Emil Michael – Escort Services, Rape, and Uber

Emil Michael is the former Chief Business Officer of Uber who faced allegations of mishandling the medical records of a rape victim. 

He was a part of Uber’s management team until a former US attorney general launched a probe into the company’s workplace culture. 

When he was at Uber, Emil Michael was the cause of multiple controversies. 

Reports suggest the Trump administration had even considered him for the Secretary of Transportation position. However, it’s unclear if Emil was aware of this consideration. 

It’s worth noting that the Trump administration had its fair share of controversial appointments. For example, Dan DiMicco was a prominent figure in the Trump administration who received criticism for abusing his power to benefit his own company, Nucor. 

Axios had revealed a vetting document which contained Emil’s comments about a targeting campaign against journalists. The document also revealed a past dispute he had with his landlord and the political donations he has made. 

In 2014, he had suggested hiring a team of opposition researchers to find dirt on Uber’s critics. He made the suggestions during a dinner meeting. 

Also, he wanted to target a female journalist specifically and share details about her personal life as she had been quite vocal in her criticism of the firm. 

The fiasco happened when Uber was trying to improve its image in the media. 

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Over dinner, Emil Michael had suggested spending a million dollars to hire 4 opposition researchers and 4 journalists. Then, he said the team would help Uber fight back against the media. 

He was focused on Sarah Lacy, the editor of PandoDaily. Sarah had accused Uber of being sexist and misogynist. 

Moreover, she had written a column saying  she would uninstall Uber after learning how the company was working with a French escort service. 

Emil Michael said in the meeting that he wanted to prove a particular and quite specific claim about Sarah’s personal life through the team. 

Surely, when the news broke out, it attracted a lot of negative attention.

But it wasn’t the only time when Emil faced flak for his dubious activities. 

When Emil Michael Went to an Escort Bar in Seoul:

emil michael now

Gabi Holzwarth, an ex-girlfriend of Emil Michael revealed that in 2014, Emil and his team had visited an escort-karaoke bar in Seoul. 

There, women wore numbered tags for identification and were sitting in a circle. 4 members of the Uber team had picked women out of that selection. 

Around a year after the incident, a female marketing manager at Uber shared that the entire experience was very uncomfortable. 

Like the previous instances I have shared above, this one sparked a lot of controversy as well. 

Shortly after this story broke out, a former US attorney general announced that they would be launching a probe into the workplace culture of Uber. 

Reports reveal that after this announcement, board members urged Emil to leave the company. 

About Emil Michael: Net Worth, Wife, and More

Currently, Emil hasn’t shared any information on what venture he is running. Emil Michael net worth at the moment is estimated to be around $100 million. 

Furthermore, Emile Michael wife is Julie Herrin. 

Before joining Uber, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Klout, a tech firm. 

Also, he had served as an Advisory to the Bureau of Trade before which he was the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense. 

Emil has a BA in Government from Harvard University and JD in Law from Stanford Law School. 

At Uber, the “Emil Michael Travis Kalanick” duo was quite prominent as Kalanick was one of the most vocal supporters of the former.


Emil has a lot of experience in business.

However, after going through the above points, it’s clear that he is not as reliable as he claims to be. 

He isn’t the only top executive who has faced flak for being misogynistic.

Barry Lall, a hotelier, has received criticism after people found out that he used to molest his patients when he was a doctor. 

You should stay wary of such people. 

Hence, beware.

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