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EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa – Nightmare for Consumers

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa is a medspa located in Bakersfield, CA. They claim to be the perfect medspa but their clients seem to disagree. 

According to its reviews, EuroPhoria cancels appointments on a whim, changes the pricing of procedures abruptly and has predatory terms and conditions which only benefit the company. 

Many women have complained about how this medspa wasted their time and money. Not only that but they have also received complaints for botching procedures.

Hence, before you trust them with your beautiful face or body, it would be best to go through some of the following reviews and hear the other side of the story:  

About EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa is a medspa in Bakersfield, California. Their address is 9500 Brimhall Rd # 707, Bakersfield, CA 93312, US and their contact number is 661-847-4772. 

The medspa opens from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. They offer various services including Ombre powder brows, waxing, nail treatments, brow treatments,  body treatments and body wraps. Apart from these services, they also offer injectables, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and other cosmetic services. 

Their instagram handle is @europhoria_medspa.

The website of EuroPhoria Medical and Personal Spa doesn’t share much information about the people running this place. 

They claim to offer a personal paradise to their clients. However, the various reviews of Europhoria Medical & Personal Spa tell a different story. 

According to its reviews, the medspa doesn’t care about its clients and as a result, offers terrible customer service. There are ton of additional issues present in the skills of their providers as well. 

Below are some of the many complaints this medspa has received:

Client Couldn’t Get Her Treatment Because of Poor Communication Between Staff and Management

Joy shares that she was excited to use her Mother’s Day certificate package she had bought from Europhoria Medical & Personal Spa. She had received confirmation texts for all of her appointments and she confirmed them. 

Moreover, she had booked her appointment a month in advance to ensure that she could have all of her treatments completed in a single day. Her husband took a day off work to watch their son since she would have spent all day at the spa. 

At 9:36 am on the day of the appointment, the spa called her to inform her that one of her treatments was ‘double booked’ so she wouldn’t receive that treatment the same day. 

Joy shares that she was disappointed and told the staff member that she would call them back to let them know what she decides. Her husband overheard the conversation and said that he will talk to a manager. 

He called them back and the spa put him on hold for around 8 minutes before they realized that the manager was on lunch. 5 minutes later, the receptionist called Joy’s husband back. She told him that they have shuffled things around so Joy can now get all her treatments the same day. 

Joy shares that she didn’t like this response. She wondered that if it was possible for them to shuffle things around, why didn’t they look into this possibility before telling her that her treatment was canceled. 

Joy pointed out that the entire experience felt disorganized and rushed. Her interaction was nowhere near what they claim to offer. After seeing their terrible behavior, Joy shares that she burst into tears and asked her husband to cancel all the appointments. 

He called them back again to talk to a manager but the staff told him that the manager was still ‘busy’. 


Later, the management of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa reached out to Joy. They told her that they had contacted her because the corporate told them to, not because of the two messages she had left with the reception staff. 

Then, they had a conversation with another manager which seemed somewhat fruitful. 

However, in her final update, Joy highlights that she will never be a “Euro Babe”. When her husband talked with a manager she told him that Joy’s refund would be at the reception area of EuroPhoria, inside the envelope would be a hand-written letter and multiple gift cards. 

However, when her husband got there, the front desk staff wasn’t prepared. All of a sudden the girls started running around trying to locate a manager with an ‘envelope’. Finally, they grabbed an envelope, shoved money into it and handed it to Joy’s husband. 

Joy highlights that they didn’t even apologize. 

When Joy’s husband got home, he called the management and they took full responsibility. Joy points out that the communication at this medspa is horrible. She felt as if she was an inconvenience for the medspa instead of a client. 

Joy thinks it would be better for the owners to train their staff instead of live streaming treatments. She ends her review by sharing that she will never come back to Europhoria. 

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa is Overpriced and Uses Shady Business Tactics

Steph had heard of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa through a few instagram influencers. She had won a days of Christmas prize which included 12 derma sweeps. However, she pointed out that she didn’t see much value out of them and wouldn’t pay $150 each for them. 

She shares that she posted her review to point out the shady pricing practices of this medspa. 

Steph got a miradry treatment in December 2020 for $1500. The staff told her that a second treatment would cost $1000 if she needed it and came back between 6 months to a year. 

She shares that she saw a decrease in sweat production and realized that she needed a second procedure. However, she got pregnant in April 2021 and had to wait until she was done breastfeeding. 

Now, she tried to schedule her second appointment and they told her that it would cost $1500. That’s because they were giving her a $500 discount making the procedure’s cost $1500. 

She shares another instance where she noticed something unusual with one of their spa package offers. Steph had bought one of these for her mother on Mother’s Day 2020. However, the pandemic had started and the medspa had to close its doors for a few months. 

