Freedom Business Mentoring (Max Tornow) — Review

I’ll be giving my opinion on FBM in this article. FBM is an online course that teaches you how to build your own online coaching business. It is led by Max Tornow, formerly known as Max Berger or RSDMax, when he was a pick-up artist for the well-known company Real Social Dynamics.


  • The method they teach can work, but only conditionally, that is 1) if you have a good niche and expertise already, and 2) if you have business experience by yourself
  • The course is a 100% translated copy of Baulig Consulting, who were caught red-handed ripping off Sam Ovens and faking Trustpilot reviews
  • 90% of course content is freely available on YouTube and in cheap books
  • Max copied a lot of videos on his YouTube channel directly from the Bauligs, Dan Lok, and Alex Becker
  • The coaches are actually salesguys who worked with Max in RSD, and who use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to pay
  • Zero-responsibility policy; if you fail, it is always because you didn’t work hard enough; the blame is always put on the client even though their success rate is low
  • Low success rate (between 1–10% are earning consistent money while using the course, and most of them had businesses already and are qualified to coach a particular niche)
  • The only criteria for being admitted is whether you’re able to pay the initial $3.000. Sometimes they try to upsell you into the 8k or 24k upsell immediately
  • There is no one-on-one coaching, that only happens in the upsells that cost 8k or 24k
  • Gaslighting ex-clients by namecalling their mental illnesses


They promise you that you can make 10k a month consistently through this program, which is mostly a stream-lined learning system that packs coaching and sales information in a coherent set of modules. However, the real success rate is ranging between 1% and 10%, depending on what you count as “success”. If success for you is earning the $3.000 fee back, then the success rate is maybe around 10–20%. However, if you see success as building a sustainable online coaching business where you have a consistent above-average monthly income, then it drops to 2% (less than 50 clients out of 1500+). In most cases, the people who make money do so because they already had online coaching businesses and were just looking for scale-ups, had profitable niches and were qualified because they have the expertise and degrees. If you are a twenty-year old guy without any real expertise or qualifications, and your only interest is in getting rich quick, then do not join this course. If your clients have more knowledge or expertise about a subject, doesn’t matter if it’s fitness, dating, or mental stuff, you are ripping them off by pretending to be a coach. You’re stealing their money, and as it is the case with some clients of Max, these coaches have been called out for basically being scammers.

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In my opinion, FBM doesn’t teach you how to become a coach. It does offer information about how to position yourself in a niche. I’d say 90% of the information in the course itself you can already find for free on Max Tornow’s YouTube channel. In the first weeks, you have to do some woo-woo exercises about “the hero vs loser you” and “the perfect day in my life”. These exercises have nothing to do with coaching people, but everything with hyping you up for the course. They paint the image that you will be a loser without the course, and a winner when you pay Max for coaching. This is a typical marketing trick, using the black-white thinking fallacy. Basically, even though the course was not created by Max himself, as we will see in the next segment, the sales and marketing information that is offered is outdated and sometimes outright hypocritical. Max will tell you that you should not aim at social media leads, while he himself got ALL his leads from social media marketing. The absolute majority of clients in FBM know Max because of Real Social Dynamics, the pick-up company where he worked for. Even his current ads show his flashy lifestyle with girls, mansions, cars, travelling the world et cetera. Nothing in the marketing is about being a coach, but it is all about living an exorbitant life that many guys are dreaming about.

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Talking about the girls in the advertisement; you would think that one of the alleged top pick-up artist in the world can use cold approach to build a rotation of beautiful women. However, nothing is what it seems. It was exposed on John Anthony Lifestyle’s channel that Max is paying girls to be in his advertisements. In this expose video, an insider revealed that Max and his team are organizing parties in Kyiv and inviting hot girls to those parties. Then these girls are being told that they can get to Austria or Germany if they ‘act well’ for the lifestyle shoots. These girls are not hooking up with him, they do not have sex with Max. Allegedly, this scheme is perpetrated through a modelling business that Max is involved in. I found this video on YouTube from “Cyrus Models”, which a model company from Austria that were casting in Kyiv. The promo video features Max multiple times and it appears he is some kind of scout there. Here is the video link:

