Dr Steven Gundry – Quack Selling Harmful Supplements

Dr. Steven R Grundy is quack who has been debunked by renowned experts around the globe. He sells useless supplements and spreads harmful pseudoscience. Gundry is flagged as a high risk scammer!

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven R. Gundry is an author & doctor by profession. He is from the United States of America and used to be a cardio thoracic surgeon before starting a clinic of his own. 

He is famous for his controversial and contradictory claims that he made in his books like The Plant Paradox The Longevity Paradox. You have probably read one of his books yourself, if you are reading this post. 

Psychological manipulation is one of Dr. Gundry’s main skills as he has made a cult like following around the web. These “followers” attack anyone who disputes or critiques the outrageous and wrong claims made by Dr. Gundry. 

Steven got popular for his opinion on lectins, which is a plant protein. He claims that lectins cause major inflammation which is the cause of majority of commonly found modern diseases. However, this is simply not true. 

Real scientists & dietitians have called Gundry’s statement a “pathetic call for attention”.

His main product is a line of supplements which he sells to his brainwashed followers. These “supplements” are supposed to reverse the “damaging effects caused by lectins”. He also makes a significant amount of money from selling books on Amazon & audiobooks on Audible. 

How Gundry Manipulates His Targets

If you are not going to read the whole post, then please at least read this section. This will help you understand how Dr. Steven Gundry’s scam works. If you are a Gundry MD fan boy, then this will hurt, because I’m going to tell you how you got manipulated and brainwashed by this quack. If you are up for it, then let’s get started.

Victim Profile of

He or she is interested in weight loss, dieting, keto, intermittent fasting & health supplements. Gundry’s marketing team is cunning and know the exact kind of people who will get brainwashed by Gundry’s BS. 

They mainly target emotionally vulnerable people who have had a love-hate relationship with their physical appearance. Steven knows these people can be easily manipulated.

Women in their late 20s to early 50s are the most common victims of Gundry’s scam. While men from 30-70 are also prone to believe in this quack’s lies.

The Brainwash Funnel

Social Media Recommends Target A Video Of Him

This will be the target’s first few introductions with Gundry. At this point, the target doesn’t know who Steven is.

YouTube, Facebook or Twitter suggests a video by Steven Gundry to the target a few times. Once the target watches one video, the platforms’ algorithm floods the target’s recommendations with other brainwashign videos of Steven. After watching 5-30 videos, the target starts believing in Gundry’s lies religiously. 

Target Checks Out His Books & Buys One

Now the target has been watching Gundry’s videos for a while (est. 1 month – 3 months) and he is eager to “expand is knowledge”. Most people will buy one of Steven’s books at this stage, however, 9-10% of people skip this step and buy his horirble supplements right away. 

After reading 1-3 of the books, the target is finally brainwashed. Now comes the main part, the next step is the most important for Gundry.

Gundry Upsells The Target To Buy His Supplements

Now that the future victim has read Gundry’s books, watched his videos and already made a financial commeitment, Steven now upsells them to buy his supplements. I’ve covered the quality and effectivenss of his so-called “supplements” in a section down below which I highly recommend you check out.

These supplements are expensive. However, Gundry will cut you a “deal” if you buy it using a code or through an affiliate link. This way, you’ll get your 1st package at a very cheap price, but this is just to get you addicted & hooked as Gundry shoots up the prices up to 3x for repeat customers.

Target Keeps Purchasing The Supplements

Now, the target has finally become a follower of Dr. Steven Gundry. The placebo effect fools them into thinking that the $200/mo supplements they buy from are helping them get better, all the while Gundry’s pockets get fatter & fatter.

The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry

The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease  and Weight Gain

I came across “The Plant Paradox” while I was researching for this post. He has branded himself as a “cardiologist” but this is a lie, he is actually a cardio thoracic surgeon, which is totally different. In 2019, Gundry published a book named Diet Evolution where he made the statement that he mainly flexed his “survival muscles” being a heart surgeon/ researcher in order to keep his heart cells healthy & alive even under stress. Until 2004, Dr. Gundry had some respect in the community as a cardiac surgeon, but it’s been a downward spiral for him ever since. That’s when he started selling bizarre books on dieting and wasteful supplements online. We can say, that’s when he became an absolute quack.

