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Fast Global Migration – Visa Scam? Fraud Exposed (Update 2024)

Fast Global Migration
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Fast Global Migration is a scam, according to its customers. The company has received numerous complaints across multiple platforms.
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Fast Global Migration is a notorious visa consulting service. They have received a ton of complaints for scamming their customers.

Furthermore, the company uses deceptive (and illegal) tactics to hide the complaints it has received.


Fast Global Migration claims that its goal is to offer genuine, unadulterated visa consulting services to Dubai residents who want to immigrate to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe.

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29/11/2023 Update
As of now, Fast Global Migration has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Fast Global Migration’s Fake Reviews Plague Consumers

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Fast global migration consultants bluff people by promising the highest level of service in exchange for a ransom amount from people.

The installment option provided by them is useless and will not operate till they get full payment and after that, they will disappear.

A customer has been seen spending weeks in search of them but usually doesn’t get any response. With no providence of customer service, they won’t even answer the calls and emails.

They will first give customers the impression that they were highly responsive and professional. But, as soon as you sign up, they will primarily respond on WhatsApp with an audio message stating that they are occupied.

In some cases, an internal profile is only created and there is no update until full payment is received which is strictly against the agreement.

What is Visa Fraud?

Visa fraud has varying standards in different regions of the world, but the generally accepted indicators are the sale, distribution, or transfer of visas that are otherwise legitimate, misrepresentation of travel motives, and fabrication or modification of a visa. The United States has observed that the majority of visa fraud cases involve immigrants who provide false information to seek asylum in the country, although smuggling and terrorism also play significant roles in the offense.

Is Fast Global Migration Legit?

Fast Global Migration Consultants is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal.

Where is Fast Global Migration located?

Fast Global Migration Consultants is headquartered at 420, block A, Emarat Atrium Building – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Fast Global Migration but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Fast Global Migration Consultants customers?

According to Fast Global Migration Consultants customers, a monetary loss of US $12000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Why Companies like Fast Global Migration Use Fake Reviews?

Online review sites should push businesses to improve their facilities. Some have decided paying for fake reviews is an easier way to go about things.

“Write Reviews Get Paid”, screams the advert.

The “Get $5 for Yelp review” advertisement on Craigslist dispels any notion that this is the stuff of theatrical reviewers’ imaginations.


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Fast Global Migration, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

The shadowy side of the online reviews industry has attracted click factories in Bangladesh, lawyers in London, and the New York attorney general.

The UK’s Competitions and Market Authority (CMA), which is also starting an investigation and thinking about potential next steps, is using its enforcement powers over consumers.

The CMA is also recommending a global project on online reviews and endorsements to coincide with Britain’s one-year leadership of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network, which begins on July 1.

Companies like Fast Global Migration don’t care about the international regulations. Their primary focus remains on scamming consumers.

These new crowdsourced internet yellow pages are big business. When it comes to favorable internet reviews, a healthy 62% of British consumers think they are likely to be impacted; when it comes to negative ones, that number jumps to 89%.

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Planting Fake Positive Feedback

We used to keep a straight face and keep our online opinions to ourselves.

Later, in 1994 and 1995, Amazon and eBay came into being, bringing with them our practice of sharing our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with each new purchase online.

Today, we measure our own and our businesses’ success using an economy of likes, followers, and stars.

One in sixteen internet users visited in July of last year. Every minute, 139 new reviews are posted to the website.

Trustpilot provides many of the reviews that are displayed alongside search engine results due to its relationship with Google.

Yet, Yelp received 142 million visits in the first three months of 2015 as a result of its 77 million reviews.

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Fast Global Migration is part of a bigger problem
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The fake Fast Global Migration reviews seem quite similar to these fake reviews
9VUW7NIfBFQ0FZMnXzV4O9YO1J qg9fi3aq6WxX3

According to Michael Luca, assistant professor at the Harvard Business School, restaurants that gain one star in their rating on the site see an increase in sales of 5-9%.

Performance Anxiety – Another Reason Why Companies Like Fast Global Migration Pay for Fake Reviews

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The general director of Watford-based mobile phone recycling company Mazuma Mobile, Charlo Carabott, claims that “negative evaluations are the most important” because they “continue to challenge our techniques and tell us more about what our consumers need.”

He asserts that his company currently has 100,000 reviews and a TrustScore of 9.8 out of 10 after openly reacting to an initial wave of adverse reviewers.

But, there are other businesses that get a more negative response than Mr. Carabott’s. Some people even go back and file lawsuits against their critics. Others fabricate reviews and trash their competitors.

