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eTrueNorth: Poor Support, Trashy Tests, Horrible Reviews (2023)

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eTruNorth has received numerous complaints for its predatory business practices and poor customer support.
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eTrueNorth is a scam. It has been exposed in various client reviews.

Before you consider doing business with them, go through the following review. It will help you make a well-informed decision regarding this enterprise:

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About eTrueNorth: Let’s know actually what they claim to be.

A turnkey COVID-19 specimen collecting and testing service is being offered to pharmacies of all sizes by eTrueNorth and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Improving Community Access to Testing (ICATT) initiative. In exchange for payment, participating pharmacies will be able to provide free COVID-19 testing in their neighbourhood.

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What eTrueNorth reviews say about it?

What does it signify when a customer is not satisfied?

Customer unhappiness is the polar opposite of customer satisfaction. It occurs when a corporation fails to address a complaint from a client and when the expectations of the customer are not met. For instance, 74% of customers say they will overlook a company’s error after delivering exceptional service.

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Let’s discuss some of the reviews about eTrueNorth:

#1. Disappointing Corona test result reports

image 86

In the aforementioned instance, the patient is blaming eTrueNorth for the inaccurate and tardy report. Despite not stating anything, they advertise a 72-hour turnaround. The collection date is excluded from this calculation and only includes business days. Therefore, the patient received her report but it was inaccurate after making numerous calls.

#2. Incomplete Report

image 87

According to the above complaint against eTrueNorth, the provided report of the patient for Covid-19 was incomplete. The patient has taken 2 Covid tests through eTrueNorth Company. Both test reports were incomplete.

#3. Unfaithful & incomplete reports

image 88

A huge number of eTrueNorth’s Covid test results were not complete. One patient who had this unpleasant experience with eTrueNorth recounted her story about how her son was exposed to covid by his girlfriend. She tested positive, but his son’s position demands that he had a positive COVID test. He manifested every sign, symptom, etc. He had a Covid test performed, but it was incomplete and returned after more than a week.

The patient’s husband and other family members also had covid tests performed, but all three locations made use of the eTrueNorth. All of the reports contained misleading findings. Despite the fact that they choose various times and locations for the tests. Due to insufficient reports, his son has since lost his job.

#4. Results came back

image 89

It took 6 days to receive findings, according to the aforementioned assessment. According to the patient, the Covid test had no purpose. By the time his test results were ready, the patient had already returned to work.

#5. eTrueNorth is a “Super spreader Covid Testing Site”

image 90

One eTrueNorth user claims that they are mostly to blame for the high Omicron transmission rates. They equipped Thedacare with a super spreader covid testing facility in Wautoma. According to McKenzie, they are not driven through because of the weather; he was exposed to contagious people for more than a week. Ultimately, he started to make an effort to reduce the distance between everyone, forcing some of them to wait outside in the subfreezing weather.

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For almost an hour, he waited. The arrogant manager Sharon at the eTrueNorth contact center has now rejected the request for a covid test, claiming that “these are quick tests and cannot be done in cold.” Actually, this company doesn’t carry out the patient test schedule, which needs to be made known.

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#6. Provides failed testing reports

etruenorth reviews

The patient is bringing up the improper handling of the samples and their outcomes in this instance. Indeed, in order to return to Canada, they had to pass a PCR test in Vermont. The patient did not receive his report back until Tuesday, even though they finished it on Friday morning. He, therefore, advises against taking any tests at eTrueNorth based on his experience.

#7. Loss of Reports

etruenorth reviews

The patient reportedly made a comment on the website’s performance in the review up top. It is displaying or presents lost report information regarding the Covid samples that have been submitted or evaluated. Also, the patient wonders why individuals are still using eTrueNorth if it produces inaccurate findings.

#8. Lack of test kits

etruenorth reviews

This feedback indicates that the patient used eTrueNorth to arrange for the pickup of his test at a pharmacy that didn’t even have test kits.

#9. eTrueNorth is unfair to their Employees

etruenorth reviews

Review that is quite significant and concentrates on eTrueNorth’s actions. That indicates that this business routinely produces poor-quality work, reprimands and threatens workers, and blatantly disregards the terms of their contracts. They’re the worst federal government contractor ever, the source says, so stay away from them.

#10. Rude staff behaviour

etruenorth reviews

Another review of this company claims that they are unable to supply the necessary documentation outlining the kind of test or the results. These things have no value at all. Additionally, he brought up the fact that the workers there are utterly uncourteous to his clients.


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By examining the reviews mentioned above, we can evaluate how well eTrueNorth is operating. So, we can conclude that this corporation continues to project a deceptive image through its ads. Finally, because it is a matter of people’s lives, this organization needs to strengthen its working procedures and management using the sample.

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eTrueNorth: Poor Support, Trashy Tests, Horrible Reviews (2023)
eTrueNorth: Poor Support, Trashy Tests, Horrible Reviews (2023)

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