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Extraordinary Conceptions is a California-based egg donor agency that hides information from its clients to manipulate them. I’m not the one saying this, their customers are. 

This agency has a ton of complaints against its brand for trying to scam its clients. Even their employees are complaining about their lack of business ethics and morals. 

The following review will give you a better idea of what it’s like to work with this egg donor agency: 

About Extraordinary Conceptions: 

Extraordinary Conceptions is an international egg donor and surrogacy agency located in San Marcos, California. Opening hours of this clinic are from 8 AM to 4 PM and the contact number is 760-438-2265. 

Apart from a contact number, this clinic has an email as well. Their email is [email protected] Mario Caballero and his wife Stephanie run this agency. 

This agency claims to help “build and grow families”. They have been operating since 2005 and boast of being one of the largest egg donation and surrogacy agencies in California. 

However, they don’t take any responsibility for their work. Their website has a “Disclaimer of Warranties” which frees them of any responsibility for connecting donors with intended parents. 

The disclaimer clearly states that they aren’t responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the services or items you obtain through them. Would you trust an egg donor agency if it doesn’t take any responsibility for the quality of donors it provides you with? 

Certainly not.

Be wary of service providers that try to escape their responsibilities by adding small disclaimers on their website. A prominent example is Petrungaro Plastic Surgery. They have botched numerous procedures but don’t face legal action because of a disclaimer similar to this one. 

Extraordinary Conceptions review


The Lawsuit Against Extraordinary Conceptions

This review would be incomplete without mentioning the Extraordinary Conceptions lawsuit. While it’s difficult to say how many lawsuits this agency has faced because of the numerous complaints available on them, I was able to find details on one case.

Someone named Lisa Aybike had filed a small claim lawsuit against Extraordinary Conceptions in Los Angeles County Superior Courts. 

Extraordinary Conceptions review

This lawsuit shows the reality behind the various claims this agency makes about its services. The agency claims that any negative review against its operations is fake and slanderous. 

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They try to mislead couples seeking to become parents by creating an illusion of being the “perfect” egg donation and surrogacy agency. 

As you’ll read the following reviews of Extraordinary Conceptions, you’ll realize the truth behind this agency: 

Hiding Information about the Egg Donor to Scam a Couple

This reviewer went through a nightmare with this agency. They chose a premium donor from the Extraordinary Conceptions database in August 2016. The reviewer had picked the donor despite her being 33 years old because she had donated before and was very tall, athletic, intelligent and had a very high egg count. 

Initially, the donor’s fee was $20,000, then it went up to $25,000 and after the reviewer’s fourth conversation with the agency, the donor’s fee went up to $31,500. Clearly, the agency was increasing the prices when they realized that the reviewer was interested as a client. 

The reviewer shared with the agency that they have a fertility doctor. However, the clinic said that the donor would only work with an IVF clinic in california. 

When the reviewer asked about the screening processes the donor would go through, the clinic started making excuses and said that they weren’t needed. No parent would want to take such a risk hence the reviewer urged the donor to take the Counsyl genetic screening test. 

Initially, the doctor at Extraordinary Conceptions lied that no such tests exist. However, when the reviewer told the clinic specifically that they wanted this test, they didn’t have anything to say. 

When the donor took the Counsyl genetic screening test, they found that the donor had the genetic disorder called PKU. It would have exposed the kid to numerous risks. 

Moreover, the reviewer checked the donation history of this “premium” donor. They found that the donor had donated 7 times before them. Note that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine says that donors should only donate 6 times in a lifetime. The reviewer would have been her 8th donation. 

Extraordinary Conceptions is a Dishonest and Greedy Agency

“Stay Away from This Agency”

Extraordinary Conceptions review

Rampant Favoritism and Lack of Morals in the Agency

Extraordinary Conceptions review

They Threaten to Fire You if You Call in Sick 

Extraordinary Conceptions review

Give No Performance Reviews for Raise

Make Unauthorized Charges and Overcharge You

Extraordinary Conceptions review

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Extraordinary Conceptions review
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Extraordinary Conceptions review

Extraordinary Conceptions: Conclusion

This agency puts the future of its clients at risk by hiding information and misleading them. They care less about the results they deliver and more about the money they can charge. Mario Caballero puts his interests above his clients’, which is evident from the numerous complaints against this place

It would be better to look for a caring and trustworthy clinic instead of Extraordinary Conceptions.  

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Extraordinary Conceptions is a clinic that’s run by liars and cheats. Beware of this terrible place!

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