George Dimitriou Sydney – $5.5 Million Fraud and Threats

George Dimitriou Sydney is a fraudster who faced allegations of threatening his victims, according to the authorities. 

Apparently, he sent one victim a coffin’s picture and another a threat saying he will get “maximum harm”. Allegedly, he also threatened the victims’ lawyer and called him a ‘dead man’. 

George Dimitriou Sydney faced charges of defrauding ANZ bank and an elderly immigrant couple in a $2 million deal. In total, he has been accused of defrauding others for $5.5 million. 

Documents reveal that George’s fraudulent scheme caused the elderly couple to lose their home. 

George Dimitriou Sydney

Also, George was convicted in 2015 for assaulting a key witness in a civil case related to the fraud case. 

Apart from the fraudulent scheme involving an elderly couple, authorities are investigating George Dimitriou Sydney for another scam of $3.5 million. 

In the next section, I have shared more details on how this criminal was allegedly threatening his own victims and their lawyers. It would help you understand why you should avoid dealing with him and any of his companies. The man is not trustworthy.

He is a dangerous criminal who doesn’t hesitate to threaten women with violence. Beware of George and all of his associates!

How George Dimitriou Sydney Allegedly Threatened his Victims:

According to the authorities, George had scammed his former client Mark Leishman. Later, he confronted the victim and his lawyer in Sydney’s CBD after a day in court. 

Allegedly, he told the lawyer, “I’ve got a one time offer for the Leishmans and if they don’t take it I will f— their lives”.

He also called the lawyer a gronk and said he got between him and those ‘beautiful people’. George called the lawyer a dead man and said someone will visit them soon. 

Also, he allegedly claimed that he was good friends with many bikies. Apart from Leishman, he also threatened Ms Huybers, another victim of his fraudulent schemes

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Police state that he crouched down, put his face up to Ms Huybers’ and placed his hand on her shoulder before saying “unless you start helping me, you’re finished”.

Also, George Dimitriou Sydney had sent her a message which contained the image of a coffin. 

In his explanation, George claimed that he was at a funeral and the eulogy mentioned her. However, Ms Huybers shared that she didn’t know the deceased. 

Also, one of the detectives investigating the case had seen George and his lawyer sitting in a coffee shop near Ms Huybers’ office. 

He added in the police fact sheet that the accused took a seat where he was able to see people coming in and out. 

It’s worth noting that George Dimitriou Sydney was convicted in 2015 of assaulting a witness in a case against him. The case was for an alleged fraud against the witness’s parents. For the assault, George had received a 12 months’ good behavior bond. 

After receiving these allegations, George Dimitriou Sydney faced new charges of assault, intimidation and fraud. 

The Sydney man is a director of 9 companies with offices in Bella Vista. 


George Dimitriou Sydney is a fraudster and a dangerous criminal who doesn’t hesitate to threaten other victims. 

Be extremely cautious when dealing with fraudsters like him. For example, Samir Azizi Dubai is a German criminal who faced multiple charges of tax evasion in the European country. 

He had fled to the US to avoid the German authorities and was on the way to Dubai before getting arrested. The man had run a money laundering scheme involving cell phone companies. There are plenty of similar scammers out there. Hence, beware.

It’s best to avoid dealing with these guys. 

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  1. The government should make some necessary changes in the policing system and also set some new rules for these criminal activities so that people like George can get into the perfect line.

  2. The government should look into the matter and ask the legal authorities and police to take necessary actions against people like George so that no other family or person would get traumatized because of these criminals.

  3. The way he taunted the lawyer and warned him someone will be reaching him soon, shows his possession in the market and in the country as well, due to the loopholes and fewer strictness people like George will be emerging at full speed.

  4. The way these scammers are getting attention for committing such heinous crimes shouldn’t be praised instead of bragging about their criminal activities they should be given the strictest punishment which could be ever provided.

  5. His schemes led some couples to lose their house which completely explains the type of character Jeorge is also he was making them feel uncomfortable by issuing them warnings not to open their mouth.

  6. He was convicted of criminal cases which made him suffer criminal records and also got warnings from the legal authorities which are really shameful for any the entrepreneur.

  7. Now the incident where he posted an image of the coffin to some lady was very ruthless and dangerous due to the type of terror he was posing isn’t acceptable.

  8. The German authorities were behind this person and were trying to get him but he ran to Dubai so that he couldn’t be traced and also never wanted to get his track placed with the US and German authorities.

  9. When it comes to threatening George the cruelest person alive due to his dangerous track record of threatening women the government should take the some serious concern against this psychopath, and issue some guidelines against people like George.

  10. I don’t understand why the governments of other countries hesitate to get these criminals traced and hand them over to the required agency for investigation and make them understand the crime they have committed will not be entertained.

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