Everwise Home Loans & Realty – An Unethical Business Practice

Everview Home Loans & Realty is a mortgage lender and realtor located in Irvine. They have been operating since 2018. 

According to Everwise Home Loans reviews, this company changes the rates it promises as the deal goes further. Moreover, the company indulges in multiple unethical business practices which suggests they might not be trustworthy either. 

What Everwise Home Loans & Realty Is All About (Claims)

Everwise Home Loans & Realty is a mortgage lender in Irvine, California and its contact number is 949-689-4674. Their address is 15615 Alton Pkwy #450, Irvine, CA 92618, US. 

The company’s office opens from 8 AM to 8 PM everyday including weekends. They claim to offer many real estate and mortgage services including sale or purchase of a home, short sales, FHA, USDA, VA, bank statement loans, private money loans, and reverse mortgages among others.

The president of this lender is Brian Chaplin. However, what’s surprising is that his profile shares a message from the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending stating that consumers should file a complaint against the company with the department. 

Brian has been the president of Everwise Home Loans for three years and prior to that he was a vice president at Activus Home Loans, a lender notorious for its scummy marketing. 

Other employees at this firm include Izu Onyia and Nicholas Valenzuela. 

Shady Disclaimer To Swindle Innocents Online

Everwise Home Loans have multiple red flags on their website. One of them is the legal disclaimer they have put in fine print. 

Everwise Home Loans & Realty review

The disclaimer says that they don’t warrant the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the information present on their website. In other words, they are saying that you shouldn’t believe any of their claims and you shouldn’t make any decisions based on the content present on their site. 

The disclaimer might not seem like a big thing. But it allows the lender to get away with saying misleading things and making false promises with its clients. You can’t hold them liable for what they say to you because of this small legal disclaimer.

It’s a pretty common tactic among shady service providers to use disclaimers so their victims can’t sue them. DAVinci Plastic Surgery is a clinic that has botched numerous surgical procedures but it doesn’t face any legal repercussions because of a small disclaimer present in its terms and conditions. 

Another huge red flag is the absence of any “About Us” page on this company’s website. Everwise Home Loans & Realty doesn’t share any information about its leadership or the loan officers present here. 

This means, you can’t know how experienced their professionals are or how much knowledge they have. You have to call them blindly and hope for the best. 

In today’s age of internet and social media, companies rely on transparency to instill trust in their clients. However, Everwise Home Loans & Realty doesn’t seem to believe in that notion. 

Everwise Home Loans & Realty Exposed By Ex-Client: “Disappointing, Unimpressive and Horrible Follow Up”

Everwise Home Loans & Realty review

Mark shares that this company is terrible at follow up. His initial interaction was a phone call with Brandi in January. He shares that Brandi had a positive attitude and told him the documents she needed to start the refi process.

Mark adds that he was motivated because the interest rate was historically low. He emailed her the requested documents the day after his conversation with her. However, after he sent the documents he didn’t hear anything from her for weeks. 

He believed that she was working on his loan. Then, he called her a few days later and left a message on her voicemail but didn’t receive a call back. 

Afterwards, he called her again at her office where she picked up the call and said that she’s working on the loan and asked for his 2020 W2. He sent her the required document and didn’t hear from her for several weeks. 

Mark then called her in late February and she responded by saying that she was having a hard time because of COVID-19. She had told him that she uses 90 different lenders and when he asked her how many she had his loan to, she answered 3. 

That’s not all. They increased the rates from what was promised. He says that it was very disappointing because the low rates was the reason he had accepted the offer in the first place. 

Why Their BBB Accreditation Means Nothing

Everwise Home Loans might not have a strong online presence but they surely know how to manipulate people. To make people think they run an ethical and customer-focused operation, they have a BBB accreditation.

BBB is a review platform which gives ratings to businesses according to their business practices and operations. On BBB, the rating of this lender is A+.

Note that BBB accreditation is a paid membership of the review platform. An investigation by CNN Money revealed that businesses that have an accreditation tend to have A or A+ ratings 

Moreover, the investigation found that businesses facing federal charges of defrauding customers and discrimination also had A+ ratings. A BBB accreditation costs upwards of $10,000 per year and gives businesses a lot of control over their BBB page. 

When a company is paying BBB $10,000, would they give it a bad rating? Certainly not. Many shady organizations get BBB accreditation to seem legitimate. CalUnion Funding Inc is a mortgage broker with terrible reviews but it has an A+ rating on BBB because of its accreditation. 

That’s why you can’t trust the BBB rating of Everwise Home Loans & Realty. 


Whether you get a call or a pamphlet from Everwise Home Loans & Realty, choose to ignore them. There are too many red flags to count and it doesn’t help that the company resorts to unethical marketing tactics to promote itself. 

It would be best to find a different mortgage lender in California. 

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    I swear some of the mortgage lenders out there only want to ruin you. They don’t care about their customers. Everwise seems like one of them.

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