Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s MD: Is He Guilty of Harassment? Exposed

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby's India
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Gaurav Bhatia had to resign from the post of Sotheby's MD after he faced #MeToo allegations. Find out if he was guilty here.

Gaurav Bhatia, managing director of auction company Sotheby’s India, announced his resignation after claims of sexual misconduct against him.

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In November, Sotheby’s questioned Gaurav Bhatia to take an official leave of duty awaiting an investigation into unidentified accusations of sexual harassment. After a two-year stint with the bidding home, Gaurav Bhatia formally resigned on the twentieth of December 2018.

On the twentieth of December, Sotheby’s MD of India, Gaurav Bhatia, terminated following two years at the organization, a period throughout the time he conducted the inaugural Bombay auctions. Sotheby stated in an announcement that we are grateful to him for his outstanding contribution.

Gaurav Bhatia later stated I chose to quit and move on despite two stimulating decades & the outstanding chance to start Sotheby’s maiden auctions in Bombay. 

It proved to be an honor to collaborate with the outstanding group of individuals we’ve assembled, as well as looking forward to seeing them keep shaping Sotheby’s destiny in India. I hope they are all the greatest.

The #MeToo movement opposing sexual assault got popularity in the nation of India previously this fiscal year when Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta claimed a co-actor allegedly sexually assaulted her on a film set more than a decade earlier.

After then, renowned reporters, film traits, and even businesspeople joined the campaign.

Gaurav Bhatia, the MD of Sotheby’s India, an action firm resigned a few months back when allegations of misconduct surfaced

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby's India

Gaurav Bhatia, the managing director of bidding firm Sotheby’s India, quit in December, just one month before sexual assault claims were leveled towards him, according to PTI

Gaurav Bhatia took an extended leave period in November, awaiting an investigation investigating the claims. A minimum of four individuals had told him about sexual assault as well as in a single scenario, violent violence.

The complaint includes multiple unwanted touches and brutally kissing an individual, and it was uploaded surreptitiously on the Instagram profiles of Scene and Herd. 

Gaurav Bhatia’s profile page remains on the auction house’s website, portraying him as a South Asia operational leader and the driving force behind ‘Boundless: India,’ Sotheby’s first sale in the nation. On December 20, he reportedly quit. 

According to the news of Gaurav Bhatia’s remark, he stated that he chose to leave the organization. I am deciding to move on shortly after two enhancing years and the power source stellar chances of launching Sotheby’s inaugural auction in Mumbai, he said, adding that it has been an honor to collaborate with you as well as the outstanding group which we created in tandem, and I will enjoy watching them as they construct Sotheby’s subsequent years in India. I hope everyone all the best of luck. 

Throughout the campaign known as #MeToo, he was one of the top personalities in Indian art that faced allegations of sexual assault. The other performers had been Jatin Das, Riyas Komu, & Subodh Gupta.

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According to, Gaurav Bhatia, the head of Sotheby’s India, resigned on an “indefinite leave” from his post in November of the previous year after receiving allegations of sexually harassing women. This happened before the auctioneer house’s premiere auction in Bombay.

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Gaurav Bhatia, the head of Sotheby’s India, got leave from his position for the initial time in November, telling the Mumbai Mirror that regarding current unidentified claims made toward him, such as sexual assault, a woman was willing to take an ongoing depart of absence from the auction solid while the investigation keeps going. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated at Sotheby’s, and we will fully investigate these complaints with Gaurav’s assistance, according to Sothbey’s release. 

Other prominent personalities alleged of being harassed sexually by the Scene and Herd Instagram identities include artist Subodh Gupta & Kochi-Muziris Biennale co-founder Riyas Komu. Subodh Gupta rejected the claims made against Gaurav Bhatia publicly as well as on his account on Instagram but stood down as the visiting producer at the Serendipity Arts Conferences in Goa, India. Komu resigned from his post at the annual and issued an apology to sufferers on social media. 

What is workplace harassment? 

