Dr. Stile – Expert at Botching Surgeries

Are you looking for a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas? Then you might come across Dr. Stile. 

He’s a cosmetic surgeon who runs the clinic Stile Aesthetic. According to his website, he is a compassionate and caring doctor who strives to boost your confidence. But his clients say the opposite. 

According to different Dr Stile reviews, this guy is rude, arrogant, greedy, and doesn’t perform surgeries very well. He also has a tendency to call his reviewers liars and fake because they highlight his negative points. 

If you’re looking into getting surgery from him, please read the following reviews. They would help you make a better-informed decision on this matter: 

Who even is Dr. Stile?

Dr. Stile is a plastic surgeon based in Nevada. His clinic is located at 8954 Spanish Ridge Ave #1, Las Vegas, NV 89148, US and its contact number is 702-243-9555. The clinic opens from 9 AM to 5 PM. He has named his clinic as Stile Aesthetics. 

Dr. Frank Stile earned his medical degree from State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine. He is affiliated with St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and the Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. 

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Dr. Stile offers plastic surgery procedures for face, breast, and body. He also offers surgical services to men. Some of the services available at his clinic include breast reduction, face lift, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, arm lift, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and more. 

He is quite active on social media and his Instagram handle is @drstile which has 12,000+ followers. 

Dr. Stile claims to be a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon who helps you boost your confidence. But his clients disagree with this notion. 

According to the different Dr Stile Las Vegas reviews, you should think twice before trusting him with your procedure. Additionally, it seems the doctor cares more about his profits than his clients.

The first red flag is the disclaimer present in the footer of his website. It states that your results are not guaranteed and the images may contain models. He doesn’t specify where he has used the images of models. 

Dr. Stile review

Below are some of the various Dr Stile Las Vegas reviews I found online. They would help you make a better opinion on this doctor: 

Dr. Stile Rhinoplasty Cost isn’t Worth It, Botched the Procedure and Didn’t Care About His Mistakes

Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review

In her original review, the reviewer points out that Dr. Stile destroyed her self-esteem. She had two rhinoplasty surgeries with this doctor and he still couldn’t deliver satisfactory results. 

When she contacted the staff, they were very unprofessional and lacked basic sympathy. They told her that the only thing Dr. Stile can do is perform a third rhinoplasty. She points out that she doesn’t trust him anymore and can never lie down on a surgical table in his clinic. 

Later, he responded to the reviewer and claimed that she was making fraudulent claims. As you’ll read more Dr. Stile reviews, you’ll realize that his go-to tactic is to call his clients liars when they share a negative review on him. 

The reviewer responded to his allegations by saying that he charged her $800 extra. She says that $800 might not matter to him because he’s a millionaire but it’s a lot for someone like her.

Also, she highlights that she had called his clinic multiple times and conversed with his assistant. But he never bothered to give her a call back. The reviewer points out that Dr. Stile only cares about his social media and not about his patients. 

She has shared her images along with her review. You can clearly see that he didn’t do a good job performing the rhinoplasty:

Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review

Frank Placed the Implant Too Low, Gave a Lopsided Chin

Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review

Dr. Stile had performed two procedures on the reviewer in June 2019. She posted her review in February 2021. One of those procedures was a chin implant surgery.

After around 5 months, she noticed that Frank had placed her implant too low which seemed strange because she had told him she wanted more projection from her profile. She called his office a while later and scheduled an appointment to discuss a possible revision. 

In that meeting, she expressed dissatisfaction with her results and Dr. Stile promised to perform a revision at no charge. 

In October 2020, he performed the revision surgery. A week later, she felt something hard on the left side of her chin and in her post-op meeting, she asked Frank about it. He felt the spot and told her that it was only swelling. 

But a month later, she noticed that her chin looked uneven and it had an abnormal indent. The reviewer also wanted to ask about her stitches. So, she contacted the clinic and shared her concerns. The staff member asked her to take two pictures and told her that she will show them to the doctor. 

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Later, when the reviewer asked the staff member about what Dr. Stile said about her results. The staff member only mentioned the stitches and told the reviewer that Frank didn’t address other concerns. 

Dr. Stile had told the reviewer that he was happy with her results even with the indent. The reviewer points out that 5 months after the surgery, all of the swelling is gone and her results are clearly visible. She says that she is extremely disappointed with her current results and doesn’t trust Frank anymore. 

The reviewer also had a forehead reduction. But Frank left a huge scar across her hairline so she can’t wear her hair pulled back, defeating the purpose of getting that surgery. She went to Frank’s clinic to look better but left with disappointing results. The reviewer also demands a refund for the botched surgeries. 

The reviewer has shared her experience on other platforms:

Dr. Stile review

Below are the reviewer’s images:

Dr. Stile review

Dr. Stile Has Horrible Bedside Manner, Doesn’t Know How to Respond to Complaints

Dr. Stile review

Lina says that you shouldn’t waste your money at Stile Aesthetics. Frank Stile’s bedside manner is subpar as he’s self-absorbed, rushed, and sarcastic. Moreover, he doesn’t ask or listen to what you want and heavily imposes what he wants. Obviously, Frank doesn’t care about his clients.

