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Francis Santa: Was He Sentenced for Conspiracy? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Francis Santa

Francis Santa willingly collaborated with law enforcement officials to obtain a more favorable judgment from Judge Kenneth Marra for his involvement in financial institution deception. He is currently in communication with the Language and Information Technology (LIT) department. 

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The individual submitted a factual proffer to the government, providing evidence in favor of his admission of guilt. During the hearing for his plea change, he confirmed the authenticity of the plea. 

If the case proceeded to trial, it is quite likely that the prosecution would have successfully established, with a high degree of certainty, that Francis Santa collaborated with accomplices to carry out a plan centered around the submission of deceitful line credit requests along with accounting records on behalf of individuals who did not meet the necessary qualifications. 

The commencement of Palm Beach Business Consultant, Inc., a Florida company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, was established by Francis Santa.

PBBC engaged in the creation of deceitful loan bundles for persons who were unable to meet the requirements of legitimate loans and lines of credit due to inadequate income, credit scores, or collateral.

To entice potential clients to utilize the services of PBBC, Francis Santa engaged in deceptive practices by falsely asserting relationships with multiple bankers who were purportedly willing to assist in the procurement of illegal loans as well as lines of credit for PBBC’s clientele. 

The individual provided reassurance to their clients regarding their ability to obtain loans as well as lines of credit from the lenders, with a potential maximum amount of $300,000. 

Moreover, he asserted that he possessed proficient personnel capable of fabricating deceptive loan or line financial arrangements to present PBBC clients as eligible, despite their actual lack of qualification.

Customers interested in availing themselves of Francis Santa’s services were required to remit fees that ranged from $12,500 to $25,000, in advance or after the bank provided the loan and/or line of credit. 

Francis Santa engaged a group of individuals, including Rodney Kahane & Daniel Paine, who were involved in a conspiracy, as well as non-law enforcement loan applicants, to assemble a deceptive loan. 

The aforementioned packets contained inaccurate disclosure of the candidate’s earnings as well as in numerous instances, included counterfeit accounting documents such as falsified tax filings, balance sheets, as well as statements of income. 

Francis Santa engaged in collaborative efforts with multiple local bank personnel to expedite the approval of deceitful requests for loans, in return for illicit incentives, typically comprising monetary funds, American Express gift certificates, or alternative kinds of compensation.

A significant proportion of fraudulent line of credit requests were approved by financial institutions, enabling applicants to avail themselves of the granted lines of credit and make withdrawals. 

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that in virtually all instances, those who applied exhibited an inability to fulfill their obligations of repaying their lines of financing, hence leading to significant losses incurred by the lending institutions.

Francis Santa engaged in the deliberate & systematic creation and submission of loan paperwork containing fabricated information for a minimum of thirty-two separate loans. 

The loans in question were presented on behalf of PBBC clients through the utilization of fraudulent documentation, which was prepared by individuals present in the conspiracy, namely Kahane as well as Paine. 

This illicit scheme also involved the participation of bank officers from various financial institutions, including Wachovia Bank, Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, Commerce Bank, and National City Bank. 

Among the implicated bank officers were Christopher Brooks, King David McGuire, as well as several others who are co-defendants in this case.

Included including incorporated into this factual stipulation supporting a guilty plea is a comprehensive inventory of loans that were deceitfully requested for. This inventory includes pertinent details such as the time of application, loan quantity, the bank concerned, and the specific banker associated with each case. 

Additionally, it specifies whether the loan was successfully financed or not. Francis Santa acknowledges that the cumulative value of the loans procured through his illicit endeavors amounted to $2,658,000.00, resulting in a tangible financial detriment of $1,502,465.04 to the financial institutions as a consequence of all of these deceitfully acquired debts.

The defendant, identified as Francis Santa, is entering a guilty plea on the crime of conspiring to commit fraud on banks.

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Both Mr. and Mrs. Esposito have enlisted the services of Francis Santa, who is acting as their representative, to submit a relocation demand on their behalf. The inquiry is being made through their online business platform, 

The inquiry pertains to a purported post that was discovered through correspondence from Santa Claus on a related website, It is noteworthy to mention that Mrs. Esposito, previously identified as Melissa Ringel, is currently involved in ongoing criminal cases alongside Ringel in the Supreme Court of New York, which is under the jurisdiction of Justice Rodney.

Guidelines for Imposing Sentences

Before the commencement of the sentencing hearing, the probationary officer diligently compiled a comprehensive Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) document, encompassing a thorough evaluation of the movant’s baseline crime grade. 

Nevertheless, following conducting a more thorough examination, it was determined that the first calculation of the offense degree had been erroneous. The financial loss surpassed $2,500,000 yet was under $7,000,000, leading to a rise of 18 notches. 