Harassment, according to the EEOC, includes offensive language, physical assault, intimidation, ridicule, and interference with work performance.

Last week, 270 artists and arts professionals signed a declaration condemning sexual harassment in the South Asian art location. We urge all of our colleagues, including creators, curators, gallerists, buyers, authors, & directors of institutions of all kinds, to dedicate themselves to protecting survivors’ narratives, the press release reads in part. 

Scene and Herd stated on their official Instagram account that it was not done bringing out individuals within the Indian art community. We strive relentlessly to assist victims who have experienced sexual harassment whenever they do not feel secure enough to require our assistance. 

Gaurav Bhatia, quit Sotheby after the Me Too accusations emerged

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Gaurav Bhatia, the MD of Sotheby’s India, quit almost a month after taking a Leave of Absence due to accusations of sexual misconduct leveled against him.

Gaurav Bhatia is the South Asian administrative head and Driving Force behind Sotheby’s Asia & Boundless: India. 

Gaurav Bhatia, the MD of Sotheby India, resigned permanently on December 20th after two fantastic years with the auction house.

Gaurav Bhatia indicated in an announcement saying, ‘Move On’ follows two years of success in operating the auction business. 

Gaurav Bhatia also added, “I chose to move on after spending two excellent years with the auction business while being stellar for launching Sotheby’s inaugural action in Mumbai.” It was a pleasure to collaborate with the fantastic team we’ve assembled, and I look forward to seeing them keep shaping Sotheby’s destiny in India. He concludes his speech by stating, “I wish them all the best for their upcoming success.” 

Following anonymous charges made against Bhatia on social networking sites, he improperly touched the “targets” and even aggressively tried kissing them. 

Along with famous artists like Jatin Das, Subodh Gupta, and Riyas Komu, Gaurav Bhatia was amongst the significant names we singled out in the #MeToo movement before the Indian Penal Court, according to Press Trust of India (PTI). 

What is the #MeToo Movement?

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Tarana Burke created the #MeToo campaign in 2006 to help victims of sexual assault, especially young women who originate from communities with low incomes, discover avenues to rehabilitation.

The objective of the campaign has always been to tackle both the scarcity of assistance for victims of sexual assault and to establish a vibrant network of activists & supporters. The hashtag i.e. #MeToo became viral in October 2017, as victims from all around the globe came out to share their experiences as victims of being sexually assaulted.

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#MeToo Campaign is an international movement as well as a crusade regarding sexual assault, sexual harassment, or the culture of rape whereby individuals publicly share personal sexual assault and sex discrimination stories.

Gaurav Bhatia, Ex-MD of Sotheby’s, has launched MAISON, a high-end real estate & lifestyle guidance firm

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Excessive revenue taxes, inadequate education, & a lack of knowledge about the Indian luxury market have collectively hampered the expansion of numerous global and indigenous companies in the nation’s capital. 

Nevertheless, the luxury goods scene in the nation is changing, as high-end companies prepare for bridging the gap with novel advertising approaches & expansion ideas guided by numerous consulting groups. MAISON, founded by Sotheby’s Ex-MD Gaurav Bhatia, represents a single similar company.

MAISON, a recently established opulence as well as lifestyle helpful cells, provides customers with an extensive support structure that includes strongly distinguishing cutting-edge marketing services, business growth thoughts, advertising as well as redesigning remedies, interaction, material creation, publicity, digital planning, and so forth. 

It additionally assists them in identifying chances to create, expand, and maintain their companies, and offers them ongoing marketing services.

MAISON, the creation of Gaurav Bhatia, the Ex-MD of Sotheby’s & LVMH Moet Hennessy, specializes in a vision for the future that preserves the history of companies while promoting innovation & performance in business. 

In a complicated and hyper-connected globe, the company seeks to develop innovative ideas and solutions that pose a threat to the status quo.

Gaurav Bhatia

MAISON, according to Gaurav Bhatia, is in a quandary of thoughts. It enjoys the straightforward approach, which cuts through the advertising jargon that companies are prone towards. People are knowledgeable & well-connected. 