She tells Dr. Stile that all the complaints highlighting his poor behavior and service aren’t a personal attack. They simply describe him. She suggests him to start listening to his patients and don’t be snide. Lina also shares that if a patient is unhappy with his work, it doesn’t mean it’s a personal attack. 

Frank had responded to this complaint by highlighting his achievements. Lina shares that it’s completely redundant. He was really humble and kind, he would accept his mistakes and would try to rectify them. Instead, he resorts to attacking the reviewers. 

This is a common problem among arrogant and rude medical professionals. For example,  Overlake Reproductive Health is a fertility clinic whose doctors attack reviewers for highlighting the issues present in them. They don’t even care that a patient had a miscarriage. Such doctors need to put in a lot of effort into learning what proper etiquettes are. 

Lina highlights that she isn’t the only reviewer who feels that Frank has a terrible bedside manner. There are many others who feel the same way as her. 

Client had a Breast Surgery at Stile Aesthetics, Received Irreparable Damage

Dr. Stile review

Janet had a terrible experience with this surgeon which left her with a serious open wound. He had assured her that he would correct everything but that never happened. Because of his mistakes and botched procedures, she missed months of work and only received disappointing results. 

Eventually, she decided to go to another plastic surgeon. But the damage Frank had done was so severe that no other surgeon could fix it. She warns other consumers that they shouldn’t go to this surgeon. 

Dr. Stile is Rude, Arrogant and Inconsiderate

Dr. Stile review

Tina says that it’s unfortunate that Dr. Stile’s greed comes before his desire to help people. She says that the business seemed perfect at first but it was subpar in every possible way. 

She also says that Dr. Stile is the perfect example of greed with the least amount of integrity. He doesn’t admit his mistakes and behaves rudely and arrogantly. Tina says that she had to see another doctor to fix his errors. 

Lied to the Client, Botched the Procedure and Refused to Release Their Medical Records

Dr. Stile review

The reviewer says that Dr. Stile is extremely greedy. He performed a surgery on her and told her that if she didn’t like the results, he would fix it at no extra cost. She had told him that she hated the folds in her cheeks so he suggested getting a mid facelift. Hence, she did. 

But he injected fat in her cheeks so when the swelling went down the folds were still there. Also, she has a bump on her eye because of the scar Dr. Stile left there. It looks like a wart and it causes her itching everyday. She points out that Frank left a stitch in because he was distracted while performing the procedure 

When she went back to the clinic and shared her concerns with Frank, he said “Women are too picky” and tried to upsell her a $12,000 procedure. The reviewer says that she started crying during that appointment because he literally lied to her and even tried to manipulate her. 

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Moreover, Frank left a scar in the front of her hairline and stitched her earlobes to her face, damaging her appearance further. She said that she would pay for the room and other related charges but not for a whole new surgery, especially when he had promised to perform a revision procedure at no extra cost. 

Also, the clinic had asked her to put a $2000 deposit down to hold the date of the surgery when she visited the place to discuss the revision. 20 minutes later, she canceled the surgery when she learned the price and asked for a refund of her $2000 deposit. The clinic told her that it was non-refundable. 

Moreover, when she asked about her medical records the clinic told her that they will charge 80 cents per page. It’s been 4 months since that visit and the clinic refuses to release her records. 

Client Had Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation with Dr. Frank Stile, Received Terrible Results

Dr. Stile review

The reviewer had tummy tuck and breast augmentation with Frank. She had gone to his clinic because a family friend had suggested him. Even though her family members said it wouldn’t be safe to go to Dr. Stile, she did anyway. The reviewer says that she regrets this decision.

The tummy tuck gave her a lopsided stomach. She had lost nearly 100lbs before getting the surgery and was very excited for the surgery. He performed a revision procedure to fix his mistakes but the results were still very noticeable. In his third attempt, Dr. Stile performed a liposuction but the experable was horrible. 

The reviewer shares that she’s sorry but she had to let others know not everyone has had a great experience with this surgeon. 

Dr. Stile is Defrauding People, Tells Staff to Post Fake Reviews

Dr. Stile review

Teresa shares that she first met with Dr. Stile to know more about a breast lift and tummy tuck. Since then, she had been receiving their promotional emails but things became weird when they sent her an email saying she had won a contest with a $500 gift certificate. 

Initially, she was very excited and thought it was a great time to book a surgery and save $500. The title of the email was “Congratulations to this month’s winner (reviewer’s name)”. Later, she found that each of her co-workers was the month’s winner of that contest. It was a fake contest only meant to lure people into the clinic. 

A few weeks later, Dr. Stile sent an email to Teresa with the subject line – FRAUD ALERT. 

The email said that one of his employees was a fraudster and people should be cautious if they get a phone call from someone in his office. She wonders if he’s serious because his clinic had a lot of her personal information such as her social security number. 

Obviously, Dr. Stile made a mistake and was trying to cover it up by putting the blame on an unknown employee. She updated her review to respond to Stile’s rebuttal where he questioned her intentions of posting this review and whether it was really true. 

