Fred Golestani – Lying Thief


According to True Crime, only dummies get caught. So, how is it that Fred Golestani,
owner and Vice President of Qualified West and Qualified Mortgage Services found himself
named as a defendant in the apparent multi-million dollar theft of an entire company in
California? The answer is described in a complaint filed in the Los Angeles County Superior
Court last year naming Golestani as a defendant in the alleged theft of Beverly Hills Rent A Car
in 2018.

The complaint alleges that Golestani conspired with minority owners of Beverly Hills
Rent A Car in a flawed scheme to move all of the business assets of the 34 year old company
into Luxury Line LLC, a California limited liability company owned by Golestani, without consent
and without paying for them.

In sworn statements and testimony made by former employees of Beverly Hills Rent A
Car, Golestani formed Luxury Line LLC in August 2018 and sent documents to David Sajasi
related to the new company in early September 2018. At the time, Sajasi was a minority owner
of Beverly Hills Rent A Car and claiming to be one of its Managers. On October 1, 2018, all of
the employees of Beverly Hills Rent A Car were told that they had become employees of Luxury
Line LLC. On the same day, Golestani’s company began operating from all of the Beverly Hills
Rent A Car locations in Los Angeles, using the same furniture, computers, office equipment, and
telephone numbers, as the day before. Banners were quickly installed at each location featuring
the new company name.

Golestani’s company has operated under the trade name Beverly Hills Car Rental since
October 2018. Sajasi claims to be the Manager of Golestani’s company, but denies being an
owner of it.
So what is Golestani facing if he is found guilty of stealing the Beverly Hills Rent A Car
business? Legal experts who have reviewed the case agree that at a minimum, Golestani would
be ordered to pay full value for the stolen business assets. Estimated damages could easily be in
excess of $10 Million, not including punitive damages, which could be a lot more. According to
one source, Golestani’s legal troubles might not end with the California complaint. When there
is a fraudulent transfer of all of a business’s assets, the company that receives the stolen
property and its owners can be held responsible for the unpaid debts and obligations of that
business. If Beverly Hills Rent A Car has outstanding debts, creditors may rightfully look to
Golestani or his company for payment.

To be fair, the California complaint contains allegations that have yet to be decided and
are not proven. Fred Golestani has not been found guilty of a crime or liable for damages
related to the alleged theft of Beverly Hills Rent A Car and is entitled to the presumption of
innocence under the law.

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