His 2018 book called The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain is supposed to be a life changing book. Key-phrase being supposed to be. His book blatantly ignores the hundreds of years of scientific research and facts done by world renowned researchers. Apparently only Gundry had the eye for the “secret tip” which he share sin this disgrace of a book. And only those who are willing to buy the book, will get to know this “secret tip”. Let me save you some money right here, don’t buy the book, there’s no “secret tip”. Let me explain in detail.

The Principles which surround The Plant Paradox are based on pseudoscience and pure nonsense. Gundry wants to convince you that lectins are the worst thing a human being can eat. And provides nonsensical evidence to base his theory, which have been debunked by real scientists and researchers.

Lectins Aren’t Harmful, but Gundry’s Quackery is!

Let’s take a look at T. Colin Campbell’s opinion on the lectins claim of Gundry. Campbell is of China Study fame and you can find his whole article on Gundry’s quackery here. In his article, Campbell exlaims that The Plant Paradox lacks any scientific backing and makes bogus & idiotic claims. Here is a snippet from the article:

The claims come fast and furious in this book, stated with a degree of certainty, without nuance, that undoubtedly appeals to many readers. But the referencing is so lacking and sloppy that Dr. Gundry should be embarrassed. The references that are cited in this book do a poor job of trying to justify its claims. And the bulk of the author’s wild claims lack references at all, with several examples of easily verifiable falsehoods. Because his claims are quite profound and novel, referencing of the findings of others and his own results are especially important. This is especially troubling for an author who touts his own research experience.

T. Colin Campbell

Once Campbell destroys the quack Gundry’s lectin logic, he goes on to reveal the true intentions behind Gundry’s book, selling the supplements. These supplements claim to save you from the ungodly harms of lectins:

In conclusion, there are many people who desire good health and deserve good information and we resent that they must suffer such poor quality and confusing information under the assumption that it is good science. Is it possible that Dr. Gundry is just out to make a quick buck? He admits that his patients give up to a dozen vials of blood for testing every couple of months at his clinic. Overtesting is common practice in supplement-driven clinics. 

This extensive testing, (which are another topic), is almost always used to demonstrate some type of nutritional pathology, which of course can only be corrected by taking the suggested supplements. And of course, Dr. Gundry sells supplements, including “Lectin Shield” for about $80 a month. According to his website, “This groundbreaking new formula was created to offset the discomforting effects of lectins (proteins commonly found in plants that make them harder to digest). Lectin Shield works to protect your body from a pile-up of lectins and to promote full-body comfort.”

T. Colin Campbell

Can Lectins Be The Next Gluten?

Gluten is considered bad for the most part because it is commonly found in foods like bread, pizza & pasta, and doesn’t provide any essential nutrients to the body. Not only that but certain individuals can get an immune reaction from eating gluten. The symptoms include inflammation and even damage to the intestinal tracts! 

But the main question is: are lectins as bad as gluten? 

This excerpt from James Hamblin MD’s article tackles this question in a sassy and knowledgeable way:

Yes, he also sells supplements he recommends. The last 20 or so minutes of his infomercial is a string of claims about how supplies are running low, and it’s important that you act immediately, and that if you do manage to get through to a customer representative you should order as much as you have room to store—the shelf life is great, etc. And the necessity of supplements is the crucial argument of the book. 

He writes, “Getting all of the nutrients you need simply cannot be done without supplements.”
The GundryMD line of products includes something he invented called vitamin G6. Another is a “lectin shield” that’s “designed to neutralize the effects of lectins.” These are available on his website for $79.99. There you can also get six jars of Vital Reds for $254.70.

James Hamblin MD

Lectins Aren’t Bad For You, Saying Otherwise is Utter Nonsense

This statement comes from a guy with more credentials than 99% of the world population, MD David L Katz (FACLM, FACP, FACPM, MPH). He has also debunked the quack theory of Steven Gundry in his writings. Take a look at this section from one of his pieces:

The answer to- “should you fear lectins now?” is- yes, if and only if you do the same for oxygen.
As I recently noted to a colleague, oxygen is not a theoretical toxin with theoretical harms in people; it is a known toxic with established harms. The atmosphere of our planet is thus highly analogous to the dietary sources of lectins: both contain compounds with potentially toxic effects, but net benefit is overwhelming both from eating plants, and breathing.

