Elite Financial Mortgage – A Scam by Anthony Denardis

Elite Financial Mortgage is a mortgage lender in New Mexico run by Anthony Denardis. The company is notorious for taking advantage of gullible borrowers by stealing from them and not responding to them. 

It has attracted a ton of negative reviews recently and I’ll share them in detail below: 

What Elite Financial Mortgage Claims To Be:

Elite Financial Mortgage is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their address is 5850 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111, US. and their contact number is 505-855-5626. 

The company offers loans for refinancing, new home purchases and home equity to credit challenged borrowers. Their NMLS ID is 1797084. 

Anthony Denardis is the executive officer at this firm while Matt Denardis is the senior loan officer. Other loan officers at this firm are Kim Wensley, Peter Clark, and Ryan Vance. 

Elite Financial Mortgage claims to make home ownership easy but its reviews say otherwise. 

According to their reviews, they scam people into paying more and have one of the worst services in the industry. 

It’s also possible that the leadership at this firm doesn’t treat its staff with respect. I found a complaint on this lender which says the company doesn’t offer basic benefits such as employer healthcare:

Elite Financial Mortgage review

Several reviews allege that it’s a scam. Below are some of those complaints to help you understand how this company handles its clients.

Elite Financial Mortgage Got Angry that the Client Was Getting Estimates from Others

Elite Financial Mortgage review

An unknown loan broker named “Sri” had referred this reviewer to Elite Financial Mortgage. The person from EFM gave the reviewer a very attractive offer, which seemed too good to be true. 

As a precaution, the reviewer contacted several other service providers such as Bank of America to get an estimate and discovered that only Elite Financial was offering such a lucrative offer. 

When the reviewer told the representative from EFM that she didn’t want their offer and had decided to go with Chase, the representative became extremely mad and sent a scathing email to her and Sri. 

They Take You to Court to Get their Extra Fees

Elite Financial Mortgage review

Steven shares that the people at this firm are liars and thieves. They don’t do anything about settling the accounts and you end up receiving a summon to court. Steven shares that’s how they get their extra fees. He also adds that if he knew this beforehand, he wouldn’t have signed any deal with them. 

Elite Financial Mortgage & Home Loans Stole from Client, Started Evading Calls and Emails

Elite Financial Mortgage review

Kristen shares that you shouldn’t trust most of the positive reviews on Elite Financial Mortgage because they are probably staged. This company blindly robbed her of thousands of dollars meant for one single pay off by not letting her know that the account was in jeopardy. 

They took the payment without telling her about the account’s condition and applied it to other accounts without asking for any permissions. Afterwards, the company started evading Kristen’s calls and emails. 

When they  answered, they usually transferred her to someone who only lied to her and belittled her. The person would make excuses and lie to you that if you contact one of your creditors, it would sabotage their negotiations when the Federal Trade Commission allows you to communicate with your creditor when working with a debt relief company. 

Kristen shares that their money went into an escrow account at Global Client Solutions. But when they transferred the funds only a portion of it actually reflected in the balance. 

When she asked about the rest of the payment, Elite Financial Mortgage told her that it was sent in the other accounts which was clearly a lie. 

2 payments going to 2 different creditors bounced because the escrow account didn’t have sufficient funds. When Kristen asked about it, Elite Financial told her that it was her fault. 

She adds that the people at EFM don’t let you talk to the upper management probably because there isn’t any. They block your questions and blame you if you have any doubts. If you call your agent, it goes to voicemail to which they rarely respond through email. 

Kristen also recounts her experience with someone named Donna at EFM who claimed to be a Senior Negotiator. Donna talked to her very rudely and avoided Kristen’s every call and email. 

Deceived the Client, Ruined Their Credit, and Now They Can’t See How Much Money There is in Their Trust Account

Elite Financial Mortgage review

Melissa shares that she had a significant credit card and they approached her with a loan, which she thought was a consolidation loan. She had been paying $535 every month since 2016 and now a credit has filed a case against her. 

The company told her that she shouldn’t talk to the creditors and whenever she asked for any update, they simply told her that they will let her know. Her credit is now much worse than before and there has been no solution. She also adds that she can no longer log in to look at the money available in her trust account. 

Took Money from the Client and Stopped Responding, Made Sure the Client Couldn’t Qualify for Anything Else

Elite Financial Mortgage review

Someone named Peter had contacted the reviewer from Elite Financial Mortgage with a plan to pay off their credit card debt. The reviewer agreed and paid Peter teh initial amount. However, the company didn’t send them the necessary documentation through mail or email and this confusion caused several of the reviewer’s credit card bills to go unpaid. 

When the reviewer said that they were going to stop paying and wanted their money back the company blocked their number. Elite Financial did nothing but ruin the reviewer’s credit. The company stopped responding to them as soon as they requested a refund. 

Elite Financial Mortgage Review: Conclusion

Elite Financial Mortgage & Home Loans is definitely a shady company. There are too many complaints saying it’s a scam and stops responding to its clients when an issue arises. 

Finding a good lender is challenging but when you know which companies to avoid, things can get much easier. For example, Universal Capital Mortgage Corp is a shady lender that uses fake reviews to manipulate consumers.

According to its various reviews, Elite Financial Mortgage is not a reliable firm. So, find a different mortgage lender in New Mexico. 

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Beware of this operation

According to its various reviews, Elite Financial Mortgage harasses its clients, and traps them in predatory contracts to extort money out of them. Once they get your money, they stop responding.

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  • They scam people who are already struggling with credit
  • They stop responding when get caught
  • They avoid responsibility
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