London-based Pimlico Plumbers sued Yelp in 2014 over “defamatory and unpleasant” reviews.

According to Vince Sollitto, senior vice president of Yelp, they were eventually removed as part of a settlement.

He says anonymous speech is better protected in America than in England and Wales, where websites can be required to hand over a reviewer’s identity under the Defamation Act of 2013.

“It never makes sense to sue your customers.”

A quarter of companies have taken legal action over online reviews. In nine-tenths of cases where a review is removed, it is because of a threatening legal letter, says Canadian home-improvement rating site HomeStars.

A feast for crows if you’re a lawyer. HomeStars has introduced a bully warning for businesses that have sent it or reviewers legal letters.

The companies ranged from a dentist, a cosmetic surgery, an adult entertainment chain, and the charter-coach giant US Coachways.

The Fake Review Racket – Helping Scammers like Fast Global Migration Gain More Victims

M13m4RRKcovSxsuax8eFDEMDP4dyytWdmn yILvxhxW01F F4xqdM9GlHRNDVEERoIrcLZF4UJ4qMmQRnDCaUYQ0utO2LtSe8uSCiA27v4OIIu5Nu6fWmhzKKXYrU9dkM3CAoP8 cLrJeg2Pkfo4 vY

The usual company that boosts ratings by writing falsely good ones has either few reviews or a recent influx of unfavorable ones. Moreover, businesses vandalize, post fictitious bad reviews, and harass their rivals. Chains are less likely to post phony good ratings than independent enterprises. There are a number of obvious indicators of phony reviews. At either end of the scale, they are typically more intense and shorter.

Trustpilot’s James Westlake’s words– “The reason is quite simple. When was the last time you checked a review of Burger King or McDonald’s? Nobody does that,” 

A scarlet letter, or red label, warning readers that reviews posted for that company have aroused suspicions, is given to businesses suspected of manipulating reviews.

Trustpilot’s James Westlake’s words– “They’re getting better, we’re seeing this in past years,” 

JJtJsSUndMLfsE6AK7nfL8NquGLCOWf SPB0697GFGA sovxvj1nkYT cFXHWB5iCWI VasJDs9JqvTKriSR7kbl0QYoHW9dfPpusjMHdVMH7zHOtpfentnuQ9ayM0ookamt51n4D8L66grhIObO Ho
There are many agencies which post fake reviews in lieu of a hefty fee. Companies like Fast Global Migration avail their services regularly.

Booking Reviews

Gy4xi9DlC0nWr2uckQ3fN2VMBUXsZRFoEJwZKZr5Y2zSMb6whkHI7ny8owpnXwvW wwuuLa d9DAR6CH2GJDeUmvH9ziJSZYesqZIYwRT4xArX 9N0mLk O0lhVDheGLFkovcGlVZrxgYk QwwSzMY

Many scammers are recent computer science graduates from developing countries such as Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines.

In the short term, it is easy for them to fake an IP address, but harder to manage this at scale without tripping alarms.

Websites like Yelp have also engaged in more cloak-and-dagger ways to tease out illicit behavior, posing as scammers, or businesses searching to hire them.

If those caught cooperate, it is another source of intelligence into the other side’s dark arts.

So why are businesses acting in this manner?

neDz fNdQWbLJ1lsgUdE3WIZ4c FSvL7fRg Lmj 9t8dG HW1fM LuPbHxIhRiuPsx4jOC27KQAhDKbxFn VpCAqhVpx25Pot6Ac3JC9dk4uK8vo6EZZ0CMKHEldZL2RaYjTZlEw0xjM3ugG VoiUs

Local small companies were the final sector of the business world to be brought online, according to Mr. Sollitto of Yelp. Despite studies showing that consumers look for and discover businesses online, the majority still spend almost all of their advertising budget on conventional means. Despite the fact that one-way advertising no longer works, he claims that “partly, they get to control the message, the text, and the advertising.”

Some of the glimpses of Fast Global Migration Reviews – Customers Expose The Scam

Fast Global Migration reviews
Fast Global Migration reviews
Fast Global Migration reviews
Fast Global Migration reviews
Fast Global Migration reviews
Fast Global Migration reviews
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One of the many Fast Global Migration reviews available online
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More negative Fast Global Migration reviews
UA1kkNNpe8qyt HxOTsz1J1mgntPgebSWuOoYFO PtCkYSMTuM0R7Fouj8VvTYEFEq
L0kDyoKRxe4pRYtKS2 rZk2zSY28YA0XPWAqyckqhQ79mGHmqwUiuuR8FuxUMBhwV hEZDX991QPULfDDFPLq0alrLc nGhnGhtRS4FRjyLJUOxYmAq3wGT

