Is Gemini Trust Company a Scammer?

Preliminary Investigation

A community member has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on Gemini Trust Company. This webpage will, therefore, help in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions.

Who is Gemini Trust Company?

FYI, Gemini Trust Company is based at New York, NY United States.

Scope of Investigation

In previous investigative reports on similar entities/individuals, the community unearthed serious issues related to –

  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Litigations and Lawsuits
  • Sexual Harassment Allegations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal Conspiracy

Whenever our esteemed contributors alert us of a serious allegation against a subject, we strongly suggest investigating the claims thoroughly before publishing the report. Once published, we do NOT allow any sort of editing, tampering, or removal of the report.

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  1. My husband and I are victims of fraud. Our IRAs both Roth and Traditional were illegally transferred to another individual. Gemini has refused to even speak with us let alone explain how the transfer took place within their “trust.” They are DEFINITELY NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN ANYTHING. GET YOUR CRYPTO COINS OUT OF THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. They are currently being investigated by the FBI and the IRS to mention a few. They need to go down due to their incredibly poor customer service. I am interested in finding out others who were affected by the fraud that occurred on February 8.

  2. Hi, 

    I saw the web page regarding the article or research you’re doing regarding Gemini cryptocurrency exchange and I am a victim of their scams or awful business practices which have caused me nothing but great stress, anger, and anxiety to the point where I’m about to have a nervous breakdown because of the games that they are playing! 

    I honestly just began invest on a very miniscule level in both the stock market and cryptocurrency market because I figured I keep hearing about all money being made on the news so the little extra money that I do have which certainly isn’t much and also means I can afford to lose less than the average investor I decided to try to invest! I did some research although obviously not enough and chose Gemini due to them being insured by FDIC and supposedly being a safer exchange or guardian as they call it but they’re actually just bullies and undercover thugs who strong arm you into taking you money! 

    Anyway after sign up I tried to get verified in order to make trades which I actually did and successfully completed which is also evidenced by the fact that I was able to deposit more than $4000 into my account in less than a month as well as make dozens of Trades during that span otherwise if I wasn’t verified I would have been able to make those trades or deposit that much which these are simple facts that are undeniable and have paper trail proof to support the claim therefore there’s nothing Gemini can do to deny that! 

    Then suddenly after everything is going ok I suppose I noticed how deceiving their app was in terms of showing breakdowns of my investments which they honestly don’t show you much other than your entire portfolio total which obviously is one thing you want to see however it’s imperative to also see the total amount invested so you can figure out whether or not you lost money or gained money! Then I simply pointed that out to them and asked why they avoid giving important details such as net loss or gains or a simple total investment calculation so people can do the math themselves and that’s suddenly when my verified account in which I submitted a crystal clear photo of my ID somehow was no longer verified locking any acces to my own account and the funds or invest made in it! They claimed that the photo of my ID was blurry the same ID that is and was crystal clear when I submitted it and acceptable at the time I did it however a month later after the fact of me making trades and depositing as a verified user it certainly was not good enough! 

    From that point on I’ve been locked out of my account so I can’t make any trades in an order to close my account I need to have all my trades at zero which if you’re locked out you can’t sell your cryptocurrency to get your account is zero in order to withdraw your funds and he can make any more trades you can’t deposit any more money you can withdraw any money as well as there’s nobody you can speak to in order to close your account is still they could do it for you and just transfer that amount back to your linked bank account. I tried numerous times to resubmit my ID with flawless crystal clear photos of the ID in which there’s no way unless the people looking at the ID have poor eyesight or blurred vision themselves could see a blurry photo of the ID. After that it’s been nothing but then playing games beating around the bush and doing nothing to help me while my money is stuck with them money that I don’t necessarily have to leave with some crappy firm for them to use in their own Investments well I sit here unable to do my own Investments make my own choices or simply take back the money that is rightfully mine! They have me stuck in a corner to where I can do nothing because the way they set this up and it’s unacceptable to create such a ridiculous protocol that’s actually a trap door to get people and lure them to invest money so it can get stuck there and then have no customer service to help people get out of this trap! 

    Eventually I’m probably gonna have to seek the advice of an attorney however in my cost me more money for the attorney then it would the amount that I have invested in there and I don’t have money to be giving to attorneys either so they could scam on me and drain my account too for which there probably in cahoots with these scumbags! Just a bunch of Rich wealthy powerful douchebags trying to get their cut out of everybody’s money especially the middle to lower class because they know that we can’t do anything about it!

    I appreciate you listening to my problems that I’m having this Gemini and if there’s anything you could do to help me or if there’s anything I could do to help you or an informational question that you have please let me know because I’m more than glad to help and I hope that this also helps other people who’ve been mistreated or scammed by this trash company of Thieves. Also I assure you this is not just some gripe or complaining about losing money in my investments or anything like that because if I made bad decisions or if the market crashes or wherever the chips may fall I’m prepared for that however that’s not the case and this is a simple case of me not having access after having access to something freely for over a month and after pointing something out I suddenly now don’t have the full access that I was awarded prior just for mentioning that they offer deceiving information as far as my portfolio stats but rather choose to include ridiculous stats that make people think they’re making more than they actually have. By the way for example those stats that I’m talking about and what they show you in the app in your portfolio as far as percentages made what they do is they actually use money that you deposit into your account as games that you made on your investment so if I deposit money to buy a cryptocurrency the amount that I deposited is considered capital gain on my portfolio so please tell me how deceiving is that when they won’t even show me my total investment that I’ve made and make you do all the math on your own when they have all the apps software in calculators to do that for you which that is absolutely ridiculous! 


    Stefania Palamar

  3. Hi there, I’m a journalist specialised in cryptocurrencies and exchanges. If your researchers find anything interesting in your investigation, I would like to find out too. I like how you guys are running an initiative. I can help your story reach more ears through my platform. Please check your email, I have contacted you there.

  4. As a regular user of Gemini and its exchange services, I can help you a lot with your investigation. My experience with them has been very painful and I can give you a detailed account of the events if you’d like. Just let me know where should I share my experience with Gemini? Would it be okay to share it here or should I send you an email? Please let me know.

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