Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS – Careless and Greedy

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS is a Las Vegas based plastic surgeon notorious for ignoring what his clients want. He has attracted a ton of negative reviews over the years and in the following write-up, I’m sharing some of them.

These reviews are crucial as they help you formulate a well-informed opinion on the doctor and determine if you should go with him or not: 

About Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS:

Dr. Stephen M. Miller runs a plastic surgery clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s located at 8435 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123, US. The clinic opens from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. 

Their contact number is 7023-691-001 and their website is drstephenmiller.com. Dr. Miller has affiliations with the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center as well as the Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. 

He got his medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine. 

Dr. Stephen M. Miller offers many surgical services in his clinic including: 

  • Eyelid lift
  • Facelift
  • Breast lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Breast reduction
  • Hair transplant

And several more.

At first, he might seem like an ordinary cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Miller has attracted a ton of complaints from his clients. His patients say that he doesn’t care about them and that he lacks basic decency. 

Instead of fixing the issues people complain about, Dr. Miller utilizes various unethical business tactics to get customers. He tries to mislead clients into thinking he is the perfect surgeon for them. 

Using BBB to Hide the Negative Dr Stephen Miller Reviews:

BBB is a prominent review platform which gives ratings to businesses according to their own set of standards. Dr. Stephen Miller, MD has an A+ rating on BBB but not because of his business practices. BBB has given his business an A+ rating because of his accreditation. 

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

Contrary to popular belief, businesses don’t get BBB accreditation because of their product or service quality. They get it by paying a hefty annual fee to the review platform. 

CNN Money had conducted a detailed investigation on this matter. They found that BBB gave its accreditation status to many scammers and businesses facing federal charges for their illicit activities. 

Having a BBB accreditation allows a business to easily get an A or A+ rating on the platform. This makes it easier for them to get more clients and seem more trustworthy. 

Clearly, it’s a horrible business practice. It’s obvious that Dr. Stephen Miller is using this tactic to distract potential clients from the criticism he gets from his patients. 

Using Paid Articles to Mislead Consumers

Another way he distracts consumers from the various complaints people have posted on him is through paid content. Dr. Stephen Miller pays various blogs and websites to promote his services. 

This way, when you look up “Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS”, you don’t see the various complaints people have posted about him. Instead, you see articles such as this one: 

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

Articles like these help him in misleading clients and seem like a reliable doctor. It’s a pretty common strategy and many scammers use it to promote their business. Dr. Parful Ramineni at District Plastic Surgery is notorious for using this method to hide the patient’s complaints his business has. 

Dr Stephen Miller Plastic Surgery is Way Overpriced

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

The reviewer paid $7,200 for a procedure that yielded average results. She shares her discontentment with the pricing and says that the quality could’ve been justified if it was priced at 50%. 

While she doesn’t say the results were terrible, she highlights that they weren’t satisfying. She says she will have to see another surgeon with more reasonable pricing to perform her revision. The reviewer had a tummy tuck and abdominal reconstruction. 

Breast Implants Gave Saggy Breasts and Terrible Results

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

Kristin starts her review by praising the staff at Dr. Millers. She points out that she had three different consultations for breast augmentations and chose to go with Dr. Miller. In her previous 2 consultations, both of the surgeons told her that she would need a breast lift to get the desired look. 

But Dr. Miller told her that she doesn’t need a lift and suggested getting implants. He assured her that the implants will fill in the lost volume and advised her to avoid getting an areola reduction as the stitches might stretch them out anyway.

Initially, Kristin was excited for the procedure but the results were disappointing to say the least. It has been two years since her breast augmentation and she absolutely hates her breasts. 

Her breasts were saggy already, the implants made them heavy, causing them to sag even more. Also, her areolas are large and look a little down because of the additional weight of the implants. 

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Now, she is looking for a different surgeon in Las Vegas to fix his mistakes. She says that choosing Dr. Miller was throwing money down the drain. Kristin also warns other consumers and says that if you want a surgeon who listens to your wants, you should go someplace else. 

Dr Stephen Miller, MD Didn’t See the Cancer Developing In the Patient

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

Denise advises other consumers to think twice before going there. Her mother had a chest X-ray at his clinic while getting implants. Dr. Miller failed to notice the cancer developing there. Denise points out that because of his carelessness, her mother now has stage 4 cancer. 

If he had noticed the issue earlier, her mom could’ve had a better chance at life. Dr. Stephen Miller put her mother’s life in danger through his lack of care and attention. 

Dr Stephen Miller Las Vegas is Sleazy and Rushes Appointments

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

Sandy had a consultation at Dr. Miller’s clinic. She shares that it was a horrible experience. When she entered his clinic, she saw him eating behind the counter, finishing up his meal. 

The staff walked her into a room and Dr. Miller entered while wiping his hands on his pants, probably to clean them after his meal. Sandy highlights that she found it very unprofessional. 

During the consultation he checked her breasts and suggested getting a breast lift. Sandy highlighted that she wanted a fuller look and so, thought it would be better to get a breast lift with augmentation. But Dr. Miller talked her out of it. 

She says that his entire demeanor during the consultation was very sleazy. He didn’t make her feel comfortable, rushed the appointment and pushed his own opinion on her instead of listening to what she wanted. 

Botched Breast Surgery Gave Horrible Results and Forced the Client to Pay More

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

Kerstin shares that she didn’t have a good experience with Dr. Miller. He talked her out of her original plans and what he did only made the problems worse. When she went back to discuss the problem and convince him to perform what she wanted, he wanted to charge her $10,000 more. 

Kerstin highlights that she had already paid for her procedure and he was asking for $10,000 more to fix his own mistakes. She says that she was almost certain about what kind of procedure she needed yet Dr. Miller convinced her to get something else and botched everything.

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Miller Lied to the Client To Avoid Fixing His Mistake

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS review

Karen shares that she’s very unhappy with this doctor. She went there for Botox and had to buy a whole 50-unit vial which she didn’t need. Karen points out that she had been getting Botox for 10 years and knows how much she needs and where she needs it. 

She highlights that she only gets 30 units on her forehead and a minimum of 12 on her lips. Karen shared this information with the nurse and told her that she can inject the rest in her crow’s feet. 

The results were good everywhere except at her lips. Karen points out that the nurse injected too much at the center. So, she called the clinic two weeks later and told Dr. Miller that the botox had no effect on her lips. 

Instead of addressing the issue, Dr. Miller started telling her how they never put more than 1 or 2 units in the lips. Karen points out that she remembers the nurse putting 4 injections on her upper lip and 6 on the lower. She says that Dr. Miller was clearly lying so he wouldn’t have to accept his mistake and open another 50-unit vial. 

Karen ends her review by saying that she would never go back to this place and most definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. 

Dr. Stephen M. Miller, MD, PC, FACS Review: Verdict

Dr. Miller uses various tactics to promote himself. He tries his best to distract the consumers from the various complaints he has received over the years. However, it’s vital to know about your doctor’s flaws before you spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. 

Luckily, there are plenty of plastic surgeons in Las Vegas. You don’t have to stick with the one who has a complaint about ignoring cancer. 

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After going through the various reviews on Dr. Stephen Miller, it’s obvious that he doesn’t care much about his clients. He employs unethical business tactics to promote his clinic and distract consumers, which is a huge red flag. It would be best to avoid him.

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    stephen miller should resign
    January 30, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    I feel sorry for the lady with cancer. She DID NOT deserve such incompetence. Imagine having a checkup and the doctor tells you everything is normal when you have a life-threatening disease developing.

    I can’t believe Dr. Miller is still able to operate. He should be fired. This is not safe.

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