Malaysia has seen a lot of corruption cases over the last few years. Last year, we learned about a Government Cartel which involved 10 agencies but that’s in the past whose leader is Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi.

Now, we have a new Government Project Cartel which involves APMM (Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency). You can call this the Government Project Cartel Version 2.0. 

Many people have tried to highlight this issue but they have silenced. Suspiciously, their websites vanished from the internet or their posts have been deleted. 


People have highlighted how a few APMM members enjoyed luxurious lifestyles. Their lifestyle seems as if they are working in an MNC instead of a government agency. 

The APMM cartel operates just like a traditional cartel. They have different responsibilities and benefits for the people at different ranks of the cartel. The leaders make the most money. 

You would think they are the CEO of a giant company when you see their wealth. 

This APMM cartel has several people as its leaders. The first is the Deputy Director General of Logistics – Dato Abu Bakar Bin Idris:

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Then, you have Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi – Chief Assistant Director of Development Division:


Finally, you have Encik Hasnizan Bin Hassan – Chief Executive Officer of Glide Marine SDN BHD.

How does the APMM Cartel Operate? – Role of Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi

Enick Hasnizan Bin Hassan, the CEO of Glide Marine SDN BHD is the proxy who connects other companies with Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi and Rear Admiral Dato Abu Bakar.

Below are a few companies which have monopolized this market. They have obtained most of the contracts from MMEA either through direct awards or direct negotiations. 

It happened when Laksamana Bakar and Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi were at APMM. That’s because the director of logistics and his subordinate, Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi, the Deputy Director of Development had great power over who would get the contract. 

Hasnizan lobbied for these firms and paid bribes to Admiral Bakar and Captain Erwan along with the other members of the cartel. 

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In return for the bribes, the MMEA officials granted the multi-million contracts to the requested companies. 

Some of those companies are:

  • Glide Marine SDN BHD – 1300188-D
  • Triemach (M) SDN. BHD – 1311756-D
  • Glide Technology SDN BHD – 759475-T
  • Fulsail SDN BHD – 1116903-V
  • Nur Mutiara SDN BHD – 0815343-D
  • Matradis Venture SDN BHD – 1048067-V
  • DWR Services SDN BHD – 1147749-P
  • Ho Marine SDN BHD – 682983-K

MACC Needs to Investigation Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi:

It’s important that the MACC investigates these companies. If they do so, they can easily find a link between them and Laksamana Bakar or Captain Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi. 

They would either find their personal interest in the above companies (owning shares or through relatives or friends). Or, they might find the officials receiving financial compensation from the firms. 

Keep in mind that Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi and Laksamana Bakar live in extreme luxury. 

They might also find that some (if not all) of these companies were ineligible to receive those projects. 

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What’s worse is that neither Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi or anyone else related to the MMEA cartel has been arrested. 

It’s vital that the MACC starts investigating these companies, especially Glide Marin SDN BHD. The MACC should also investigate teh APMM and the contracts awarded in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. 

Furthermore, all of this information is already present on APMM. 

What MACC Said on Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi’s APMM Cartel:

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Datuk Seri Azam Baki, the Chief Commissioner of MACC said that the current government’s system is good enough but it has been damaged by an irresponsible group. 

He highlighted that some officials in the Evaluation Committee were assisting companies preparing tender documents. 

Moreover some of those people removed the documents of other companies. He said that there were some government officials who knew that the submitted documents were fake. However, they removed those documents from the database as soon as they approved the tender. 

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This way, they removed any paper trail and made sure that no one found those inconsistencies. 

Clearly, Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi’s APMM cartel has done a lot of damage to Malaysia. 

How the APMM Cartel has Damaged the Nation:

The MACC chief said that he doesn’t like certain groups in the government who only benefit certain parties. He said it’s clearly detrimental to the people of this country and the government. 

Monopolizing such projects causes the government to bear the additional costs of the materials. Furthermore, it forces the government to repair the damage as the selected companies fail to complete those projects. 

He added that the existence of Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi’s APMM cartel has also affected the opportunities for qualified contractors. 

The MACC chief pointed out that many qualified contractors who are willing to pay hundreds of thousands are not found eligible. 

Such a monopoly can cause severe losses to reputed contractors because they don’t get the projects they are eligible for. Earlier, the MACC had arrested 7 people related toa project cartel.

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It had monopolized 345 tenders from different ministries and government agencies involving project value of RM3.8 billion.


Erwan Shah Bin Soahdi and his subordinates have been running the APMM cartel for a long time. It’s vital that the MACC looks into his illegal activities and puts a stop once and for all. 

Hopefully, the MACC will take notice of this report. Please share this review with other people to raise awareness against this dangerous project cartel. 

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