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What most people do not realize when they see the advertisements, is that Max has created 0% of FBM by himself (or maybe 1%, haha). The real creators of FBM are the Baulig brothers. These are two German guys who created a company called Baulig Consulting. Since their course is in German, Max translated that course into English and named it Freedom Business Mentoring (which is also a jab at RSD Timothy’s course coincidentally called ‘Freedom Business’). The Bauligs were coaching Max in sales when he was still a coach for RSD. In 2018, RSD disbanded and all the coaches went into their own ventures. RSDTyler (Owen Cook) became a high status communication coach, RSDJulien (Julien Blanc) started his Transformation Mastery, Todd, Jeff and Luke started their own pick-up or self-improvement courses, and Max and Derek jumped into the business world. Since the Baulig course is in German and only targetting the German market, they figured that Max could lead their ‘international program’. So he translated the Baulig course into English. However, this doesn’t mean that the Bauligs themselves are the great masterminds behind FBM. They were caught copying stuff from Sam Ovens, Alex Becker, Dan Lok and other international business gurus, even including the funnel page to their product. If you’re able to find Quantum Mastermind or Consulting Accelerator, both courses by Sam Ovens, try and compare them to FBM or the Bauligs course. You will be surprised.

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Max claims that the coaches in FBM are experienced entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses themselves. However, when we look behind the scenes, we find out that the major coaches were on his team at RSD! And they are twenty-year old guys, meaning they have very little actual business experience. The only expertise these guys have is in sales, since they are salesguys. Look at the date of the Instagram post. The post predates the date when Freedom Business Mentoring was created. These coaches weren’t hired because of their business expertise, but they were already sales coaches for Max when he was with RSD. The guy in the middle, here tagged as ‘sirgoodlife’, is known as Nikita Gunkewitsch. He was working for the Bauligs before he joined Max in his ventures. Even though he is not even 25, he has more sales expertise than Max himself.



When you have decided to become an online coach, you can book a ‘consultation call’ with team Max. They claim that there is a qualification process and that they just allow 10% of prospects in FBM. In reality, the only qualification metric they use is whether you can pay the course fee of $3.000 or the $8.000 or $24.000 upsell. That is it. Literally, that is the only criterium they use. On the call, the sales guys use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to join the course, even when the prospects are in a bad financial situation and when its obvious they are a bad fit for the course. Even guys who are depressed and clearly only interested in getting rich quick are admitted if they are willing to pay the fee. For team Max it doesn’t really matter: they just want your money and if you succeed in the course, that’s a bonus, but if you fail, they will put ALL responsibility on you. Think about this: if the people who run a course put 100% of the responsibility on their clients, then how can they claim even 1% of the success of their clients?

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One frequent phenomenon in the online guru space is that they all copy each others stuff. Kevin David was caught stealing videos from other make-money-online gurus. RSDTyler copied much stuff from Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins. Fresh and Fit copied their red-pill ideas from Rollo Tomassi. Many coaches in the PUA scene stole courses from other coaches as well. Dan Lok was accused of stealing products (which the YouTuber Coffeezilla exposed last year). Max is no different. Take a look at these videos and tell me whether they are just ‘influenced’ by another guy or outright stolen.

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I strongly advise anyone considering joining FBM to think critically for themselves. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you have a particular niche that you’re very knowledgeable in, and do you have hands-on experience? Then you can probably make something out of the course, although it’s mostly because of you, not because of FBM. In that case, I’d say you don’t need their help at all and you’re better off buying a 50 dollar course on Udemy or some basic sales books or videos. If you’re just an impressionable twenty-year old guy who doesn’t really have goals in life and you just want to get rich quick to live a lavish lifestyle, without having a real niche that is profitable or qualifications for being a coach, then do not join FBM. The course is not a magic pill that will turn you from zero into a hero. Do not be fooled by some guy on the internet who looks like a rock star in his marketing.

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2.1 Total Score
Freedom Business Mentoring (Max Tornow) — Review

This is a review of the Freedom Business Mentoring program that teaches you how to become an online coach and earn $10.000 on a monthly basis.

  • Decent info-product, although heavily recycled
  • High-pressure sales strategies
  • Rip-off course
  • Only interested in extracting money
  • Deceptive marketing
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