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George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates: Scammer Exposed by Reviews (Update 2024)

George Nunez tax
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George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates is a scammer who has been exposed by his victims on various platforms. Find out more here.
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George Nunez Tax is a shady business owner who has received numerous complaints for defrauding consumers.

Find out why you should avoid dealing with him and his company:

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8/12/2023 Update
As of now, George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Overview of George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates 

George Nunez Tax launched the tax relief business Tax Relief Advocates in Brea, California, in 2017. The business provides various services, including tax preparation, dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and resolving legal issues arising from tax debt.

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Tax Relief Advocates (TRA) provides these tax relief services at 15 offices throughout 8 different states.
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Different Locations of George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates across the Nation

There are 15 Tax Relief Advocates offices nationwide, in contrast to certain tax relief companies that only have one physical location:

  • Arizona — Scottsdale, Tucson
  • Pennsylvania — Chadsford, Pittsburgh
  • New Mexico — Albuquerque
  • Nevada — Las Vegas, Reno
  • California — Brea, Irvine, Orange
  • Kentucky — Louisville
  • Texas — Austin, Garland
  • Washington — Tacoma, Vancouver

Three-Step Procedure for Tax Relief

Tax Relief Advocates provides a straightforward, three-step method for settling tax debt or other tax-related issues.

  1. Your appointment with a tax expert from TRA is the initial stage, during which you will go through your current status. This aids your TRA case manager in gathering the data required to assist you properly.
  1. After you and TRA have agreed on a course of action, the second step is extensive research, after which TRA will start working on your case. This will entail informing the appropriate tax authorities that a tax attorney is now representing you.
  1. The third phase is resolution, where the tax professionals at TRA will assist you in beginning the process of securing tax debt forgiveness and negotiating on your behalf with the IRS or state taxation authorities.

How do you define tax evasion?

What are tax evasion, its methods, and associated penalties?

It is unlawful for you to evade paying your tax obligations, whether you are an individual or a business. Criminal charges and severe punishments are associated with the serious crime of tax evasion. For instance, it is considered tax fraud and falls under the category of tax evasion to pay no taxes or pay less than you should.

Adverse Facts about George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates

Limited Online Information

The website for George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates provides details on its offerings and locations, but it is silent on the organization’s minimum debt requirement or the price of any of its services.

 To determine whether Tax Relief Advocates is the best option for them, this compels potential clients to consent to a free consultation.

This information is made more publicly known by several of Tax Relief Advocates’ major rivals, specifically the minimum debt threshold. For instance, Community Tax has a $3,000 minimum debt requirement, while Anthem Tax Services has a $10,000 minimum debt requirement.

Negative Reviews of George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates

#1.Delayed notification from the company:

george nunez tax

In the evaluation above, the client of George Nunzen’s Tax Relief Advocates expresses dissatisfaction with the working procedure, which involves the provision of updates of data points and specifics regarding the created account for which they are accountable.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with George Nunez but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

The employee of the organization responded to the aforementioned review, but further action was similarly unfavorable.

image 109

#2. The customer reached financial difficulties

image 110

According to the review above, the client is dissatisfied with the pre-payment he made. The objectives of George Nunez’s Tax Relief Advocates are not met by their performance.

#3. The client called George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates ‘Thieves’

image 111

The customer did not receive any information regarding her money, according to the review above. She was told by the IRS that it would be best to schedule a meeting and visit them in reality.

#4. Highway robbery for George Nunez’s Tax Relief Advocates 

image 112

In the aforementioned instance, the client paid the company $5000.00 to negotiate a tax decrease with the IRS. Nevertheless, when the client tried to close on a home, the IRS insisted that the back taxes be paid before the transaction could take through.

He paid the unpaid taxes to the IRS because TRA was unable to complete them in time for him to close. And as of right now, they won’t give him his money back. It is highway robbery for George Nunez’s Tax Relief Advocates to take advantage of their clients.

#5. Misleading Company for Tax Relief

image 113

As others have noted, it got off to a nice start, but there is only $1700.00 between what he owes the IRS and what they charged. $121.00 each month is deducted by the IRS. 

This wouldn’t occur, the client was assured. Now that he owed $2600.00 in interest on his credit card, the $121.00 is still being deducted. He fails to see the point in doing that. Therefore the company of George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates deceived him in this regard.

#6. Communication between the client and the company was lost

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It was an awful experience spending with this company, according to the review above. After putting the money in this company for his tax relief, their line of communication was cut off. Furthermore, he claims that this business is wholly unreliable.

#7. Another communication lost review
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#8. Lack of communication with their Clients

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The client was transferred to the tax expert at the beginning, and things became quickly worse. The following year’s taxes are about to be finished, and he still hasn’t filed for the prior year. They don’t communicate with me or keep me updated.

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george nunez tax
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Who is George Nunez?

For six years, George Nunez has served as a founding member of Tax Relief Advocates. Tax Relief Advocates is a company that provides accounting services.
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George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates is located in Irvine, California.

How does George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates company work?

Tax Relief Advocates make the following claims: decreases tax debt, halts wage garnishments, and halts bank levies. They employ a consultative method along with a tailored and unique technique that is appropriate for the circumstance.

Best Tax Relief Companies

  • Optima Tax Relief
  • Anthem Tax Relief
  • Alleviate Tax Relief
  • Tax Network USA INC
  • Tax Defense Network
  • Community Tax


With sites in eight states, George Nunzen’s Tax Relief Advocates provides its clients with a wide range of services. You might want to hunt for a local tax expert who claims to be able to help you if you reside outside of one of the eight states where Tax Relief Advocates has an office.

Tax Relief Advocates doesn’t disclose the minimum debt amount required or the price of its services, but it does offer free consultations, allowing customers to learn the cost of the company’s services before paying for them.

George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates: Scammer Exposed by Reviews (Update 2024)
George Nunez Tax Relief Advocates: Scammer Exposed by Reviews (Update 2024)

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  1. They offered the bogus services to their clients. It is not reliable for investment.

  2. Once they got the money from the people they started ignoring the people. It raises the question of the firm legitimacy.

  3. I agree with you Rodney Hills, these people are the fraudsters after receiving the money they started misleading the people. They are taking advantage of the people and earning the money. It would be advised to stay away from them.

  4. Maintain distance from this company to make sure you are safe and none of your money is taken away from these fake schemes reducing your tax.

  5. It would be better to avoid these fraudulent firms and there are numerous firms with these nefarious schemes, to make you indulge in the fraudulent phase of your life, it is important to make everyone aware of these scams and never get involved in fraudulent schemes.

    • I agree with you, they are untrustworthy, and there are numerous complaints and negative complaints about the firm duping their own clients. Avoid these fake schemes.

  6. Make sure you are submitting the tax without any fraud, taking the help of these people may land you in some trouble in the future.

  7. Avoid any contacts, according to me their dealing process isn’t legitimate.

  8. Avoid any contacts, according to me their dealing process isn’t legitimate.

  9. I will suggest you trust George for their experience in the field and their contacts with popular entities.

  10. The problem with this venture is that they don’t provide accurate information about their privacy and related information about their company.

  11. They are providing the best services to their people so you can try their services for the first time, so it is up to you whether you are interested in taking their services, I will recommend you to take the best from the supreme, it is George Nunez, the perfect tax expert.

  12. The company has several branches and promotes itself as one of the best service providers, I will recommend you take the services of the company and make them know the truth.

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