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Dr. Simon Ourian Reviews: Alert! His Narratives Demonstrate His Personality (2023)

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Epione Beverly Hills was established in 1998 by Dr. Simon Ourian, MD (born December 11, 1966) in Beverly Hills, California. The Coolaser and Coolbeam techniques are credited to Dr. Simon Ourian. Celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Victoria’s Secret supermodels, Hollywood stars, and musicians are among his clients.

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The Kardashian-Jenner family’s complete medical team is led by Dr. Simon Ourian. When Kim Kardashian acknowledged him as her cosmetic dermatologist, he rose to fame. On her sister Kylie Jenner, Dr. Simon Ourian has carried out several surgeries. Malika Haqq, Brandi Maxiell, Miss Colombia, Meghan James, Lady Gaga, beauty YouTuber Nikkie, and Lisa Vanderpump are among the other celebrities on whom he has worked.


dr. simon ourian

Kim Kardashian’s social media endorsements helped Dr. Simon Ourian gain fame and spread the word about him. As a result, he began to see more famous people visiting his clinic, and finally, he earned the title “Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist” online. 

The fact is that he has not received residency training in dermatology. You can tell he has a California license if you dig into his background, which is all public information. He did, however, receive some anesthetic training, according to the Medical Board of California. The issue is that dermatology and plastic surgery are not related to internal medicine or anesthesiology. 

Dermatologists treat conditions relating to the skin with drugs or lotions, while plastic surgeons operate on the skin. In particular, when performing Mohs surgery, which is used to remove dangerous lesions, dermatologists who specialize in treating skin cancer frequently carry out small-scale procedures.

You’ll see that he mentions on his website that he developed an interest in dermatology and aesthetics while he was a resident at UCLA, but it doesn’t exactly specify that he had training in either field because he didn’t. Patients who don’t take the time to investigate their doctors before getting treatment may believe that just because a doctor labels themselves a “cosmetic dermatologist” they have dermatological training when in fact they don’t.

His license being canceled in 2009 is one of the more startling details. California’s state government filed charges against him in 2005 for 29 offenses. In 2007, the accusations were changed to include incompetence, gross negligence, persistent negligence, and poor record-keeping. Making fake documents with knowledge, creating false or deceptive advertising, and, perhaps one of the most serious offenses in my perspective, encouraging the unlicensed practice of medicine were all examples of dishonest and/or corrupt behavior. 

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This included using someone who appeared to be a nurse and letting them perform medicine as if they were doctors. According to rumors, Dr. Simon Ourian gave this nurse permission to conduct a facelift in his office. 

After considering all of these allegations, the State of California ultimately decided to remove Dr. Simon Ourian‘s license. They agreed to postpone the revocation in that case, so he wasn’t required to completely forfeit his license. He had to complete five years of probation after that was stayed.

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He was required to complete 45 hours of medical education during his probationary period, 20 of which were added to the regular hours that medical providers are expected to do throughout their careers. The extra time was put toward the areas where he was judged to need improvement. He had to enroll in a clinical training program that involved evaluating his own physical and mental health as well as his communication, medical knowledge, and decision-making abilities. He had to pass three courses: one on ethics, one on clinician-patient dialogue, and one on maintaining medical records. The most crucial requirement is that he could not practice alone. 

In fact, for those five years, he was unable to practice at all without being under the supervision of a board-certified physician. Additionally, he was unable to manage any physician assistants.

Even though Dr. Simon Ourian adhered to all of these conditions and limitations and had his probation lifted after five years, this is not the first legal trouble he has encountered. Several legal actions were brought against him. He was a defendant in at least nine medical malpractice lawsuits in the State of California. Along with the nine cases brought against him, there was 30 litigation about his clinic, Epyon.

That is a sizable amount of lawsuits brought against him. That’s a lot of dissatisfied patients, and speaking of dissatisfied patients, one particularly well-known dissatisfied patient made her experience public. Chris Hansen and Dick Van Dyke’s wife were both featured on Strangely, that article has subsequently been taken down from their website, but we’ll get to it later.

Dr. Simon Ourian, or someone working for him, has a talent for getting these things deleted and taken down from the internet, but many of these stories may still be found on other websites. It is no longer possible to access the original Dick Van Dyke article from, although there are connections to it that have been published elsewhere.

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Once he saw the outcomes of the lipo freeze procedure his then-fiancée, who is now his wife, had undergone at Dr. Simon Ourian‘s clinic, Dick Van Dyke became very furious. She underwent a procedure he refers to as “lipo freeze.” Although “lipo freeze” is not a recognized medical term or device, it sounds like a cryo lipolysis procedure, which is similar to CoolSculpting. There should never be any bleeding or scarring after a cryolipolysis procedure, and permanent skin markings are extremely uncommon.