“Do We Dare Eat Lectins? – David L. Katz (MD, FACLM, FACP, FACPM, MPH)

The Longevity Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry

The Longevity Paradox

If you thought The Plant Paradox was unbelievably bad, then you are in for a hell of a ride. Because The Longevity Paradox takes Steven Gundry’s quackery to a sky-high level.

The book recommends highly unsustainable diet choices which are sure to get you sick. Following the diet plans which The Longevity Paradox proposes, will make your immunity worse and you’ll feel weak. I reached out to a professional nutritionist and sports & science expert to get a more precise explanation of why you shouldn’t follow this book:

The author has cited non sense studies and taken most of them out of context. He has done some research to put this all together, but it is quite obviously a very manipulative & biased book. The eating guidelines will make you extremely weak and fragile when used on a long term basis like the book suggests. You will constantly be in a caloric deficit, do that for a couple years and you might start suffering from micro nutrient deficiencies. 

The thing I didn’t like about the book at all, is the alternative to the outrageous guidelines mentioned in the book. The author recommends you to buy his supplements if you can’t follow the made-up guidelines for a better life.

Let me tell you one thing. Don’t follow this book if you want to lead a happy long life. The guidelines are strict to a point where you can’t hang out with your friends without being a douche bag. Exercise, eat good foods like oats, eggs, lentils, tofu, etc., and don’t drink/smoke a lot. Just following these “guidelines” will help you lead an amazing life, health wise.

Ugo B********e- Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Dr. Steven Gundry Dark Spot Remover Reviews

Gundry MD Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher Reviews
Gundry MD Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher

Do not buy Gundry MD Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher! I’ve been using it for 8 weeks now and have seen NO RESULTS whatsoever. I took the before & after photos and there is literally no visible difference in the spots that were on my hands. Don’t waste your money on his fake product, it doesn’t work!

Customer Who Bought Gundry Md Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher

I have been using their dark spot remover for 4 months and have seen zero effect on my spots. I wouldn’t have complained but there aren’t even any fades, their complexion hasn’t changed at all. Not gonna lie, I had high hopes from Gundry MD, but it turned out to be just another fake claims product. Don’t buy it!

Another Gundry MD Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher Customer Review

My daughter gifted me their dark spot remover on my birthday, it is not showing any results. The remover has did nothing. I wouldn’t recommend anyone with dark spots to waste their money on this product.

Gundry MD Dark Spot Remover Review

There are dozens of more reviews which are posted by real consumers on website including Dirtyscam, BB & TrustPilot, however, these should be enough to give you a clear picture. The Gundry dark spot remover is not a worth while product and like its users advise, you shouldn’t waste your money on it.

Dr. Steven Gundry Age Spot Remover Reviews

The Gundry age spot remover doesn’t work! I used it for two months and saw zero results.Then I asked them for a refund from Gundry MD but they didn’t give me any confirmation on it. On my public review they told me they have a 90 days refund policy but those are lies, because I have not received a penny from them yet. Don’t buy, they are a scam!

One of the reviews from Gundry MD age spot remover reviews directory

I. Wasted. My. Money. The age spot remover has shown no results and it is so highly priced. I only bought it because I trusted doctor Gundry, I thought it was a good brand. Now my doubts are clear and I’ll never buy anything from you guys. You are frauds!

Anonymous Gundry age spot remover review

Where is my refund? I’m tired of waiting. You guys are testing my patience.

This person never received their refund but their complaint was deleted from the web by Gundry MD’s team

I included these testimonials & reviews to help you see the reality of Dr. Steven Gundry’s products. Taking one look at these reviews shows that the “remover” products of Gundry MD don’t work. However, these are still not the worst products which Steven sells. That title is proudly held by his supplement line, which is 100% useless & exorbitant!

