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Many people have a dream of being a star or just being an extra in a movie.  They want to be the next Brad Pitt or just on the same set with him. If you have a dream, there is a con artist out there that is going to try and take advantage of that dream.  Let’s take a look at Explore Talent and see what we find.

Bizzare Claims by Explore Talent

Explore Talent official Logo
Explore Talent official Logo

Get in front of the decision makers, Agents & Directors!

At Explore Talent we make every effort to assist actors, models and musicians in getting work and improving their skill. We offer several packages designed to meet most budgets. – Director of Consumer Affairs Explore Talent

Explore Talent is the premiere talent resource site, who’s sole resolution is to get young talent through the door of the entertainment business in the highest direct and honest way, helping fresh faces new to Hollywood navigate the shark-invested waters of the industry. And nobody comes close to the worth that Explore Talent provides its over 9.6 million members by listing over 20,000 auditions and job openings daily, which is twenty times the amount of any other site on the net, providing all our members with the best opportunity to explore the entertainment business.

The Reality of Explore Talent

Explore Talent’s owner is Ami Shafrir.  It was launched in 2003.

Before Explore Talent, Ami Shafrir built a large amount of wealth by running Amtec Audiotext a sex-calls operation with an annual turnover of tens of millions a year. – Source haaretz.com

Explore Talent
3395 S. Jones Blvd #15
Las Vegas, NV 89146

ExploreTalent (“ET”) is an online talent database. ET is not an employment agency, casting agent, agency, manager, producer, or production company. ET does not procure, get, gain or retain employment, jobs, bookings or castings for our clients. ET does not represent the clients or guarantee any amount of income, jobs or employment from the use of this site.

Here is a common recommendation from people that are in the acting industry about getting into the industry:

All you need to do if you are serious about acting, is send your headshots to an agency. They will represent you for free and get you work. Only after you get paid does the agency get paid 10%. Never pay. Any site wanting upfront payment is a scam. Your never guaranteed work. As a long time actor, trust me. Find an agency and go from there.

Here is one of the common complaints made about Explore Talent:

Explore Talent is a scam! I was pressured into giving these scammers almost 200 dollars for a year because the “casting director” that called me guaranteed me a role as a movie extra. When I said I would have to think about it he told me that with that attitude I will never work in Hollywood! I can not believe I fell for it, Explore Talent is probably just a boiler room with a bunch of telemarketers claiming to be “casting directors”.

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The above complaint was made back in 2010.  It looks like they are still up to the same tricks today.

They call you up and tell you that a casting director is looking at you. Then you need to upgrade to a paid account with Explore Talent and the director will be able to see your contact information and contact you.

Back in 2010, before Explore Talent changed their address from West Hollywood, CA to Las Vegas, NV they had an F rating with the BBB. Here is an overview of the complaints people were making:

 Most complainants allege unauthorized credit or debit card charges. Some customers complain that after they cancelled the service that they were still charged. Some complain that they signed up for a free membership but were later telephonically solicited and offered jobs, audition assistance, or that casting directors were interested in interviewing them but they had to sign up for a pro membership to receive more information.

– Source BBB

Since people are reporting them as a scam, they have created a page on their website that explains why they are not a scam. They make the following claim there:

“Is Exploretalent.com really a scam? Every serious player in the entertainment business knows Explore Talent is not a scam.” – Source exploretalent.com

It would seem a few serious players do not feel this way.

I spoke with a Tyler Perry agent about a posted casting call that was on their website only to find that ***** ***** Studios is not associated with them in no form of fashion and the lady told me that they never work with explore talent because it is not legit.

– Source BBB

Listing services provide databases of audition and employment opportunities. They also offer to promote their clients on a Web page with a photograph, resume, reel and portfolio.

There’s one problem: Hardly anyone who is anyone in Hollywood takes these services seriously.

Not one reputable casting director I know uses those places (Explore Talent) to find talent. Billy DaMota Casting Director

Most working actors and their agents find out about auditions and casting calls through their own contacts or long-established casting services. – Source latimes.com

If you would like, you can call any of the licensed talent agencies in Hollywood to discuss how they feel about Explore Talent.

If you want to be an extra, you can register with Central Casting in LA or NY. It is free to do so.


Choose your package after your 7 days trial – Regular Price $49.95 a month
12 month Pro $24.05 /month — Save $311 (40% off) After 7 days (Billed in 1 prepayment of $288.73)
6 month Pro $31.45 /month — Save $111 (30% off)
3 month Pro $33.23 /month — Save $50 (20% off) After 7 days (Billed in 1 prepayment of $99.73)
1 month Pro $39.73 /month

Refund Policy

In order to avoid any payments to ExploreTalent.com you must cancel your Trial prior to the end of your Trial (this is, before the end of the seventh day).

You may cancel your account, and if you paid, get a full refund without any penalty or obligation, if notice of cancellation is given, within 10 business days from the date you commence utilizing their service. – Source exploretalent.com

Explore Talent uses many different websites to feed people into this scam.  Here are some examples:


Explore Talent Review: Final Verdict

In my opinion, Explore Talent is a scam. They call you up and tell you that a casting director is looking at you. Then you need to upgrade to a paid account with Explore Talent and the director will be able to see your contact information and contact you. Few reputable casting directors use listing services like Explore Talent.  It is free to register with agencies that can actually get you work.  Why would you pay a company that does not procure, get, gain or retain employment, jobs, bookings or castings for you?  I would avoid the Explore Talent scam.

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Explore Talent scams new actors by showing fake opportunities!

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