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Gautam Muthusamy: All You Need to Know About His Hidden Fees, Disclosures, Lawsuits. The Truth Exposed! (Update 2023)


Who is Gautam Muthusamy (CRD#: 6222303)?Everything you need to know about Gautam Muthusamy and their accolades

As CEO, Managing Partner, and Senior Financial Advisor, Gautam Muthusamy joined Baughman Capital Management in 2016.

He specializes in providing tailored financial services to high-net-worth people, business owners, professionals, university affiliates, and corporate executives as the practice’s owner and leader. In addition to co-chairing the Investment Policy Committee, he focuses on strengthening client connections, forging strategic alliances, and managing business development. Gautam’s service is built on trust.

According to Forbes 2020 Top 500 Next-Gen Wealth Advisors, Gautam was selected. He sets the bar high by setting clear goals, and a long-term vision, and providing honest feedback while exuding tremendous enthusiasm and positivity.

Gautam is actively involved in Ann Arbor’s entrepreneurial scene in addition to his work at Baughman Capital Management. His attempts to get more knowledgeable about emerging and new businesses guarantee a unique, cutting-edge perspective. Gautam presently resides in Ann Arbor after spending his early years in Michigan. His favorite charities to support are the Humane Society of Washtenaw County and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Gautam concentrated on growing as an investment professional while he was a student at the University of Michigan by working as an intern at a Michigan-based hedge fund. There, he discovered how to use economics and statistics in the management of portfolios and financial markets. At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Gautam received a BA in Economics.

In this article, we will go deep into Gautam Muthusamy’s past, discovering hidden disclosures and analyzing the consequences of the lawsuits.


About Baughman Capital ManagementHistory, achievements, leadership, lawsuits, & disputes

In order to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment services to business owners, professionals, corporate executives, and other individuals and their families who require a high level of tailored personal service, Baughman Capital Management’s team of 5 financial advisors and 5 branch professionals is comprised.

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The team has considerable experience working with people to develop a sound financial roadmap for the next phase of their lives, having more than 30 years of combined experience. Working side by side with their clients to streamline a potentially complicated planning process, Baughman Capital Management exemplifies a personalized approach.

Services offered by Baughman Capital Management

Whether you are an individual with personal and family goals or the person in charge of your organization’s financial ambitions, they are here to offer you a range of financial and investment planning services that are crucial to your success.

Together, they will choose the service that best meets your needs. They will then use their investment knowledge and experience to customize the needed service to your particular circumstances and with your specific goals in mind. If necessary, they will also work closely with your other professional advisers.

They provide the following services:

  • Estate, Charitable Giving & Trust
  • Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement Management

What do you mean by Remedial Services? 

The psychiatric disorder must impair a person’s ability to function in relationships and interactions with others in the family or community. Remedial Services help individuals learn age-appropriate ways and skills to manage their behavior and regain self-control.


Gautam Muthusamy Disclosures: BrokerCheck, FINRA, And SEC ReportsEvery complaint, disclosure, and litigation against Gautam Muthusamy

The brokerCheck report of Gautam Muthusamy includes information such as employment history, professional qualification, disciplinary actions, criminal convictions, civil judgment, and arbitration awards as well as disclosures events.

No disclosures have been mentioned about Gautam Muthusamy.

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Financial Advisors often take down their client disputes from FINRA’s Public database through Disclosure Expungement. Even law firms provide expungement services to FAs so that they can hide or remove their client disputes and maintain a clean record. So the lack of any disclosures on BrokerCheck doesn’t necessarily mean that the broker hasn’t had any conflicts in the past.
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FINRA’s BrokerCheck

individual_6222303.pdf (

SEC Litigations & Forms

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Source: Gautam Muthusamy – SEC Site Search Search Results


Gautam Muthusamy Lawsuits, Legal Battles, & DisputesActive database of all lawsuit documents (subject to availability) against Gautam Muthusamy

Most court cases filed in the United States of America are archived on CourtListener, UniCourt,, Justia,, and Law360. If Gautam Muthusamy has been involved in any such lawsuits, then you can find the documents using the links down below:

There might be more pending lawsuits against Gautam Muthusamy which are not listed on these directories. Lawsuit files are often deleted from online directories. So if you cannot find any lawsuits against Gautam Muthusamy on these websites, you can contact the local authorities and check if they have a physical copy of any cases.


Gautam Muthusamy Complaints, Class Action Lawsuits & Legal BattlesRead all class action lawsuits and SEC complaints against Gautam Muthusamy (if available)

The following websites/directories are the best sources for finding complaints, litigations, and disputes against finance advisors. You can find all the complaints against Gautam Muthusamy using the websites down below:

You can contact the law firms mentioned above if facing issues with Gautam Muthusamy or any financial advisor.


Better Alternatives To Gautam Muthusamy (By Experts):Find the top 3 alternatives to Gautam Muthusamy

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Manages Assets Worth

  • $714,587,898,072


  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Pension consulting
  • Selection of other advisors
  • Publication of periodicals

Manages Assets Worth

  • $173,418,270,044


  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio assessment
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Manages Assets Worth

  • $46,803,858,104


  • Portfolio management

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