Freespira : The Competitive Finalist of UCSF Health Awards 2021

Freesipira, the creator of the first FDA-cleared digital therapeutic that reduces or eliminates symptoms of panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder significantly within 28 days, has been named a finalist in the renowned 2021 UCSF Health Awards in the mental and behavioral health category. 

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The firm is revolutionizing the treatment of PTSD and panic disorder by focusing on the underlying physiological factors of these conditions. Their offered treatment is a strong alternative to medications and therapy as it normalizes breathing irregularities developed in response to underlying CO2 hypersensitivity which contributes to the symptoms of PTSD and panic disorder. 

PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder describes the ill-state of an individual in which the person is in the condition of severe stress, characterized by intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, anxiety and avoidance of similar situation. PTSD is a common medical condition, in people exposed to traumatic events.

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Freespira offers its users real-time physiological feedback-based training which helps them regulate their respiration rate and exhaled CO2 levels. Their services also include telehealth coaching which guides patients through the care journey to deliver maximum benefits from the twice-daily 17-minute treatments. 

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Dean Sawyer, CEO of Freespira shared that they are honored to be among the finest digital health solutions in the world and to get recognized by the UCSF Health Hub. He also points out that millions of Americans experience the life-limiting and debilitating effects of PTSD and panic disorder and they are also major sources of suffering and medical cost, yet conventional treatments for these issues remain insufficient to the majority’s needs. Freespira is the only solution that addresses the underlying physiological cause of PTSD and panic disorder. 

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