatural, and Pointy Nose which Got Worse Over the Years

Dr. Sam Rizk review

This person hired Dr. Rizk to perform a rhinoplasty in 2011. He took cartilage from their nose and used to shape the tip of their nose. However, the results were very underwhelming and asymmetrical. 

Moreover, their nose had also become very pointy. Even though it was clear that they were dissatisfied with the procedure, Dr. Rizk didn’t care. In fact, he didn’t even want to hear any complaints. 

The reviewer highlights that their nose became worse over the years and are now looking for a new surgeon who can fix the procedure Dr. Sam botched. 

Sam Left a Metal Object Inside the Nose and the Tip Fell Off Within 2 Months

Dr. Sam Rizk review

Hailey here warns other reviewers that they shouldn’t trust any positive Dr Sam Rizk reviews because he uses publicity and advertising to mislead consumers. She points out that he operates like a factory. 

He had performed a rhinoplasty on her and left a metal object in her nose. Moreover, he took no pictures after completing the procedure. The tip of Hailey’s nose fell off after a month or two so she complained about it to Sam. 

However, he said that it looked great and there was no drooping whatsoever. 

Frustrated, Hailey had to go to another plastic surgeon to fix the issue. Also, Sam left too much scar tissue, making it extremely difficult to fix the issue. 

Gave an Uneven Nose After Charging So Much

Dr. Sam Rizk review

Botched a Nose Job, Delivering Multiple Bumps

Dr. Sam Rizk review

Botched a Facelift, Wrongly Performed a Chemical Peel and Shouted at the Patient

Dr. Sam Rizk review

“Dr. Sam Rizk is Overrated and Did a Terrible Job”

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Didn’t Listen to the Patient, Didn’t Take Any Photos and Gave a $17,000 Estimate for a Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sam Rizk review

Rushes in and Rushes Out, Botched a Nose Job

Dr. Sam Rizk review

Terrible Rhinoplasty Gave Swelling, Poor Post-op Treatment

Dr. Sam Rizk review

“Overpriced, and Overrated Money-grabbing Self-Promoter”

Dr. Sam Rizk review

Dr. Sam Only Cares About His Fame and Money


Dr. Rizk Doesn’t Listen to His Patients and Wastes Their Money

Dr. Sam Rizk review

Additional Dr. Sam Rizk Reviews:

Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
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Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
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Dr. Sam Rizk review
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Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
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Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
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Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
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Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
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Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review
Dr. Sam Rizk review

Dr. Sam Rizk Review: Conclusion

It’s evident that Dr. Sam Rizk doesn’t care about his patients. He has a plethora of negative reviews online where his patients complain about mistreatment, botched procedures, and rushed appointments. He operates like a machine and handles appointments like they are on a conveyor belt. 

Certainly, the man doesn’t respect his clients enough to treat them properly. Moreover, Dr. Rizk doesn’t respond to most of the complaints which indicates he doesn’t like criticism of any sort. 

You should avoid working with such a surgeon. There are plenty of other options out there. This one is unsuitable.

2.6Expert Score
Dr. Sam Rizk is a Terrible Professional

It’s evident that Dr. Sam Rizk doesn’t care about his patients. He has a plethora of negative reviews online where his patients complain about mistreatment, botched procedures, and rushed appointments. He operates like a machine and handles appointments like they are on a conveyor belt. 

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Numerous negative reviews
  • Ignores patients' concerns
  • No respect for clients
  • Has botched innumerable surgeries
  • Avoids taking responsibility
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  1. I had a rhinoplasty with Dr Rizk , I have a deviated septum which I didn’t have with my natural nose . He doesn’t care . I’ve tried booking an appointment and the staff just ignore me . I wouldn’t recommend Dr Rizk . All he cares about is getting paid and getting patients in and out. .

  2. The most recent and gross thing I found out, after following Dr. Rizk on instagram, was that one of his “patients” is now his wife. She’s the one on the site, with the best work. He’s twice her age. He’s morally corrupt and disgusting.

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