Steph’s mother moved out of town and was returning soon so Steph tried setting up an appointment with the medspa. However, because she had bought the packages over a year ago, they are only worth half the cost of each service, which are in the $150 price range. 

Steph had spent $189 on the package and now her mom would have to pay hundreds of dollars more to use this gift. She highlights that although they have mentioned this condition in fine print, there was no way to read it because the package was wrapped in an envelope with a bow tied on it. 

She shares that EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa has lost her business and she won’t be coming back here. Below is the picture of the package she had bought for her mother:

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa Cancels Your Appointments At the Last Minute

Here, Susan shares that the customer service here is terrible. She points out that appointments are never available here unless you are free in the middle of the day. If you want to make an appointment here, you’ll have to make it a month in advance. 

Moreover, Europhoria had been canceling Susan’s appointments routinely. 

On the day of her appointment, she was on the way to the medspa but was stuck in traffic. Susan called the medspa 3 times before reaching someone and the first time was over an hour before her appointment. 

There had been shooting on the highway so the alternatives were extremely backed up. Susan was trying to be courteous and let them know she would be late because of the shut down of HWY 99. Also, she wanted to ask if they could still accommodate her. 

After calling them for around an hour, she finally reached someone. Susan points out that at 5:52, she had told them that she was 20 minutes away. They told her that they could wait 10 minutes after her appointment which meant they could wait until 6:10 but not until 6:12.

Susan explained to them that she doesn’t live in Bakersfield and this was the only reason why she had come into town. Additionally, she told them that she didn’t want to drive all this way just for them to turn her away. 

Again, they told her that they would wait until 6:10. Moreover, they couldn’t accommodate her even if she waited until after the other people had received their services. 

Susan had no option but to turn around and go back. She shares that EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa would cancel your appointments at the last minute then refuse to see you because you are late. 

Also, Susan shares that if they had picked up her calls the first 2 times, she wouldn’t have wasted an hour stuck in the traffic.  

“Horrible Customer Service, Staff Only Cares About Taking Your Money”

Selina doesn’t recommend this medspa. She says that Europhoria personified cold hard capitalism and lacks the relaxing feel of a spa. 

Selina noticed that they give excellent service to the regular customers but completely disregard others. She says that it’s crazy that she had to show up to her appointments and be assertive just so she could get her scheduled treatments on time. 

What made her infuriated was how the medspa could blatantly disregard its customers’ time. However, when her car broke down on her way to her next appointment, they had charged her $100 and took another procedure from her because she was later than their 15-minute policy. 

On the other hand, she showed up on time for her appointment and it was delayed for 20 minutes because the staff was ignoring her. Selina shares that the staff here only cares about taking your money. 

Also, the owner and the management don’t care about the clients at all. Her biggest gripe is that she has had a membership of this place for a while now. However, their new policy which has nothing to do with the membership use has led them to hold her money hostage. 

They have kept all of her Euros hostage under the guise of some new policy. Because of such a terrible experience, Selina doesn’t recommend going to EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa. 

$1500 “Flawless” Procedure Left Lumps in Face and a Deformed Dimple

Susan has posted multiple updates on her review. In her original review, she said that the staff here is nice but the treatments are exaggerated. She had the Flawless Threat Lifts. They were quite painful and the procedure didn’t work. 

Susan shares that she paid $1500 for flawless jawline and that procedure didn’t work either. Moreover, she now has lumps on her face and a dimple in her cheek from the procedure. She says that her $1500 is now gone and she didn’t receive any positive results. 

Later, she posted an update after speaking to the office manager. The only thing the medspa could offer her was for her to come in and pay $1350 more for another thread lift. She says that the procedure is so painful that their offer is not even funny. 

Susan highlights that their “Flawless” procedures don’t give flawless results. 

In her latest update, Susan shares that she went in to have the thread lifts. At first, she was going to back out of it but went ahead with it anyway. She points out that the procedure was 

extremely painful just like she had said before. 

Susan has also shared pictures of her results to show how terrible the results of her procedure are:

Lost a Long-Time Customer Because of Shady Terms and Conditions

Le shares that she had a membership of EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa since December 2019 and now (February 2022) she hates the place. There was a time when she would have sold her car to maintain her membership of this medspa but not anymore. 

Le shares that the place offers many services so there’s something for everyone. However, the place has too many flaws. 

Her first issue with this place is that she couldn’t have fun with her membership. She wanted to schedule a spa date with her girlfriends and put it on her tab. However, they told her that she couldn’t pay for her friend’s services with her own Euros. Also, they told her that if she wants to treat them, she would have to buy a gift card. 

