Established Titles – Is It Legitimate? (2023)

Who Owns Established Titles?

Registrant: Galton Voysey
Unit C, 27th Floor
Grandion Plaza
932 Cheung Sha Wan Road
Lai Chi Kok
Hong Kong

Established Titles is a relatively new player in this space, and is, without doubt, the most cynical scam we have come across.  A slick website, managed by a team of Chinese entrepreneurs working at Galton Voysey. This product is as Scottish as Covid-19 and about as toxic too.  If you have purchased from them, then you should probably ask for your money back.

They also operate as,, and probably other names.

Established Titles Are Operating Illegaly

Their website does not state the company registration number, nor state where the company is incorporated. It only gives the company name Galton Voysey Limited. This is a legal requirement. Why would anyone omit this detail?

Established Titles – Spurious Claims

  1. The first spurious claim they make is “Purchase a personal Lordship or Ladyship Title Pack with dedicated land in Scotland.” If you are ever bored and want a laugh, I suggest you contact Established Titles and ask them what this means. It is NOT POSSIBLE to purchase a ‘personal Lordship’. A ‘personal Lordship’ doesn’t even exist! There is no such thing!
  2. Their second spurious claim is that this ‘personal Lordship’ is a custom associated with Scottish landownership……. only they don’t sell any land. They ‘dedicate’ it and don’t even bother to identify it. Their website states “This is a purchase for a personal dedication for a souvenir plot of land.” If you have been unfortunate enough to buy from their website, please ask them which particular plot of land is yours and then watch them squirm or avoid the question…..
  3. The third spurious claim is their ‘nature pledge’. They say ‘Established Titles are committed to planting a tree for every order. Where do they plant them? Hong Kong? You’d think they would share some photographs of their tree planting, wouldn’t you? Well, there aren’t any. This ‘nature pledge’ would appear to be a complete lie.
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About Established Titles and Katerina Yip


The ‘About Us’ page features on most websites. It is a chance for the website to establish trust with potential customers and let them know they are not dealing with a faceless organisation.

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The About Us page on Established Titles’ website is the worst About Us page you will find anywhere. Here’s the first paragraph:

“Ye Olde Established Titles wast setteth up to preserve woodland in Scotland while eke making a unique gift for those looking for something different. T’was started by Katerina Yip who had fallen in loveth with the breathtaking sights of the Scottish countryside on trips madeth during her timeth studying Law at the University of Durham, and subsequently living in the medieval city of York.”

What. A. Joke.

Katerina Yip appears to be involved in a major money laundering scam, purporting to sell small plots of land in Scotland to unidentified customers, mail order.  through web site  Trading Standards are planning to  investigate.

For the lairdly sum of $50 the careless customer can download an utterly meaningless graphic and print it at home on his printer. To save you $50, feel free to download my copy – just fill in the name of your “Lady” and watch her face fall when you try and impress her with it.

established titles lady certificate

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  1. On Tuesday established titles is going to price match our donation drive to trees dot org up to 50k, if they were a scam why would they give us money?

    • Only 50K? Do you know how much money they’ve purportedly brought in through this scam? They have little to no overhead and a “couple pack” costs $90!!! Let me just print off a certificate for you right now and mail it for less than $10.

  2. Interestingly funny ; now I’m not a BAR Lawyer yet as a Reverend somewhat familiar w some legal process One might want to know as to avoud and Civil or criminal charges as the potentional defrauded party of this .
    look up what an Oath in Purgatory is, Ie Proclaiming yourself innocent.

    yet the “Scammers” may not have this at their disposal as it is an intenional misrepresentation of material fact in my opine .
    Under Common Law It is unlawful to attempt to indemnify from harm for a knowingly
    wrongful act .
    it also appears in this case upon its face that Rules of Equities may have been broken
    nevermind UCC-1 potential culpability.

    the above is meager Opine & thoughts put to paper in digital form fully protected Per Maxim of Law found by that title in the library of congress ; futhermore
    the above statements are made in law protected as Without Prejudice Status
    not admissmissable in Any Courtroom without my Full and expressed Consent ,
    it is My Wish to Remain a Protected Individual
    I’m performing my Duty to bring Potential frauds to light per Oath .

  3. they are also advertising on YouTube, I’ve seen many youtubers promoting this as there sponsor, maybe someone should tell YouTube this is a scam.

  4. i’m one of those idiots to fall for that…. looks like 2 years after the post ”establised titles” are still up and runimg….

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