Gary McFarlane Wealth Finance LTD UK – Scam!

Gary McFarlane claims to be the director of Wealth Finance Ltd UK. However, his company doesn’t seem to have any additional employees as its website only boasts of having him as its director. 

Gary claims to help people with SBLC, private placement programs, project funding and bank guarantees. Note that it’s an extremely shady industry and is laden with scammers and fraudsters. 

What draws further suspicion is the profile of Wealth Finance Ltd. According to the company’s profile, it has been in business since October 2020. It only has one active director, Gary McFarlane and is classified as a “bank”. 

Apart from him, there aren’t any employees listed for this bank. Have you ever come across a bank that has just 1 employee? 

That’s not all. The business address of Wealth Finance Ltd is 45 Fitzroy street, London, W1T 6EB is a virtual office address. This means, it’s not an actual office but a mere listing. 

Virtual offices are addresses shared by freelancers and online service providers. They help in sharing correspondence but that’s about it. Sometimes, scammers use virtual offices to make it seem as if they have an actual office. 

It’s obvious that Gary McFarlane is doing the same thing here. Why would a “bank” operate from a virtual office?

Also, he isn’t registered with any UK financial regulators as a service provider. This is the biggest red flag you can encounter because it means Gary McFarlane is a scammer, nothing more.

Furthermore, Gary McFarlane of Wealth Finance Ltd UK resorts to unethical legal tactics to silence his critics. 

All the points highlighted above were shared in another article online. However, Gary took it down by using legal threats and harassment. 

On March 23, 2022, Gary’s attorneys, Pawar Law LLC, sent a defamation notice to Google regarding an article. The article claimed that someone had posted ‘misleading’ information about Gary McFarlane. 

The people from Pawar Law LLC claim that Gary McFarlane has a wide consumer base all over the globe and runs a distinguished organization in the financial services industry. However, there is no evidence of these claims. 

The notice further highlights that the article in question was hurting the business interests of Gary. 

What’s interesting is this defamation notice has a ton of grammatical and spelling errors: 

The lawyer who wrote this defamation notice is Karandeep Pawar of Pawar Law LLC. He has been a member attorney at this firm for 10 years yet fails to write a good defamation notice, suspicious. 

Here is a snippet of the article in question:

A few people were discussing how Gary McFarlane Wealth Finance Ltd is a scammer and exposed him. This bugged the financial services provider and he filed a defamation notice against the website. 


Certainly, Gary McFarlane is a vicious scammer. The guy resorts to unethical legal tactics to silence critics and anyone who tries to expose his dangerous business practices. You should avoid dealing with Gary at all costs. 

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A Scammer and a bully

Gary McFarlane is a dangerous scammer targeting businesses in the UK to squeeze money out of their wallets. He doesn’t have any credibility and if someone raises any questions he starts harassing them.

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