Le says that she can’t pay through her membership but will need to drive to the place just so her friend can pay a higher price for the service in the form of the gift card. 

She wonders why can’t the business make it easier for customers to buy services from them when they are willing. Another Le had with this medspa is the conversations she had with the staff. 

She says that you never know what kind of attitude you’ll get from their staff. It’s extremely frustrating when you face so many conflicts in scheduling services. Furthermore, you should expect to get ridiculous remarks as responses to your questions. 

Finally, her biggest gripe with EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa is that their rules and contracts are extremely rigid and are biased. She had scheduled a multiple service spa date for her daughter. The medspa says that you will get champagne if you show up early to your spa appointment. But none of that happened. 

Moreover, her daughter had to get in and out of her clothes for every service. 

Le shares another instance where she scheduled a 60-minute facial and a 30-min head, neck and shoulders. However, the technician crammed both of these services into a 60-minute slot. 

Le shares that she has over $4,000 Euros (points) with this place but has become so distraught that she wouldn’t come back here. 

They Charge if You Reschedule An Appointment and Lack Sympathy

Veronika woke up feeling congested with watery eyes and a runny nose. She called hte medspa to reschedule her appointment fearing that she might have covid. However, the medspa told her that they will charge her 100% of her service (which cost $200+) and she would need to pay out of her pocket if she didn’t have any Euros (points) left. 

Veronika says that she did the right thing by calling in to reschedule and highlights that she wasn’t canceling her appointment. Moreover, she pays a $150 membership. However, she can’t receive any of the services available to the membership (scuba, steam room, body wraps, and sauna) because of covid. 

However, the medspa didn’t offer any substitutions in exchange for these services. Veronika says that people shouldn’t buy the membership of this medspa at all. 

They gave her 48 hours to avoid the charges if she rescheduled the appointment. Veronika highlights that it’s too little time for a sick person. 

She has shared the screenshot of the text she sent to EuroPhoria as proof of her interaction with this place:

Injector Didn’t Provide the Client with Aftercare Instructions, Didn’t Ask How Many Units are Needed, Did Not Care

Natalie had visited EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa to get Xeomin. She wanted to do something about her face wrinkles and chose this place. 

The front desk staff was quite kind and attentive in Natalie’s experience. Then, she entered the treatment room where the provider asked where her target areas were. Natalie told her and she marked them with a pen and started injecting them right away. 

What surprised Natalie was that the provider didn’t ask her about the units and whether it hurt or not. When the provider was finished, she didn’t give Natalie any aftercare instructions. Instead, she gave her a slip to take to the front desk to pay. 

Natalie was shocked. She had to ask the front desk staff about the aftercare instructions. Although they answered her questions it was the injector’s job. Furthermore, Natalie had to get home and google the stuff she must do next because her provider failed to provide her with any instructions whatsoever. 

Natalie highlights that it has been 5 days since she got the procedure. Now, she is experiencing symptoms she didn’t know she could because no one told her. She is extremely upset with her experience and doesn’t recommend this medspa. 

Forgot to Deduct The Deposit Off the Total, Botched the Injections

Sarah had a pretty terrible experience with this medspa. She got xeomin and botox here and had no problem with the front desk. 

However, they messed up the injection, which was the most important part of her visit. Sarah shares that she has worked with neurotoxins many times but she had never experienced such pain before. 

The provider didn’t offer ice to her and did a few hard pokes. Moreover, no other injector had the technique she had. Sarah says that she has had this procedure multiple times before and they always do a lot of smaller pokes. 

She can’t imagine that the provider was a nurse because it didn’t seem like she had the training for it. Moreover, they forgot to deduct her deposit off of the total. Obviously, Sarah noticed it and pointed it out. 

They told her that she would get the deposit back in three days when she left. However, she never got it back. Sarah had to call them and remind them to send it back to her. She doesn’t recommend EuroPhoria for neurotoxins as it was the worst experience she has ever had. 

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EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa is a nightmare for consumers. The place has hundreds of complaints for its cold customer service and predatory terms and conditions. It is leeching off of its clients, which is not a good sign. 

Would you trust a medspa that has received hundreds of complaints? I wouldn’t. 

Due to these reasons, it would be best for you to find a different service provider in Bakersfield and avoid this place. 

2.1 Total Score
Avoid at all costs

EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa has received 100+ complaints from its clients within the last couple of years for botching procedures and providing the worst customer service in Bakersfield. Avoid this medspa.

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  • Exorbitant pricing
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    Europhoria medical & personal spa is not that great. They run some good promotions but their customer service is horrible, just horrible. I have waited for days to get a call back. They never gave one. After a few days, I had no option but to give up.

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