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Fertility clinics have become quite popular in the last few years. The US witnessed an increase of 28% in completed IVF cycles from 2003 to 2012. Many of these clinics are doing a great job at helping intended parents start a family but some of them aren’t. An example of a problematic clinic is the Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC.

The clinic avoids taking financial responsibility of its surrogates and voids its contracts, putting its clients at additional risks. In the following review of this San Diego-based clinic, you’d learn why you should be wary of this place: 

Publicly Available Information About The Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC

Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC is a fertility clinic in San Diego. The address of this clinic is 2305 Historic Decatur Rd Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92106, US. 

Their contact number is 619-271-4093 while the website is This clinic opens from 8 AM to 4 PM on business days. 

The founder of this notorious clinic is Melinda Guy while the president is Carlos Johnson. They have been operating for quite some time. 

Family Tree Surrogacy Center seems like a simple fertility clinic at a glance. However, this place has a ton of problems you wouldn’t want to see in your surrogacy clinic. 

To highlight what problems surround this place, I have shared a review of this clinic below: 

This Clinic Doesn’t Support Its Surrogacy Clients, Puts Them in Financial Danger

Family Tree Surrogacy Center review

The above review is from Nichelle Gill who became a surrogate through Family Tree Surrogacy Center. She points out that the staff was very supportive but the legal side was horrible. 

The clinic left Nichelle alone when the medical bills started coming. When she had become a surrogate with the clinic, it was clear that she wouldn’t have to pay these bills. The clinic was going to pay these medical bills. 

All of that changed when the bills arrived. She couldn’t pay the bills and they were sent to collections. Nichelle tried to dispute these charges but she was the patient so she was accountable for them legally. 

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At the end of her review, Nichelle has written “Don’t get screwed over the way I did.” 

Imagine getting in touch with a surrogacy agency so you can give the gift of a child to a couple. The clinic does everything like it should but doesn’t take its financial responsibility. It leaves you stranded. How would you react? 

Nichelle should have taken this fertility clinic to court but it would have amounted to very little. Why? Because of the reasons I have shared below. 

Family Tree Surrogacy Center LLC is Extremely Dangerous!

The review I shared above highlights a huge problem with today’s fertility clinics. You can’t trust a clinic blindly because the owner says it’s a good place. 

Fertility clinics aren’t regulated like other medical establishments. They don’t have strict watchdogs like you’d expect them to have. 

Which is why they are able to pull off horrible acts like ignoring their surrogate. The review was only an example of how fertility clinics take advantage of their clients due to the lack of proper regulation. 

It’s a self-regulated industry with the regulators being the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. However, both of them can only issue guidelines, they can’t enforce any rules. 

While leaving a surrogate stranded is a huge in itself, there are plenty of other problems that surround a fertility clinic like Family Tree Surrogacy Center

A huge problem with fertility clinics that disregard their clients is fertility fraud. In fertility fraud, the clinic doesn’t use the sperm or egg promised and uses someone else’s sperm or egg. 

Fertility fraud is a huge problem. Just last year, Texas introduced a fertility fraud bill that considers lying about the source of sperm a felony sexual assault

Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC Review Verdict

San Diego houses numerous egg donation and surrogacy agencies. Many of them cater to the LGBT community as well as others. Then, there’s no reason to stick with Family Tree Surrogacy Center, a clinic that is attracting negative attention for its unethical operations. 

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You shouldn’t take any risks when it comes to the future of a child. Picking this clinic would only be an issue. 

Hence, avoid Family Tree Surrogacy Center. 

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Family Tree Surrogacy Center is Terrible

According to its reviews, this clinic doesn’t take financial responsibility of its surrogates and leaves them stranded when the bills come. Certainly, they aren’t the best pick. Avoid!

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