Furthermore, an increase of six stages was implemented due to the utilization of advanced methods in the commission of the crime, while the petitioner was recognized as an orchestrator or principal figure in an illegal activity involving at least five individuals.

Notwithstanding these improvements, the petitioner’s exhibited acknowledgment of culpability resulted in a decrease of three tiers, culminating in an ultimate offense tier of 28. 

In addition, the probationary officer determined that the individual in question had amassed a cumulative sum of eight points in their criminal record, resulting in their placement in criminal record class IV. 

The movant’s guidelines prison term was found to be 110 – 137 months, given a crime grade of 28 & a criminal record classified as IV record.

Judge of Francis Santa Case

Objections and Motion for Downward Departure

Objections were made regarding the Pre-Sentence Investigation and the prosecution’s attorney, Richard L. Rosenbaum, made a formal request to resign from the case, and thereafter, Scott Ira Suskauer assumed the role of legal counsel. Attorney Suskauer submitted revised objections, affirming the previously raised concerns to the Presentence Investigation. 

The individual contended that the party making the motion should solely bear accountability for the factual amount of loss, with the planned loss being disregarded in the calculation of the suitable sentence standard. 

Change in Defense Counsel

The authorities expressed their opposition to the movant’s request for a reduction in sentencing. According to the government’s viewpoint, the movant engaged in illegal criminal activities while collaborating with the FBI, which were uncovered independently without his participation.

This action is seen as a violation of the agreed-upon terms of cooperation. The government further challenged the movant’s concerns about the Presentence Investigation (PSI) report, arguing for a focus on responsibility using the projected loss number instead of just considering the real loss. 

Amended Objections and Government’s Response

The prosecution’s counsel submitted a memorandum to assist in the process of sentencing, emphasizing the positive character traits of the individual seeking relief. The note restated the movant’s acknowledgment of accountability and underscored his substantial collaboration with the authorities. 

Sentencing Memorandum and Movant’s Arguments

The movant put out the argument that his assistance held greater significance than any possible counteracting acts, underscoring the fact that the governing body had previously derived advantages and was going to continue to do so from his participation. 

Frank’s Perspective

The passage continues by offering a reflective analysis, highlighting the possible irritation experienced by Frank, the individual initiating the legal action. Frank may feel dejected as he observes legal experts purportedly involved in financial malfeasance, seemingly with no repercussions while enjoying an affluent life in Florida.

Judicial Sentencing Proceedings


Following the protection counsel’s submission of the sentencing memorandum, the individual seeking relief appeared before the court to receive a sentence. During the proceedings, the defense counsel put forth the argument that the projected loss differed from the actual loss quantity, resulting in an erroneous application of 18 levels rather than sixteen levels for the movant. 

Nevertheless, the challenge was ultimately overturned by the Court following a thorough examination of the arguments put up by the two sides.

The opposing counsel objected to the appraisal of the movant’s involvement, contending that the movant just fulfilled a managerial position overseeing two different people. Nevertheless, the challenge was subsequently rejected by the Court.

Subsequently, the lawyer commenced his discourse regarding the move for a downward variation or absence. The primary emphasis was placed on the movant’s exceptional endeavors in collaboration, resulting in the apprehension of 27 people and the subsequent inquiry into further parties throughout that period.

The federal government contended that it was unable to submit a 5K1 motion due to three particular situations in which the movant participated in improper actions that contravened their duty to cooperate. 

The federal government recognized the movant’s exceptional aid but indicated that the movant’s eligibility for a 5K1 motion was precluded by the precise conditions outlined in the contract of cooperation.

Following extensive deliberation and careful examination of the reasons presented by both parties, as well as the evidence provided by all involved individuals, the Pre-Sentencing Investigation, and the relevant legislative circumstances, the Court decided to impose a term of imprisonment on the movant that fell below the recommended guideline range. 

The penalty that was issued consisted of a duration of 88 months, restitution amounting to $1,502,465.04, and a subsequent period of five years under supervision.

Who is Francis Santa? 

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Francis Santa is a committed and knowledgeable expert who specializes in assisting persons in the process of restoring their online image. Over time, he has acquired a high level of proficiency in the field of managing one’s online reputation. 

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The conclusion has been reached and Based on the guidance provided by legal authorities, it is advisable to decline the motion to dismiss, refuse to grant an acknowledgment of appealability, as well as formally conclude the matter. 

If anyone has any reservations regarding the advice, it is possible to lodge them with the District Judge 14 days after the receipt of the written report. Thus, if you want to know more about this fraudster, you may learn from the link: Francis Santa

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