Vital Reds Reviews

Vital Reds reviews

My shoulders and hips have been hurting ever since iI started taking the Vital Reds. After w eek of taking the supplement my knees started aching so badly that I couldn’t walk without stinging pain. All the aches & pains vanished after I stopped taking this for a week. I do not recommend this poison to anyone!

Gundry MD Vitalks Red Reviews Post

No changes at all! I’m an old guy and in fine health, I bought the Vital Reds in a combo pack. The other brand which I used to take had the same amount of vitamins for a much less price. I feel defrauded.

Another review take from the Gundry MD Vitalks Red Reviews directory

Very overpriced product which gives no results! Unlike Dr. Gundry claimed, I have not felt any differences or effects of the supplement. I want a refund, this is too expensive to be useless.

An overpriced supplement for delusional freaks

Gundry MD Vitalks Red Amazon Review

They take no returns! I accepted the delivery of the product a few weeks ago. I started taking it religiously every morning and there are no changes whatsoever. By the way, I have a rash on my face now and I don’t have genetic acne! I wanted to return the product, but guess what, these ***** don’t let you return an opened package! This is totally outrageous and not acceptable. 

Just like before, most of these reviews are verified according to Amazon, others were extracted from other websites. 

A health supplement is not supposed to make your knees hurt or make you temporarily crippled, however this is exactly what Vitals Red from Gundry MD does to its users.

Total Restore Reviews

Total Restore Reviews

I would give it mins five stars if I could, I merely took it for ~10 days. I was forced to make an appointment with my doctor to see why the hell was I so ill. My quads and hamstrings were hurting, it was torture just getting up from the bed. My nausea was killing me. Then I realized that this all must’ve been due to this **** Total Restore supplement. Just after 48 hours of stopping, I’ve started feeling normal again. DO NOT BUY IT! 

I bought the Gundry MD Restore Support Capsule from, it was delivered on time. I bought it twice because after finishing the 1st bottle, I didn’t feel any effects. This is an elaborate scheme, Gundry reels you in with a small starting price and then increases the price 3x which you’re forced to pay. Totally not worth the money, gives no results.

The only change I noticed after taking this supplement, was in my bank balance. It’s a waste of time and money. Avoid it, there are better alternatives in the market.

Super overpriced supplement. Took it for a couple weeks but didn’t see any changes. Now it is just sitting in my medicine cabinet. Total waste.

This supplement turns out to be another one of Gundry’s placebo poisons. There’s no reason to take it except for self-harm which is not advised.

Bio Complete 3 Reviews

Bio Complete 3 Reviews

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I purchased this nonsense from Gundry’s website, had a striking pain in my stomach and felt extremely bloated throughout the day. This is a total BS supplement. No wonder there aren’t any good reviews of this ****. This guy is out here making millions of dollars from making people sick & bloated!

I bought this supplement after I watched a video of Dr. Steven Gundry where he said the Bio Complete 3 would be good for my digestive health. However, since I’ve been taking it, I have been experiencing very bad diarrhea. It’s to the point where I’ve soiled my pants. This supplement also makes me feel light headed and dehydrated. 

Major gastric issues ever since I started taking the Bio Complete 3. Please do not buy this product. Gundry’s is spitting a load of **** when he says it’s good for you.

Gundry lied to me in the video. It has ruined my stomach and worsened my gut issues. These online quacks are ruining the industry for honest doctors. I have major trust issues now all thanks to Gundry. This guy is a bigger quack than Donald Duck.

The more supplement reviews we take a look at, the worse they get, it’s sad and fascinating. It is interesting that none of these people got any help from the Gundry MD support team, and in eCommerce customer support is cruital.

PrebioThrive Reviews

Prebiothrive reviews

Product does NOT work. I have painful gas in my stomach, it is so bad that I can’t even leave my house. I’m never buying it again. I’ve found a better probiotic which is half the price, I’m gonna try that. This one is just a waste of money

It hurts really bad in my belly a few hours after I take it. The pain was gone after a few days but only after I stopped. It is very bad. 

The Prebiothrive has caused massive bloating . It started two days after I started taking the product and I had to go to the hospital emergency room. This is poison!

