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I am writing this with the greatest level of sadness ever and an incredible depth of gloom in my spirit. Like millions of people across the globe, I was very interested in issues of personal development, positive thinking, and all things along that line. It was with this mindset that I went online and started to look for an expert in the field. My plan was to ensure that I was going to get across to someone who is really versed in the field and will guide my every move until I achieve all I have set out to achieve. It was in my search that I came across Gladys Cali. I saw several things about her online and I felt they were interesting and encouraging. I did not know that it was nothing but a trap that was set up for innocent and unsuspecting victims like me.

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Gladys Cali, the Smooth Operator Who Will Defraud You

You need to give it to Cali, she is the real definition of a smooth operator. She has been able to master all the tactics and techniques of deception. If you do a quick search of this devious lady on the Internet, you are going to see things that are considered impressive. This is because, on the Internet, she has been able to market herself as something that she is not. This scammer who is always orchestrating has been able to project her image as someone who is out there to do good. But do not be deceived, she is not out for any good.

 On various platforms on the Internet, Cali claims she is based in Barcelona, Spain and that she is a motivational speaker, mentor, and even talent developer. She also claimed to be the brain behind Infinite Event and Tech Experience Conference.

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Perfecting the Scam, Cali Making False Claims

According to her, these are supposed to be very good and veritable platforms that can be of great benefit to everyone. For example, she marketed Infinite Event Experience to me as something great, something worthy of participating in. As she said, Infinite Event Experience was truly something out of this world. It was supposed to be a life-changing event. One thing you need to give to Cali is the ease with which she is able to market practically anything to practically anyone. She is able to tell lies without batting an eyelid. She told me that her so-called hub, the Infinite Event Experience, was more than just a regular events agency.

  She told me with all the seriousness that it was a place where they make the best use of technology to get outstanding results as far as the best of brand experiences are concerned. And because I was very interested in doing everything possible to build my brand at that time, I was ready to participate in what she was promoting to everyone. That was how and why I joined Infinite Event Experience in May 2017.

My Gladys Cali Event Review

Cali’s Infinite Event Experience, Straight Out of Hell

  If you check out the website that Cali set up to promote the Infinite Event Experience, you will quickly see why it is virtually impossible for anyone not to fall into her meticulously set traps. She made all kinds of claims and I am going to take my time to outline everything at this stage. This is because I am recalling these memories with all sorts of pain and I do not want others to fall for the same deceit that Gladys Cali has carefully and masterfully laid out just to trap innocent people and rip them off.

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 She claimed that the Infinite Event Experience was a total and comprehensive package. It was supposed to have what was called incentive trips. These were to be very memorable trips and voyages organized all over the globe for the promotion of your brand and whatever enterprise you may be doing. Then, there are also supposed to be congresses and all kinds of meetings. I remember this one particularly well because I can recollect Cali saying they were going to find us the most excellent hotels and restaurants for the various congresses, meetings, and all kinds of events. She said all I needed to do was just pay and sign up and that I was going to enjoy beyond my wildest imagination.

 I was very interested in the Infinite Event Experience promoted by Cali for a number of reasons. You will recollect that I was very much into the whole thing because I was sincerely looking for a way to make my life far better and improve upon the different sectors and areas of my life. So, when she was saying all that I needed to hear, I actually believed her.

 She marketed the Infinite Event Experience to me as one that will also include team building, recruitment of speakers and so many other services. Like the team-building efforts, for example, she stated that she was also very much interested in getting similar minds together, then brainstorming together and coming up with the most wonderful ideas. She packaged all her lies very well and it is so painful I fell for them. She boasted that they were going to help me search for and hire the best of speakers for all my events so that the brand that I was building was also going to become a great one in a matter of a short period.

When I asked Cali how she was going to do it, she said she has incredible access to a vast network of well-known speakers at the local, regional and global levels. Hence, she could reach out to anyone at any point in time and get them to speak. Once again, she encouraged me to just make the payment and enjoy all the benefits. She also promised that apart from the offers above, there were other perks like event technology, communication tips, extra software applications, and all kinds of digital resources that can help someone like me personally and in my business.

Paying for Nothing, the Scam in Motion

 Because I held Cali in high esteem, it was difficult for me to even imagine for a second that she could be lying to me. The only thing I notice that was off about her was that she was always requesting that I make the payment and join any of the training or events that she is offering to everyone. Looking back now, I can see clearly that my instinct was right all along, she was more interested in the money more than anything else. After she did all possible to convince me, I ended up paying her thousands of dollars from the money that I had saved over the years after a lot of struggle. I pleaded with Cali that she should assist in developing me and also help me in a way that my business too was going to boom. I made her realize that the money I was going to invest in her program was all the money I had left in my life – I had no other savings or anyone to run to. That was all that was left with me. Cali casually smiled and confirmed receiving the money and she assured me that all was fine.

