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Fragasso Financial Advisors – Never give timely response

I thought a lot before posting this review. But I realised that if I didn’t write this review of Fragasso Financial Advisors, I’d be doing a great disservice to society. 

When I first started working with Fragasso Financial Advisors, I thought they were excellent. But since then, these people have deteriorated horribly in terms of client service. Their representatives never give a timely response. It seems to me that the company has shifted its approach towards its clients. They used to care about their customers before, but now they only care about themselves. I have been made to wait for a set appointment for what felt like an hour! As a client who used to love their services, it pains me to say this but Fragasso Financial Advisors are not worth your money. If you’re looking for a wealth management company in Pittsburgh, avoid these guys at all cost. They have degraded tremendously in terms of client service and support. These people treat their clients poorly. Whenever I try to contact my advisors, I have to wait and try again. It happens so frequently that it has begun to annoy me a lot. I don’t look forward to talking or meeting with any of those people. 

About Fragasso Financial Advisors

Fragasso Financial Advisors is an investment management company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Their address is Suite 400, 610 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. They are a fee-based company and claim to focus on their client’s financial success. According to them, they focus on understanding their clients and their requirements. However, I haven’t seen any of that recently. There was a time when these people cared about their clients’ requirements but that is history. 

Now, these people don’t even listen to you. No matter how hard you try, they act deaf and don’t care about any of your concerns. It is highly frustrating when your wealth advisor doesn’t listen to you. 

Poor Client Treatment

Like I said earlier, Fragasso used to offer excellent services before. But recently, they have degraded horribly and are now the worst service provider I have ever worked with. My financial advisors never respond on time and make vague excuses whenever I ask about it. They don’t listen to you and make it seem like you’re ignorant and don’t know anything. Their advisors always try to seem superior in some sense. When your wealth advisor doesn’t respond in a timely manner, it wastes a lot of your time and effort. It happens so often that I have started considering getting rid of their services. However, doing that isn’t easy. 

Because their advisors never listen to you, your complaints never get through. This way they never know whether their client is satisfied with their services or not. Personally, I feel like I’m in a trap and I can’t get out. Working with them has made me realize that good things can become horrible too. The leadership of Fragasso should look into this matter and improve their staff. 

While writing this review, I looked them up and found many employee reviews of this place. It seems as if this company treats its employees as horribly as it treats its clients. In my opinion, that’s a terrible thing. If you don’t provide your employees with a good work environment then how will they work?  I have shared the most recent Fragasso review below so you can read it yourself:

They Treat Employees Horribly Too

According to this review, the company suffers from nepotism and favoritism. A specific group of employees get all the benefits while the rest toil away. There’s one thing in this review that I don’t agree with. It claims that the employees are mostly nice to the clients. I think this person didn’t know how the advisors there really behave with the clients. On top of that, I suspect many of the staff members don’t really know how terribly the adviser’s act. 

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Anyway the review says that working at this enterprise is a nightmare. It alleges that the leaders of this company don’t follow the company policies. It paints a sad picture of Fragasso Financial Advisors. 

In My Opinion- Don’t Hire Fragasso Financial Advisors

I’d conclude my review of Fragasso Financial Advisors with this: Don’t waste your money on these people. They treat their clients poorly, don’t respond on time, and don’t even treat their employees properly. There was a time when they used to offer great service but that’s long gone. Now, they are only a bunch of horrible advisers who don’t care about their clients. 

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Avoid them!

Their services have degraded substantially recently and I don't recommend their services.

  • Treat clients poorly
  • Treat employees poorly
  • Don't respond on time
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