I’ve been using the Prebiothrive for 90 days now. I bought it form and I took it according to my doctor’s prescription who apparently had an affiliate tie with Gundry. There has been ZERO Benefits! Their ad is very persuasive and manipulate, they did convince me to buy the supplement but it just didn’t work. I’m very fit, I eat good, I lift, but this product is absolute trash. There are no weight loss benefits too. 

They spam you every week if you stop buying the supplements. Don’t waste your health on them.

The Prebiothrive reviews show that you should not buy this product. It has shown to cause bloating and extreme discomfort while providing no results whatsoever. No one should risk their life and health over fake scientific claims which Gundry makes to sell these supplements.

People Hate Dr. Steven Gundry & His Fake Claims

Many people have been scammed by Grundy and a few of them decided to help others see the reality by sharing their experiences online. However, most of htese posts have been cleverly pushed into oblivion by the marketing team of Steven Gundry. They don’t want you to see this, and chances are, you didn’t even know they existed before I told you about them. Let’s take a look at what the internet thinks of Dr. Steven Gundry.

Gundry MD scam
Dr. Gundry is a fraud according to Redditors

A redditor who goes by the user name u/NoBra2MatchMyPanties, posted his findings on Dr. Gundry on reddit. The user might have a very questionable username, but they made a striking point in this post. He points out that Steven is an “MD” not an expert on nutrition. Steven doesn’t have any credentials which make him qualified to give professional advice on things like lectins or fat loss. He just fools the masses with his direct way of speaking lies and openly deceiving millions. The post ends by a clever remark by the user: “Dr. Gundry. If you or anyone who has a vested interest in your business is reading this, you really shouldn’t have drawn my attention to your existence.”

steven gundry reviews is reputed critical review platform where users can share their reviews on products, businesses and service providers. An anonymous user shared a controversial 1/5 star review on this platform. The website shows a huge reported loss of $676,446! That’s a lot of money the customers lost by dealing with Gundry. This page has 81 reviews, all of them giving an average of 1 star to Dr. Steven Gundry! These are shockingly bad numbers for anyone, let alone a well-known scammer.

Top Review of Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution Book on

This is literally the top voted review of Dr. Gundry’s best selling book, Diet Evolution. It is a verified purchase, so this is written by someone who bought the book and possibly read it. The reviewer has pointed out the big contradictions made in this book and how Dr. Gundry makes a fool of people.

Dr. Steven Gundry is a Seasoned Scammer!

Investigation concludes that Dr. Steven R Gundry from is a skilled scammer & con artist. His products should be avoided due Dr. Gundry’s highly contradictory nature and unreliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Steven Gundry a quack?

Yes. After a thorough investigation it is found that Dr. Steven Gundry is indeed a scam & a quack.

Should I buy supplements from

No. Those supplements are proven to be harmful & useless for health & wellness. Medical professionals highly advise against taking any supplements which don’t have any scientific backing and verification, like all the supplements available on

Why don’t I see many Dr. Steven Gundry negative reviews?

This is because review websites like BBB, which provide accreditation service, often let the company/individual remove the critical reviews from the internet. We don’t condone such sketchy behavior of Scam Tracers.

Are there any better alternatives to Dr. Steven Gundry?

Yes. Simple training and a caloric deficit. This is all you need for weight loss, anything else might be helpful but without a caloric deficit, no one loses weight.

How do I warn others about the Dr. Steven Gundry scam?

Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other platform where you can help others find out about Dr. Gundry’s quackery.

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Dr. Steven Gundry Review 2021: Verdict

Dr. Steven Gundry is a selfish sadistic quack who purposefully manipulates & lies to the masses. He brainwashes people with his books and videos and then sells them his overpriced useless supplements.

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Value For Money
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Value For Money
  • Was a cardiac surgeon once upon a time
  • Sells harmful & useless supplements
  • Puts people’s lives in danger just to make money
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  1. 0.5
    Value For Money

    “If something is good for everything it’s usually good for nothing.” That is a statement I heard many years ago. I took vital reds for a few months with no visible improvement. Then I noted the numerous other “cures” Dr. Grundy was selling at a big price and with a long sale spiel. “Just get to the point!”, I thought, “ If your product is so good, it doesn’t take 45 minutes to convince one to buy.”
    My primary care doctor said that if one is eating a balanced diet, there is no need for supplements. A primary care doctor can give all the dietary advice one needs.