In fact, she told me that she was booking me immediately for the Infinite Experience Event and that I was going to have a front-row seat and get the best of all the packages that were on offer. I was glad and excited and I honestly looked forward to a great future ahead together. For me, all my amazing dreams were about to come true and for that alone, I had very good reasons to celebrate and celebrate well.

How Gladys Cali Scams People

Gladys Cali and her Empire of Lies and Fraud

 I realized something disturbing shortly after I had already made all the full payments to her. The first shock that hit me was that the contact details she gave me to reach out to were not working. And on the rare occasions that I am able to get across to her customer care person, they would promise to get back to me and they never did.

Initially, I felt maybe it was all due to logistics and her very tight schedule so I kept giving excuses on her behalf. Little did I even know at that point that I had fallen a victim to her evil manipulations. I did not realize the fact that all Cali was promoting was nothing but her empire of thick lies and shocking fraud. She promised that she was going to book an excellent slot for me at the event. Whenever I reached out to her to confirm or get details of the event that she promised to have booked for me, she would not pick up the calls or simply ignore the emails.

At some other time, she will give excuses that she was busy and was going to reach out to me in a matter of minutes. Cali never did. It was all so glaring that all she was after was just the money. Her main aim and goal were to do nothing but to rip people off. She was neither interested in helping people like me to discover our gifts, talents, or skills. She was simply interested and is still only interested in nothing else but her pockets.

  After several weeks of trying to get details of the events she promised me and on how I was supposed to go about it but without any luck, I decided to take the next step. My next step was to apply for a refund. My thinking then was that at least if Cali was not going to do as she promised, she was at least going to return my hard-earned money to me. I was wrong.

  Once I started making requests for my refund, what Gladys Cali did was to first ignore all my messages and applications for refunds. Later, she took it upon herself to block me on all available lines of communication. At that stage, I knew that I had been scammed but I was not just going to let it all slide like that. I knew I had to do something else. I realized that I had just been scammed but I wonder why I did not even suspect it earlier on. I discovered it all boiled down to one factor and one factor only. The factor that I am making reference to here is nothing else but the language. Cali’s main language is Spanish and that explains why all her websites and social media platforms are in Spanish. There are not many English portals online that documented her evil exploits. So what I started was a search through Spanish platforms to learn more about her and her activities. It was at that point that I realized that I had been dealing with nothing but an advanced scammer. I was clearly not the only victim; there had been several Spanish victims who also fell into the trap that Cali had laid out. There were countless tales of woes and calamity and there was practically no one who did not regret ever meeting her or having anything to do with Gladys Cali and all the lies she is busy selling everywhere.

At that stage, I recollected that Cali had been taken us all for a ride for a long time. The same person who promised free and effective personal development workshops was just lying. She was neither an expert herself and neither did she have any interest to make the lives of any one of us better. Her story is nothing but a pack of lies. She will tell any lie just for an extra buck. She will tell you the story of how she grew up in a city next to Barcelona and how her family was one full of entrepreneurs (who knows whether they are also devious hustlers like her too).

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  One of the lines she used to cheat everyone and people like me was her constant reference to her roots. She claimed that everything she has was because of her family. She said that her mum was also an entrepreneur and from a young age she already learned all the secrets to having a successful business. She boasted to know all the hidden tips and strategies and that all we needed to do was just to sign up for any of her training and that our lives were going to turn around for the better. I honestly believed all she said but I only realized later on that I was only playing into the hands of a deceiver, schemer, liar, and cheat.

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Cali has the ability to tell inspiring and motivational stories. There is nothing bad about that. What is bad and evil in what she does is that she makes up stories with the sole aim of getting money from people who are working very hard to either save to promote their businesses or just get ahead in life. She has been able to deceive so many people because she is a guru when it comes to packaging. She will tell you of how she abandoned everything in Spain and gave up everything to hustle in California.

In fact, she will tell that she got the name Cali from the fact that she had to hustle in California. She will also impress you by telling you that she worked for Apple (most likely another acidic lie) or how she coordinated a TEDx event (which we never saw proof of to date) and so many other things that I cannot even write here. She will tell all sorts of lies until you pay, once you pay, she will simply vanish. Do not make the same mistake I made, stay away from Gladys Cali.

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Cali has the ability to tell inspiring and motivational stories. There is nothing bad about that. What is bad and evil in what she does is that she makes up stories with the sole aim of getting money from people who are working very hard to either save to promote their businesses or just get ahead in life. She has been able to deceive so many people because she is a guru when it comes to packaging. She will tell you of how she abandoned everything in Spain and gave up everything to hustle in California.

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