She points out that when she contacted his clinic they told them that Jordan Dove manages his internet reviews and was asked to leave a message for him. Later, she found a 5-star review on Stile’s Google page by Jordan Dove saying that he’s a great plastic surgeon. She questions his business ethics and wonders how many 5-star reviews have his staff members added to his social media profiles. 

Teresa ends her review by saying that Frank is the textbook definition of unethical business practices. 

Dr. Stile Gave Scars Around the Client’s Ear, Started Lying in the Rebuttal

Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review

Diana shared the results of the ear surgery she had with Dr. Stile. She points out that the scars around her ear have made them very self conscious and scared. The scars are extremely difficult to cover but are easily visible because they are in front of and behind her ear. Moreover, her earlobes are “attached” to her face.

Also, Dr. Frank Stile removed her sideburns which will never grow back. She now needs to get a $10,000 hair transplant. Diana also points to the scars visible on her cheek. She says that she would never be the same and Frank could care less. 

Later, she updated her review to respond to Stile’s rebuttal. He called her verbally abusive and said that she used Photoshop to edit her pictures. Diana says that’s a crazy allegation and she only wanted others to know how she was treated at his clinic. 

Dr. Stile Lies About His Pricing in His Advertisements

Dr. Stile review

The reviewer had scheduled a consultation with Frank for a tummy tuck. Their girlfriend had the “$4995.0”  tummy tuck and it caused her nerve damage. But the review wasn’t about this because they understood it was one of the risks of the procedure.

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The review was actually about the poor behavior and service they saw at the clinic. They say that they had reached the clinic at their scheduled time but had to wait for an hour in the waiting room. 

Finally, when they called them to the exam room, they asked them to disrobe and watch a video about the procedure. Their appointment was scheduled at 1 PM and it was 2:45 when they told the reviewer to watch the video. 

The reviewer asked the nurse about Dr. Stile because they had to pick up their daughter from school at 3:15. Then, a staff member took them to another room and gave them a quote of $7500 for the procedure. 

The reviewer pointed out that in his advertisements, Dr. Stile claims his tummy tuck costs $4995. To this, the staff member said that it’s the old price. The reviewer went ahead and got the procedure. But even after 2 years, Dr. Stile claims to offer a $4995 tummy tuck in his ads, which is obviously a lie. 

Later, they updated their review to share the fact that the clinic started messaging them with tons of insults in response to their complaint. They offered the reviewer a free hydrafacial procedure. But refused to give an appointment time because they said they didn’t want to inconvenience the reviewer further, based on their original review. 

Stile Lied to a Client About Medicare Coverage Just So He Could Get Their Business

Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review

Jody had received a prescription for breast reduction so she saw Dr. Stile for consultation. She had made it clear that she was on Medicare and he assured her that his staff would do everything to get her coverage. 

In reality, an office must have a Medicare number to process Medicare. Stile Aesthetics doesn’t have one. 

But, they didn’t inform her of this beforehand. Jody had paid the cash for a discount and arranged for her breast reduction. Later, the staff said that they couldn’t do anything about her coverage and she was on her own. 

Jody says that she would have never used Dr. Stile if she knew his clinic wouldn’t help her. Moreover, the procedure gave terrible results as she’s suffering from painful keloid scars. Jody has been unable to wear anything except a soft sports bra since the surgery. 

She was visiting his clinic for steroid injections but they were quite painful as well. Jody ends her review by saying that she is a 70 year old lady who went through two years of pain for disappointing results.

Like most of his other negative reviews, Dr. Stile attacked this complaint as well. Jody responded to it by saying that she took two years to post her review because she hoped her condition would improve over time. But it didn’t. 

She was hoping that her appearance would improve but it only worsened. The scars still give her painful shocks and she has no choice but to live with the discolored scars Dr. Stile left on her body.

Jody also highlights that she was initially very happy with the breast reduction at first. That’s why she made a video for him. But the scarring only got worse and didn’t improve. Moreover, he misled her about his clinic’s Medicare coverage. She says that he could’ve referred her to any of his friend surgeons in Las Vegas when he couldn’t provide her with Medicare coverage but he didn’t.. Instead, he chose to lie to her. 

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Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
Dr. Stile review
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Dr. Stile review

Dr. Stile Review: Verdict

According to Dr Frank Stile’s clients, he is a terrible surgeon who has no regard for his clients’ interests. Clearly, he is not the best plastic surgeon in Las Vegas. 

He lies in his advertisements, makes false claims and then calls you a liar if you share your negative experience online. Las Vegas has plenty of surgeons. So, you should look for someone else and find a surgeon who is truly compassionate and serious about his profession. Avoid Dr. Stile. 

2.6Expert Score
Dr. Stile Isn't Worth The Risk

There are too many negative reviews on Dr. Stile. On top of that, the guy is notorious for harassing clients for complaining about their experience online. Certainly, it would too great of a risk to try out his services. You should find someone else.

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Harasses clients for complaining
  • Has botched innumerable surgeries
  • Lacks professionalism

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