    + PROS: .5
    - CONS: 4.5
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  2. 0.6
    Value For Money

    I have been using 2 Gundry products for almost 2 years – Bio Complete and Lectin Shield. After reading these comments/reviews I know for sure I will stop ordering them. I want to just accept that I’m human and made a mistake. I thought they might help with my gut issues, but in the long run I think they have had no real effect. Perhaps what I thought were the supplements helping my digestion was really just my own body/mind/spirit recovering from loss of a loved one and great anxiety during that process. I was probably reacting to stressful situations, without his loving support, and that was new for me. I was having terrible stomach aches, bloating, diarrhea, etc. When things in my life were calm, I felt alright. I attributed these good reactions to the supplements, when actually it had nothing to do with them. I realize now that since I added meditation to my daily routine – using awareness, understanding the meaning of consciousness, controlled breathing – they were all extremely helpful. Obviously eating well, getting enough sleep, and my favorite, exercise, contribute so much to better health. I gave up trying to control everything, and beating myself up for mistakes. My body and spirit feel way better than any pills Gundry hawks. I don’t think they are particularly harmful (except to my wallet), at least, I hope not; but I will no longer take them and waste money on something that does nothing. Using these supplements might have been just part of my journey to finding what I was really looking for, so I try not to feel like it was totally stupid. We are all on a our own path in this life and even silly mistakes have a place in it.

    + PROS: Learning another lesson
    - CONS: Total con job, most likely
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  3. 5
    Value For Money

    I think Carolyns review was so true,..the person who wrote this article was so wrong!…
    I am 79 years old & my Doctor wanted to keep giving me prescriptions instead of getting to the cause…Dr Gundrys Advise saved me & some of my family..I didn’t buy his books or his supplements, just his advice!
    So don’t believe everything that is written by this article!

    + PROS: Helped many people..
    - CONS: Maybe his supplements are a bit pricey..but they are quality, not like the supermarket
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  4. I am open to truth. Can you give more scientific proof as to how his supplements are bad for peoples health? Thank you

  5. 5
    Value For Money

    This review article sounds like a person who believes Biden is good for the country wrote it. Dr Gundry himself tells you why he chose prevention measures to combat heart disease. Duh,why would anyone choose future heart surgery, feeling awful and more likely death over health? Masses of people saved and feeling good over the few that could be repaired with surgery. You don’t have Gundry’s credentials correct either. He was head of his department and did the research and funding himself because he believed in it and cares about people, not some second rate surgeon out to make money as you portrait.

    + PROS: Proven research that many others are now agreeing with. Quality products and processing. Honesty, including what and how to achieve these goals without Dr Gundry's products. Great customer service where understanding real people answer the phone. Stands behind their money back guarantee.
    - CONS: For everything that goes into the products and customer service the prices are very reasonable. Comparison wise they are better quality and similarly priced to other"feel better lose weight get healthy," products on the market. For my own budget they are expensive.
    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(4)You have already voted this

  7. I couldn’t understand why a very successful heart surgion would leave his chosen profession that he had spent years preparing for, but his article on digestive health and the importance of probiotics sounded reasonable. So I ordered three bottles and used them. I saw no change using the product. After ordering that, I read that good bacteria needed special nutrients to feed them. OK, I decided to give that a try. No toticeable benefit. Then it was Vital Reds that was suppoe to give you energy and endurance. I saw no difference using that either. I didn’t finish those bottles and decided that Dr. Gundry was taking advantage and was a scam, but that didn’t seem possible by a doctor. I even looked up his credentials and his reputation which seemd superior and unquestionable. Now I have received another email, years later, pushing another digestive aid with a different convincing sell. To me, it is inconceivable that a Doctor of his apparent stature would stoop to this level. He gets you interested in a product with his sales pitch about how, as a result of his reearch, he has discovered a solution to a problem that no one else in the medical field has been able to discover. He tells how it is making people feel so much better, results guarenteed or your money gladed refunded. Then within a couple weeks he promotes another product that will help the first product work better. He is, in my humble opinion, less that a credit to his fellow doctors in the medical profession.

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