When Dick Van Dyke in this instance viewed her outcomes, he reportedly said, “When I finally saw the awful scars, I blew my top. I started to lose my mind. As the discussion progresses, he describes how her results caused such severe bleeding that when she went for her fittings, they had to protect her wedding garment. 

According to Dr. Adam Rubinstein, who has performed numerous CoolSculpting procedures, “I can assure you that I have never experienced any bleeding related to CoolSculpting. I had no idea that bleeding from CoolSculpting could even be a possibility until I read this account.

However, that is what occurred with this lipo freeze procedure. I’m not a violent person, but when I walked into that room, I was prepared to punch that guy out,” stated Dick Van Dyke. Her bleeding became so severe at one point that she had to wear a corset to both compress everything and protect her wedding dress from any spilling fluids.

Pictures of what appear to be crimson blisters and apparent healing scars on her body following this treatment were shared online. “In hindsight, I now realize that this was not a good way to enter the procedure,” she remarked, “but they have salespeople who they’ve dressed up as nurses.” Since it states that the main reason Dick Van Dyke and his wife went public with their story almost five years later was that they think people have a right to know about their medical professionals, it appears that they believe people don’t know the full truth about Dr. Simon Ourian

Dr. Simon Ourian performs several procedures that appear to be exclusive. The best illustration of this is a procedure called Cool Laser, which doesn’t appear to be any kind of laser you can purchase. Dr. Simon Ourian has trademarked the term “cool laser”. So it seems like he uses it to describe a laser or light treatment, but it’s unclear what kind of laser or light treatment he’s referring to. No other doctor in the entire globe is permitted to use the name “Cool Laser” since he owns the trademark and won’t permit anyone else to do so.

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Although there appears to be a machine in Dr. Rubinstein’s office with the name Cool Laser on it, he is not aware of any equipment bearing that name. When he administers the treatments, he at least uses the term “Cool Laser.”

Dr. Jason Emmer, a dermatologist with a stellar internet reputation who specializes in aesthetic procedures, commented about Cool Laser on one of the websites. “I have not yet observed a successful outcome from this laser. In my work, I see someone seeking an alternative treatment every day.

In addition, Dick Van Dyke and his wife publicly disclosed their dissatisfaction with Dr. Simon Ourian‘s treatment. You can find several other unfavorable remarks about Dr. Simon Ourian‘s treatment on a variety of websites. In particular, has received up to 13 separate complaints. has a technique to try to hide those reviews, which is the issue.


Dr. Simon Ourian is much more than just Kim Kardashian and his other famous patients. Certainly, nothing is wrong with leveraging famous people to promote your practices. Numerous professions have benefited greatly from celebrity endorsements. But as a potential patient, it’s crucial to resist being seduced by the flash and glamour. When choosing a doctor for cosmetic dermatology, make essential to research their credentials and inquire as to whether they are a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon

You have the highest odds of seeing the desired results and making a full recovery when you receive treatment from a doctor who has completed the necessary residency training to practice that type of medicine. You could also want to find out if they have ever been sued or mentioned in a court case. Look into the past of any patients who may not have been satisfied with the care. You may decide whether or not to trust them with your health after gathering all of this information. 

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Dr. Simon Ourian is not a reliable doctor, according to the complaints he has received. Beware of him.


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  1. There are many surgeons in the medical field who take advantage of their clients and botch the procedure in the shake of money. These treatments are completely worthless if you do not go to the certified clinics. It would be best to research it properly and then go to these surgeons for the procedure.

  2. These surgeons were incompetent and they didn’t how to talk to the patients there are numerous complaints about these surgeons, for the incorrect treatments and also there was no refund policy. In most cases, most of the people had to visit another doctor to cure their problem.

  3. He discriminated against patients and indulged in fake market tactics to attract most people. The staff of these clinics were rude and never listened to their patients and made fun of them. These surgeries were sometimes very dangerous and a little mistake can ruin the whole face of the person. I don’t know why people didn’t understand that these surgeries sometimes allergic reactions and it is very hard for people to recover.

  4. A friend of mine went for Botox but after the procedure, she started facing swelling in the injected area. When she called to the clinic and explained the problem. The medical support team told her that it would take time to recover. After a couple of weeks, she switched doctors and went to another doctor to get her problem fixed.

  5. The higher medical authority seized the license of these surgeons who were performing the incorrect procedures and also charged them higher penalties.

  6. These surgeons’ main intention is to deceive the patients and the surgery they are performing is quite risky. It would be recommended if you are capable of bearing the losses and if afford the prices of these surgeons then you can go for it.

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