Reliant One Insurance Center is running a shady operation

Jason Callan sexually harrassed me in the office and Equity Prime did nothing! Learn more about this molester in this Jason Callan review.

Lowell Pratt doesn't know how to talk to his clients. He is extremely rude and ignorant! Read why I fired him in this Lowell Pratt review.

Leo Marzen hates black people, he is a racist! He doesn't go to parties if there are black people there! Read the Leo Marzen review here.

Jon Ekoniak is an ignorant financial advisor that should be avoided. Read the full Jon Ekoniak review to learn why I fired him

Kevin Vandyke fired me for saying racism exists! I've faced racism all my life and he says it doesn't exist. Read the Kevin Vandyke review here.

KP Patel from Equity Prime Mortgage offered an employee money for SEX!!! Read the full KP Patel review to learn more about this sick man.

Justin Cassida is an extremely incompetent financial advisor with no skills. He Lost Me $650,000!!! Read the full Justin Cassida review here

Eric Skates of Equity Prime Mortgage sent my friend a D!CK pic!! He is a pervert! Read the full Eric Skates review here to learn more.

Stephen Engro Sexually Harassed My sister. He took advantage of my young sister! Please read the full Stephen Engro review to learn more.

Brett Hoge treats his clients like s**t! I hired him and regretted it! Read the full Brett Hoge here to learn more.

Richard Veidenheimer of Adviser Investments is a racist who fired me cause I'm black. Read the full Richard Veidenheimer review to learn more.

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