FinancePeer Rohit Gajbhiye

I am writing this on my uncles behalf who runs many school, he has been conned and duped by this dubious and fraudulent company called Financepeer , I dont know what he was thinking before considering to do business with them on such big extent, i have never even heard of them ever, and never even heard of the founder of this company Rohit Gajbhiye , random company run by random people to loot school fees from schools and universities. Investors, parents, school and college owners please watch out, please be very careful of these guys, they will take your hard earned money by showing you big big dreams and magical calculations. Please do not fall for Financepeer company and their fraudulent claims. There are so many other better and well reputed companies that are more trustworthy like Avanse financial services, grayquest education and many others. Financepeer schemes and their proposals are all crappy and not at all credible. when its about running school or when its about being a parent who pays school fees for their children, we all need to take precaution and stay away from this fraud company. Government should investigate them and even i am in the process of initiating legal action against these criminals. how dare they do this with our money??!?!?! i am sure there must be lot of parents and school/ college owners who they would have fooled and swindled money from , if you are reading this please share your experiences below, lets make more people aware so we can prevent new person from getting fooled. lets expose these guys, please comment all proof and evidence against Rohit Gajbhiye and Financepeer and end this fraud scheme. hope noone else has to go through like what my uncle had to, hes in bad condition after losing all his hard earned money and ruining reputation of his school and making fool out of himself

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ROHIT GAJBHIYE RUINED MY UNCLE'S LIFE! FinancePeer and Rohit Gajbhiye are frauds who should be thrown in jail!

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