Edward Banayoti – Canadian Con Artist and Pervert

Edward Banayoti hired his ex-girlfriend and fired her when she refused to become his ‘sex slave’. 

Allegedly, when the British woman told Edward that she was ‘jumping up and down’ with excitement about the new role, he told her that the only time he wanted her to jump up and down was ‘on top of him’. 

Edward Banayoti is a Canadian businessman. He is the founder of Defence Unlimited International. 

Moreover, he is a former brother-in-law of King Abdullah II of Jordan. That’s because he was married to his sister Princess Aisha Bint Hussein for a short while. 

Apparently, they had been in a relationship before. Later, he reached out to her, offering the role of senior executive assistance in Washington DC.

Edward Banayoti

Afterwards, Edward started sending her messages saying he was still attracted to her. Allegedly, he asked her if he could sneak into her room. Also, he made remarks about impregnating her. 

In 2019, the British woman went to the Central London Employment Tribunal and pursued a large payout in damages. 

The Tribunal accepted her statement as true and is backing her claims to sexual harassment and breach of contract. 

In response, Edward Banayoti was planning to file an appeal. He claimed that he only offered her the job as a favor as she needed money. 

More Details on the Sexual Harassment Case Against Edward Banayoti:

Edward Banayoti aka Ernest Anderson

Edward had met the woman after his divorce from Princess Aisha in 2016. Their relationship had ended quite soon.

2 years later, he sent her an email ‘out of the blue’.

The woman said they agreed she would go to the company’s Malta office instead of the US because of the waiting period for a visa. 

Then, Edward Banayoti started making sexualremarks. 

The woman told the Tribunal that she was quite shocked. Also, she told him that she only wanted to work in a professional setting. 

Clearly, the woman wasn’t interested in any sexual advances. 

4 days later, Edward terminated her contract. 

The woman alleged that Edward Banayoti terminated her employment because she refused to reciprocate his sexual advances. She added that he intended to set her up as a ‘sex slave’. 

In 2016, his company was worth around £1.6 billion. 

The Tribunal sided with the woman’s argument and said that Banayoti’s defense was weak. 

The Criminal Past of Edward Banayoti:

In 2016, Edward Banayoti was in talks with the Maltese government to buy 49.9% of Air Malta. In fact, he had made a formal offer as well. 

His spokesman confirmed that he was in talks with the Office of the Prime Minister and had submitted a formal offer. 

Then, the government confirmed that they had met with Edward but denied having any formal discussion. 

The Maltese government denied having formal discussions because of their negotiation agreement with Alitalia, an Italian airline. 

While it was a breach of contract and put the Maltese government in hot water, it wasn’t the only thing wrong with their discussions with Edward. 

When Edward Banayoti Ran a Ponzi Scheme in Canada and Stole $8 Million:

Edward Banayoti used to have the name Ernest Anderson. He changed his name in 2015 from Ernest Anderson to Edward Banayoti as Canadian law allows it. 

As Ernest, he was an unlicensed investment advisor in Ontario. There, he ran a Ponzi scheme through the unlicensed firm, Golden Gate Funds. 

The Ponzi scheme caused him to face penalties of over $4 million. Furthermore, it barred him from acting as an investment advisor. 

People who invested in Golden Gate Funds lost all of their capital. This included old couples and senior citizens. One couple had invested $450,000 and lost it. 

In Canada, Edward had taken investments from 150 investors. They invested over $8 million in the Golden Gate Fund which collapsed in 2009. 

Then, the Ontario’s Securities Commission tribunal heard the case but doesn’t have the power to impose jail time. 

They reached a settlement. Ernest Anderson told the tribunal that he used the investor funds to pay previous investors and handle operating costs. 

The tribunal ordered him to pay $4.7 million in penalties. However, he hasn’t paid any penalties so far. 

Suspicious Online Existence:

The oddest thing about Edward Banayoti is his suspicious online presence. There isn’t much information available on him that predates 2015. 

However, it soon became clear to me that the reason for this was his name-change. 

Edward’s original name was Ashraf Banayoti. He was born in Egypt and emigrated to Canada. There, he changed his name to Ernie Anderson. 

Maybe he didn’t know that Ernie is not a name but a nickname. So, he started calling himself Ernest later. 

His marriage with the Princess also raises suspicions. 

It coincides with his name change from Ernie Anderson to Edward Banayoti. 

He changed his name in March and a few months later, he married Aisha bint al Hussein of Jordan, a sister of the present king of Jordan. 

She is a major-general in the Jordanian army and lives in Washington. Also, she is a defense attache at the Jordanian embassy. 

Edward Bayanoti was married to her for just 4 weeks. 

Although there are multiple pictures of the Princess available online. There is no picture of the couple being together anywhere. 

The Shady Companies of Edward Banayoti:

Another huge red flag is the registration of his different companies. In 2016, Edward Banayoti was the owner and director of multiple companies. 

He incorporated most of them in the UK. Moreover, they are all shell companies with no real offices. 

The address of his companies is 239 High Street Kensington is a virtual office address. This means he pays a monthly fee to use this address and have any post delivered there. 

Also, he has 2 companies in Ontario, one in Toronto and another in Mississauga. 

These companies have virtual addresses as well. 

His current company Defence Unlimited seems like a shell company as well. The only notable team member of the company is Edward himself. 

Moreover, the company doesn’t share any office address. 

Edward Banayoti
Defence unlimited

However, Defence Unlimited claims to be a subsidiary of Cornerstone Holdings Corp, another firm of Banayoti. 

Edward Banayoti

Its address “86 – 50 Burnhamthorpe Rd W #52, Mississauga, ON L5B 3C2 is a virtual office address. 


After going through the above points, it’s obvious that Edward Banayoti is a scammer and a pervert. 

He used to run a Ponzi scheme which allowed him to steal $8 million from investors. 

Moreover, he has a shady online presence as all of the companies he claims to operate are only running on paper. 

Plenty of wealthy and powerful men start harassing their female subordinates. For example, C. Whan Park is an American professor who lost his job after 4 of his subordinates exposed how he had assaulted them.  

Then, you have people like Arif Janmohamed who stay silent when their colleagues sexually abuse their staff.

Beware of this man. Avoid dealing with him at all costs.

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Con Artist

Edward Banayoti used to run a Ponzi scheme when his name was Ernest Anderson. He made over $8 million from that scam. Recently, he came into news for trying to solicit sex from a female employee.

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  • Ran a ponzi scheme in Canada
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    Edward should be thrown in jail for molestation and sexual harrasment. He is an international conman who changed his name to scam more people.

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    Edward banayoti is an experienced swindler. He conned hundreds or even thousands of people in Canada to get rich.

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