Floppa Footwear: BUYER BEWARE!!! Review (Update 2024)

Floppa Footwear I cannot even begin to explain how disappointed I am in this brand. I turned to Footwear after a long time of foot problems. When I was 6 my doctor told me I had flat feet, and ever since then, I’ve had to wear special shoes. They had to be custom-made for me, as my feet were very odd and malformed. Because of that, the designers mainly focused on function rather than fashion. I got made fun of in school for it, and it was hell.

Floppy Shoes – Put This On

I always hoped someone would come up with a brand that would make my feet more comfortable and more stylish. Of course, I’m a full-grown adult now with a family, but my daughter Jessica has the same problem as me. She’s going into 3rd grade and constantly complains that the special shoes we have to get for her are ugly. Girls in school can be mean, my wife tells me.

So when I saw that there was a new shoe brand, that specialized in making relatively in-expensive custom shoes (they usually go from anywhere between 90-300 dollars per pair, but was selling them for just above 85, this should have been my first red flag) that were not only functional but looked good,

my wife and I were ecstatic. We told our daughter that we were going to get her some new shoes, and had her pick out the designs she wanted. She loves transformers, so we wound up letting her design transformers-themed shoes, that would fit her, and make her feel comfortable. My wife and I always think our daughter looks amazing, but the main focus is for her to feel comfortable.

Customer Review about Floppa Footwear

We ordered these shoes around a month ago, and they just arrived yesterday. I am incredibly disappointed. First of all, they are in the wrong size. When we were designing the shoes, they had us put in her specific feet measurements, and what health conditions she had. We were expecting the shoes to be in her size, at the very least. But what we were not expecting was just a pair of adults, red, tennis shoes to show up at our door. They are of good quality, but they are NOT what we ordered. My daughter has been looking forward to these and is hysterical about this.


We’ve tried to reach out to their company phone number, but we can’t find it. The website is seemingly pulled down as well. Please PLEASE be careful and look out for anything that seems too good to be true.

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