Effortless IVF – Mistreat Clients and Greedy Behavior

Effortless IVF is a fertility clinic in Texas. They have multiple locations including one in Bedford and one in Fort Worth. They are garnering a reputation for misbehaving with their clients and it seems they won’t stop anytime soon. 

The following review is for anyone who is interested in Effortless IVF Dallas or any of its other locations. You should know about their red flags before hiring them: 

More About Effortless IVF:

Kathleen Doody, MD and Kevin Doody, MD run this clinic together. It has two locations, one in Bedford and one in Fort Worth. The address of the first location is 1701 Park Place Ave Bedford, TX 76022 while the second one’s address is 1250 8th Ave Ste 365 Fort Worth, TX 76104. 

Their contact number is 972-661-9544. The Bedford location opens between 8 AM and 5 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM to 4 PM on fridays. 

While many people look up “effortless IVF success rate”, the clinic doesn’t disclose this information and the only way to find this out is by contacting the clinic as a patient. They perform this process in their effortless IVF Dallas and the Fort Worth locations.

While Dr. Kevin might want you to think this clinic is near-perfect and offers affordable treatment, its patients tell a different story. 

Though, I couldn’t agree more with the patients because the website of Effortless IVF has a red flag – a disclaimer. 

The disclaimer says that the results they claim to offer are not “guaranteed”. This is a common tactic among shady service providers to shrug off responsibility and safeguard their interests. For example, Extraordinary Conceptions is a notorious egg donation agency that also uses this tactic to avoid legal liability for providing its services. 

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Couldn’t be Bothered to Perform the Necessary Tests, Failed Multiple Cycles


Lisa and her husband did 2 IVF cycles at this clinic with her own eggs but didn’t have any success. So, the doctor suggested using donor eggs to perform the cycle. They did 3 cycles with donor eggs and again received disappointing results. 

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Lisa shares that she asked for additional testing after every failed cycle and even offered to pay for them to learn why the cycles were failing. She specifically asked to run tests for blood clotting disorders but the doctor said that it wasn’t required. 

In fact, the staff of Effortless IVF made Lisa and her husband feel as if they were being difficult for wanting proper testing. Lisa shares that she wasn’t surprised when the third cycle failed. She wanted a medical explanation for this but the clinic failed to give any. 

It was a very traumatizing experience for her. They stopped treatment in September and in November, they got pregnant on their own without requiring any fertility assistance. 

Her new OB ran the required tests and found that she had a blood clotting disorder. So, Lisa took the necessary medication and got successfully pregnant. 

She shares that it saddens her to realize all the time and money they spent at this clinic was wasted. Moreover, she felt as if they were like another number at this clinic instead of a client. 

What is Fake PR?

It refers to the deceptive or dishonest practices used to manipulate public perception, often involving false or misleading information about individuals, organizations, products, or events to enhance their reputation or hide negative aspects.

The Staff at Effortless IVF Doesn’t Know How to Talk to Clients

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This couple had gone to the Fort Worth location of Effortless IVF at first. Everything seemed nice but then the clinic convinced the husband to get seen as well. He said that he didn’t want to unless his insurance covered everything. But the clinic assured him that he was covered so he took an appointment. 

Later, he received a $400 bill but the clinic said it happened because of the insurance and he ended up paying it. Then, the couple transferred to the Bedford location. The wife had a procedure and she paid $2000 while the husband chose the self-pay option for his procedure and paid $1900 cash. 

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Later, they sent him a $60 bill. 

The couple wanted to start the IVF process in December and the clinic verified insurance and sent a pre-auth. Effortless IVF told the couple that the pre-auth was approved and the wife’s part would also get covered. 

So, the couple decided to pay for the husband’s portion of the expenses. They paid $200 to see the counselor and both of them underwent their respective procedures. Afterwards, the clinic told them that the insurance wouldn’t cover anything and they would have to pay the bill now which was nearly $13,000. 

The husband contacted the Bedford location of Effortless IVF to discuss this issue. He shares that the staff knew they had made a mistake and Amy, who picked up the phone, was quickly on defence. She didn’t apologize for not informing them about it before. Instead, she told him that IVF treatments are “expensive” and most insurance companies don’t cover these procedures. 

The clinic was never apologetic and it refused to send an appeal to the insurer. Instead, they hung up in the middle of the call as well. The reviewer shares that they wouldn’t want to start their family with such a negative medical group. 

Failed an IVF Cycle by “Losing” the Embryo, Expected the Client to Pay Twice

Effortless IVF Review: Conclusion

Effortless IVF is a careless establishment that doesn’t focus on the interests of its clients. They talk rudely with their clients and misbehave with them. Moreover, they don’t treat their work as seriously as they should. 

You will be better off with a clinic that has less pomp and show. This place isn’t suitable for intended parents. 

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  1. I will suggest everyone to chose another clinic that provides better services to their clients. Why waste their money on such greedy people? These people don’t deserve our time and money.

  2. These clinics are not at all worth your time or money. After reading all these reviews in this article. I just can say that it’s better to stay away from such clinics.

  3. How can these people be so insensitive? They are doctors, they should be helping their patients instead of abusing them. This is so horrifying. These people take advantage of people who need them the most. This is disturbing.

  4. What media is doing right now? why do they not cover such news? This is so important. Instead of showing us all the rubbish news. They should be showing us this so that no more people fall into this trap.

  5. If you don’t want to waste your time and money. Stay away from such scammers they are not overhere to provide you with any service. They are here just to earn money. They don’t care about their patient at all.

  6. I agree with this article. My sister has also gone through the same experience. She had to suffer from a lot of mental stress. Please I urge you all to stay away from such clinics. All your money will be wasted.

  7. Make sure that these clinics are trustworthy in their work and then only invest your money with them, most of the patients have got complaints, and none of them recommended this clinic for the services.

  8. In the name of the IVF centers, these clinics are scamming their patients, most of the reviews for the clinic are negative, and none of them got the promised services and proved to be scammers to their clients.

  9. My brother took an appointment at this clinic and regretted it afterward, their services are the poorest and none of their clients were satisfied by their services, make sure you are not added to the list.

  10. Last time some client was mistreated and the staff misbehaved with him, so how can someone take interest in taking any type of treatment from them?

  11. The name of the clinic reflects their reality, they rarely want to put some effort into their work and make their clients satisfied through their services.

  12. Their license should get withdrawn. Government should punish these criminals who are even ready to play with other people’s emotions for money. Such people should get punished. This is unbelievable that they can go to such levels for money.

  13. After taking so much money from their client all they can offer is abuse and no service is provided. What are they even thinking about? They are such greedy people. All they care about is money and no client satisfaction. They deserve to be in jail.

  14. 0.6
    Concern for Clients

    These people are extremely insensitive. The doctor talked to my wife so unprofessionally. I can’t believe such people can run a clinic.

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