F1 Solutions Australia – Fake Reviews and Worker Abuse

F1 Solutions Australia is a software company operating in the industry for over 2 decades. Although they seem quite credible at first, thanks to the popularity of their flagship product Omnistar, the reality is the opposite. 

According to multiple employee reviews, F1 Solutions Australia has terrible management which abuses and harasses its employees. Furthermore, reports suggest they use fake positive reviews to boost the credibility of the firm. 

Hence, before you apply to any F1 Solutions LinkedIn ads, it would be best for you to go through the following points:

About F1 Solutions:

F1 Solutions is a software company based in Turner, Australia. Their address is 1/103 Northbourne Ave, Canberra ACT 2612, Australia and their contact number is 1300 314 357. 

They offer multiple products including OmniStar Grants, Ethics and Research as well as F1 Solutions’ Accelerate and F1 Solutions Advantage. 

Apart from products, the company offers several IT services including:

  • Helpdesk
  • AWS
  • IT support
  • Cloud backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Azure
  • Consultancy
  • Servers and networking
  • Bespoke software
  • Security

Did You Know?

AWS is the Amazon Web Services. It is a continuously evolving cloud computing platform. A cloud computing platform is a network of software that can be used after a fee. The big tycoons purchase the clouds for their clients. As, androids deliver cloud backup in the smart phones.

And several others. 

Their CEO is Gustad Boman who is also the founding director of the company. Similarly, the COO of the company is Zorthast Boman who focuses on growing their reach and impact

Other notable people at this company include:

  • Chris Maish (Chief Technical Officer)
  • Cimi Peters (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Gary Doecke (Director of Sales)

Their client list includes many recognizable names such as the Australian Government’s Department of Health, The University of Queensland, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and several others. 

F1 Solutions Australia COO
A picture of Zorthast Boman, the COO of F1 Solutions

On paper, F1 Solutions Australia looks quite attractive. However, it seems this growth has come at the expense of the software company’s staff. That’s because, it has attracted a ton of complaints from its employees.

In the next section of this review, I’ll throw light on some of the numerous F1 Solutions Glassdoor complaints I found online. If you’re interested in F1 Solutions jobs, going through these reviews will help you decide:

F1 Solutions Australia Posts Fake Reviews, Has Terrible Management

F1 Solutions linkedin

Here, the reviewer highlights that most of the positive reviews on F1 Solutions Glassdoor are fake. They highlight that it’s a family-run old-fashioned company. 

Gus and Zorthast Boman don’t respect their employees. They track every minute of your time. 

Although the company claims to offer flexibility, the reviewer says the owners have no idea what “flexibility” actually means. 

The reviewer was a Senior Software Developer in the company. They highlight that the company is micro-managed and uses disgusting ancient tech stack. 

The reviewer also points out that the company has terrible team leads who are afraid of the management. This is a huge red flag and it suggests that the leadership at F1 Solutions Australia don’t care much about their employees. 

In the “Advice to Management ” section, the reviewer suggests Zorthast Boman to stop using fake reviews and change his company’s culture. 

Keep in mind that it’s pretty common for shady enterprises to use fake reviews for promotion. Another company which abuses this unethical tactic is HULT Private Capital. They are notorious for burying complaints by using fake reviews. 

Management Forces Its Employees To Write Fake Positive Reviews

F1 Solutions reviews

Here’s another reviewer. They point out that F1 Solutions Australia posts fake reviews online to distract consumers and employees. 

The reviewer says that it’s the worst company. They bully and exploit their staff members. 

Furthermore, the management forces its employees to write fake positive reviews of the company. 

Senior Staff Members Make You Do Their Work and Steal All the Credit at F1 Solutions Australia

F1 Solutions review

Nick says that there’s dirty politics going on within F1 Solutions Melbourne. Some people steal your work, and give the credit to other staff members. 

Furthermore, senior staff members assign you all of their work while taking all the credit. 

Nick also points out that some of the senior staff members discriminate against people of a certain race. Moreover, they harass, bully and abuse migrants. 

Certainly, this is not a good sign and it indicates many people are facing abuse at F1 Solutions Australia. 


After going through the above reviews, it’s obvious that F1 Solutions Australia is not a good place to work for. No matter how attractive they seem, their leadership has received too many complaints for worker abuse.

Moreover, multiple reviewers have shared that the management forces its employees to post fake reviews on the company. Maybe they don’t want others to find out the reality behind their “F1 Solutions Jobs”. 

If you’re interested in F1 Solutions Australia or its jobs, it would be best for you to avoid them. There are tons of other software companies in Melbourne. Hence, you don’t have to stick with these guys. 

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Crooked Leadership

Employee abuse is no small matter. F1 Solutions Australia has received numerous complaints for harassing and abusing its staff members. There are complaints of racism as well. Certainly, people should avoid dealing with such a wicked company.

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Concern for Employees
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Concern for Employees
  • Has been in the industry for decades
  • Abusive leadership
  • Harassment of employees
  • Received complaints of racism in the workplace
  • Use fake reviews
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  1. 0.6
    Concern for Employees

    I feel sorry for the people who work at this company. Nobody deserves to face such terrible management.

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  2. 0.5
    Concern for Employees

    F1 Solutions Australia fails to provide its employees with basic necessities. It’s a hellhole.

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  3. 0.75
    Concern for Employees

    Gus is running F1 Solutions to the ground. Omnistar is a hyped up product which attracts sales mainly through lies and false promises. The company has been driving away talented people by either not compensating them properly or by providing them a toxic work environment. Too much favouritism is responsible for this company too.

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  4. 0.5
    Concern for Employees

    I agree 100%. F1 Solutions is a terrible organization. They claim to be a tech company but they are a family business. And they get away with so much, it’s depressing to say the least. The management does not care about its staff. The owners don’t care about the company. So, all in all, nobody cares about the employees. Don’t come near F1 Solutions Australia. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: they don't care about the staff at all horrible management
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  5. I am an ex contractor who was never paid by F1 solutions, they have a reputation for not paying their contractors as I know two other contracts who I work with regularly who were also screwed out of being paid.

    So I absolutely would agree with the above.
    Unfortunately for F1 the problems are with the owner gus and his son, so there is no changing this culture unless they both sell out and retire.

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