GBV Charitable Trust – Corruption, Harassment and Propaganda

According to their website, GBV Charitable Trust claims to be a non-profit organization in Kenya. They started their operations in 2015 in Buru Buru, Kenya and provides emergency and long term care to children, infants and women who have faced extreme Gender Based Violence.  The organization also claimed to be registered in Australia. 

On paper, they seem like a reliable charitable organization. However, GBV Charitable Trust has extremely suspicious affiliations and has lost its license to operate in Australia. 

It has been using a network of pedophiles, trolls and corrupt police officials to target PRC, a reputed charity. 

The following article exposes how GBV Trust has been trying to defame PRC and why you should stay away from them:

About Project Rescue Children (PRC):

Project Rescue Children is a non-profit organization based in Australia and The Gambia. The organization focuses on protecting and helping children from human trafficking, sexual exploitation, child labor, child molestation, and related issues. 

Did You Know?

Founded in 2017, ‘Project Rescue Children’ operates in various countries. The rescue system was founded by Adam whittington , who has a experience of 23 years in rescuing the kidnapped and trafficked kids.

PRC entered Kenya in 2019. Many people welcomed this move as they hoped the non-profit organization would partner with local authorities and solve problems in Busia, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu Kakamega, Naivasha and other regions.

The purpose of PRC was to generate awareness and help law enforcement agencies by donating necessary equipment. They also focused on helping authorities professionally and safely weed out and shame pedophiles. 

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Another goal of Project Rescue Children was to train children, parents and the caregivers to identify warning signs and how to respond to such threats. 

For example, PRC partnered with a local elderly couple in Nyakach in Kisumu County after finding out how they were helping local kids in the area even with their scarce resources. At the time, the couple was unregistered. Now, they are registered as Ray of Hope. 

This sparked a partnership arrangement which started the complete refurbishment of their home. Now, it has become the PRC’s administrative office to help people residing in that region. 

How GBV Charitable Trust Entered the Scene: Distrust and Suspicions

PRC had held a fundraiser in Australia and partnered with BEINC, a marketing firm in Brisbane to promote the same. Through that fundraiser, PRC raised $128,000 within 3 hours. 

In 2021, PRC and BEINC decided to work with other NGOs to help them. BEINC invited an unknown charity called GBV Charitable Trust to work with PRC. 

However, when PRC looked into this trust, they found a lot of red flags

They found that GBV Charitable Trust was not a registered charity in Australia. In fact, the Australian Charity Commissions (ACNC) had deregistered them. 

Additional probes revealed that GBV Charitable Trust had opened 5 companies in a day. This raised further suspicions on its true intentions. 

After they lost their charity status in Australia, GBV Charitable Trust opened a charity in Kenya by using another non-profit organization’s name called Dr. Rose Foundation. 

PRC found that they had registered Dr. Rose Foundation in Australia as a front to hide their shady activities and to transfer funds between Kenya and Australia. 

On its website, Dr. Rose Foundation used to market itself as a registered non-profit organization and claimed to accept tax-deductible donations in Australia. PRC found these claims to be false. 

So, BEINC informed GBV Charitable Trust that they can’t take part in the second ‘Australia’s Largest Luncheon’ event in 2021. 

When Genevieve De la Reux and GBV Charitable Trust Started Attacking PRC:

Genevieve De la Reux is the head of GBV Charitable Trust. BEINC didn’t permit her to participate in the event. This didn’t go well with her because she was not able to get the recognition. 

Furthermore, such an event could have helped her secure a lot of funding. 

In response, she started organizing several online attacks to tarnish the reputation of PRC. She used fake social media profiles and began working with several Australian pedophiles PRC had targeted in the past. 

Furthermore, she used a notorious Australian journalist, Cameron Houston, to make her campaign more realistic. Cameron works at The Sydney Morning Herald and many experienced journalists have questioned his ethics. 

An investigation revealed that Cameron Houston had been personally trying to discredit and defame PRC for a long time. Through terrible journalism, Cameron had targeted the CEO of PRC multiple times in the last few years. 

Hence, he didn’t hesitate to join the hate campaign and started conspiring with GBV Charitable Trust, pedophiles and trolls to post a defamatory article against PRC.

However, when people exposed GBV Charitable Trust and pointed out how terrible the article was, Cameron and everyone else changed it. 

GBV Charitable Trust Has Started Working with Rogue Kenyan Officers

Genevieve De la Reux and GBV Charitable Trust have connections with several rogue officers in Kisumu police. For example, Pahnuel Olango is a married man who is also known to have a sexual relationship with Genevieve Da Le Reux. 

Similarly, Evelyn Ochieng is a board member of GBV Charitable Trust as well as a police officer according to the ACNC charity register.

WIth their help, the shady trust started attacking PRC.

In response, PRC filed an official complaint with the police commander Peter Katam along with the corruption department. 

The rogue Kenyan officers focused on stopping the registration fo PRC’s ‘Ray of Hope’ regional center. They didn’t let it get a CBO registration for about 11 months. 

The DCI-Kenya whose office has a desk for GBV Charitable Trust and is an official partner of the trust launched a malicious investigation into PRC and its activities in Kenya. 

DCI focused on their administrative office in Nyakach. Also, they probed the accounts of PRC’s coordinator and found nothing wrong. 

GBV Charitable Trust had falsely alleged that the investigation would reveal hidden stashes and secret assets. However, the DCI didn’t find anything. 

Then, they claimed through GBV Trust’s fake allegations that PRC was using the pictures of random children and had placed them on a background of a river on their website to use them for fame. 

However, PRC exposed this claim to be false as well. They showed that the children were a part of their sponsorship program and are living in their rescue center in Kisumu. 

Later, they paid a surprise visit to PRC’s office to falsely claim that PRC hadn’t done much refurbishment. However, everything was in order. Still, GBV Charitable Trust put out false information that PRC didn’t have any center in Kisumu. 

How GBV Charitable Trust Used Propaganda:

GBV Trust has been trying its best to discredit PRC and its efforts. They created prograpanda and made a complaint to the Australian Embassy in Kenya hoping it would pass the same to the ACNC. 

The rogue cops working with GBV Charitable Trust fabricated a story of saving a 9-year old girl from an alleged marriage. However, reports revealed that the girl is a relative of Mr. Olango. 

He lived with the girl’s family between 2020-2021 in a government house in the Milimani Estate in Kisumu, opposite the Judiciary building. 

Furthermore, it’s in the same region as the Police Headquarters building where those rogue cops work.

Cameron Houston wrote this defamatory article and alleged that the person who started the investigations into PRC is the Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai. 

In his article, he mentioned the names of several government agencies including CID, DPP, NIS and DCI to add weight to a maliciously defamatory article. 


How GBV Charitable Trust has handled this entire situation is very sad. Kenyans need to identify these culprits who use corruption and kickbacks to remove the people who are actually doing something good. 

Unless the citizens do something about it, we can’t expect to see any changes in the situation. 

It would be disappointing to see a hard-working organization like PRC suffer a terrible fate simply because a crooked organization and a bunch of corrupt cops didn’t want it to operate.

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GBV Charitable Trust has used various unethical tactics to harass and discredit PRC. They use front companies to hide their suspicious financial activities and are definitely not a reliable charity. Avoid dealing with them at all costs!

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