It is critical to engage in relevant & innovative methods. It prefers thinking strategically & passionately. Companies of today must be annoying, engross and convey narratives.”

MAISON’s goal is not solely to bring companies to life, but additionally to provide ongoing answers to increase visibility and reach fresh markets. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Gaurav Bhatia but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

It also controls and deepens brand-customer relationships with consumers and generates an organization’s voice, all while eliminating the advertising fluff that companies are prone to.

MAISON was founded to offer an extensive support network to premium labels, but it is also committed to preserving the enchantment of these organizations amongst youthful wealthy Indians. Growing recognition of brands, online contact, plus rising expectations has increased consumer interest in luxury products in the biggest cities across the nation. 

Consumers were eager to use additional funds on enhancing their way of life, making the function of premium and culture advising organizations such as MAISON increasingly vital in bridging the divide among companies and their clients.

We understand that youngsters in the country want to experience the enchantment of companies & delve into the world of luxury goods. It is not just about purchasing luxury items such as clothing, accessories, watches, spirits, and wine, but also involves living life to its fullest. 

Belongs to an in-depth knowledge of the Indian luxury marketplace, MAISON is comfortable about overcoming such a gap, declares Gaurav Bhatia.

MAISON specializes in creating goals for the future that encourages creative & superior business performance by instilling a culture in companies that renders them hands-on, lively, and more intriguing. 

It additionally provides companies with an individual look & unrivaled depth by choosing long-term and important partnerships that reinforce their reputation & shape.

Gaurav Bhatia is starting on an entirely fresh path inside the world of luxury after studying every facet of it over the past two decades. He has been, nevertheless, not lacking in motivation because he strives to establish an example for others whilst running his own business. 

Not necessarily for the first time in his life, and perhaps not for the final time, he faces a fresh obstacle.

Sotheby’s makes its bidding debut in India, led by Gaurav Bhatia

Despite being a dominating, global art bidding marketplace, Gaurav Bhatia, Sotheby’s ex-MD, is expanding its footprint in the country through “Boundless: India” in Bombay. 

Sotheby’s has enjoyed connecting buyers with outstanding art from its foundation in 1744. By extending the company’s headquarters beyond London to New York in the year 1955, it transformed into the initial worldwide bidding company.

Sotheby’s now holds sales in 10 distinct salesrooms, enabling viewers to witness all sales live via the Internet and purchase from any part of the globe. Sotheby’s is one of the globe’s greatest auctioneers, with an unparalleled worldwide presence of Eighty locations across forty different nations.

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The art, Durga Mahisasura Mardini of 1983, by Tyeb Mehta, was amongst the bestsellers, selling approximately Rs 20.49 crores. The work of art was commissioned directly from the creator and has remained in an individual’s possession since that time. 

The painting is Tyeb Mehta’s first portrayal of divinity, with the saffron Durga standing strong above the emerald-colored slain buffalo monster Mahishasur against a background of a “confidence” hued sky in blue.

Another, The Little Girl in Blue, Sotheby’s initial offering during its inaugural sale, achieved an Indian benchmark in the amount of Rupees 18.69 crores.

Sotheby’s Global Reality, which began business in the year 1976, has more than 20,000 individual salespeople within 880 locations throughout seventy nations including territory. In the year 2016, the organization generated ninety-five billion in dollars overall sales worldwide.


Gaurav Bhatia, the MD of Sotheby’s India, was recently placed on leave awaiting an investigation regarding sexual assault claims. According to unsubstantiated charges made towards Gaurav Bhatia on the internet, Bhatia unjustly touched the sufferers and even attempted to share a kiss with them. 

In reaction to these charges presented during the Sotheby’s India sale, the bidding company remarked that harassment of any kind has never occurred in an auction house and that we are going to thoroughly investigate the claims made against Gaurav Bhatia. 

Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s MD: Is He Guilty of Harassment? Exposed
Gaurav Bhatia Sotheby’s MD: Is He Guilty of Harassment? Exposed

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