Conclusion – How to Combat Scammers Like Fast Global Migration

  • Look for concrete details. Avoid reviews that provide abstract narratives about a product or customer service experience. Give more trust to reviews that provide in‑depth descriptions of the quality of the product or service.
  •  Avoid one-review accounts. Click on a user’s profile on review websites to get an indication of which other reviews the user has written.
  •  Beware of reviews in poor English. Genuine customers may take little care with spelling and grammar, but some reviews sound as if they were translated from a foreign language. Give more credence to reviews written in well-constructed and grammatically precise English.
  •  Skip over reviews overflowing with verbs, adverbs, hyperbole, and praise that contain no caveats.
  •  Consider whether the reviewer’s purchase has been confirmed. Amazon and Trustpilot have ways to confirm whether a customer who left a review for a product has indeed purchased it, but this system can be abused.
  •  Seek company and product recommendations from reputable publications. Look to Which? and rather than consumer review websites.

How fake reviews can have an impact on Business?

DoV4qKqsDpMTa3xAFDG0ENm UyzVlhhxv4lCwK22PpnbyE8h87yoHOwnwU1HMJB6P7 IjeQD U

Fake reviews hit at the very foundation of the marketplace, affecting buyer trust and buyer experience. Sellers who play by the rules suffer from fake negative reviews, while their competitors accrue fake positive ones. It’s enough to drive some decent sellers away forever.

  • Shoppers carefully read reviews.
  • Consumers’ trust is affected by fake reviews.
  • The key lessons for brands are: Accept sincerity and honesty in your reviews.
  • Consumers think fake reviews should be regulated.
  • Use the correct review service to combat bogus reviews.
2.6Expert Score

Fast Global Migration is a scam. It uses fake reviews to bury complaints and has received numerous negative reviews for defrauding its customers. Avoid them.


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Fast Global Migration – Visa Scam? Fraud Exposed (Update 2024)
Fast Global Migration – Visa Scam? Fraud Exposed (Update 2024)

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  1. People were readily duped by these types of fraudulent operations, and as a result, they suffered significant losses. It’s a good idea to thoroughly examine the platform before investing in it.

  2. Concerning this circumstance, higher authorities must take rigorous action to address the reality that many people have been exploited by Fast Global Migration.

  3. They only care about money and attempt to convince people to invest in their companies. It is preferable to never invest in this form of Ponzi scheme.

  4. Fast Global Migration appears to be a nightmare for investors because they are attempting to attract newcomers who are unfamiliar with the market. Many people had been duped by them, so it was best to avoid them.

  5. After reading this article, I completely agree with the author’s point of view on FGM. This is the worst investment platform. People must choose a better option.

  6. It is a complete waste of time and money to work with Fast Global Migration, a group of scammers who have deceived countless victims.

  7. Avoid investing here, it is a complete waste of time and money.

  8. The company is hurting the feelings of its users, they are not even looking at the messages and emails which are posted by their users they are fooling their users.

  9. Search for some better options from the market, there is a better option than FGM.

  10. Mainly, they focus on your first installment, which is the complete payout, once you will invest your money, they will cut their connection from you and will react like they don’t recognize you and your money.

  11. Avoid FGM, a complete package of scams, they will trade with your money and fill their pockets with profit.

  12. The main business of this company is to attract its users with positive promotions of providing the best services, which is the biggest lie. The company promised to complete the payment process in installments but when it came to investment, they never showed up with this facility, and instead asked to submit the full payment, I will recommend you invest with some other company.

  13. Not the same as claimed, not legitimate for investing your money.

  14. Migrating from this company’s portfolio to another would be the best choice, it is very important to make your money invested with a better platform.

  15. The company’s claims are not trustable if you are investing with them based on their claims and promises then you should search for some other platform, I recommend you to get your money invested with some other firm instead of Fast Global Migration.

  16. My experience with these fraudsters is worst, they never helped me out with my problems even after I tried to contact them, their main purpose is to get you money and in the name of service, they will never solve your problems.

  17. I have wasted my money and time behind these scammers.

  18. You need to look for better options rather than Fast Global Migration they never proved to be the better service other, if you will compare them with others then they are not up to the mark.

  19. They never proved to be a helpful venture, their services are like trash.

  20. The company is promoting itself as one of the leading companies and they were taking the help of fake reviews and the company is not providing the required services. They are not focussing on helping out their customers.

  21. They are just making their customers feel cheated after completing the payment process. Their main moto is to get money from their users and not provide the services.

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