Glen is a self-obsessed narcissistic fool. He doesn't know anything about client service or customer satisfaction. Find out more in this detailed Glen Clemans ...

Dirk Zwiep is a lazy and twisted finance professional. Find out more in this detailed Dirk Zwiep Review.

Michael Allard is a fraudster who gives terrible investment advice to people. Find out more in this Michael Allard Review.

Steven Hefter is a Bigoted Racist who hates minorities, especially black people. Find out more in this Steven Hefter Review.

Stephan Cassaday is a terrible finance professional who doesn't respect his customers. Find out more in this Stephan Cassaday Review.

Chornyak & Associates of Joseph Chornyak is a scam. They charge thousands of dollars for providing no services. Find out more in this Chornyak & ...

Reliant One Insurance Center is running a shady operation

John Krambeer is the least punctual finance professional in the industry. Find out more in this John Krambeer Review.

Jason Callan sexually harrassed me in the office and Equity Prime did nothing! Learn more about this molester in this Jason Callan review.

Lowell Pratt doesn't know how to talk to his clients. He is extremely rude and ignorant! Read why I fired him in this Lowell Pratt review.

Leo Marzen hates black people, he is a racist! He doesn't go to parties if there are black people there! Read the Leo Marzen review here.

Jon Ekoniak is an ignorant financial advisor that should be avoided. Read the full Jon Ekoniak review to learn why I fired him

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