Glenn Diersen – Is he a Fake Recruiter? The Truth Exposed

Glenn Diersen’s company Summit Human Capital is called a mess to work with!!

Recruitment agencies have grown in popularity over time due to the convenience of services they give to both organizations and job seekers. Organizations nowadays rely on recruitment companies to expedite the employment process. Likewise, they provide enticing career prospects to job seekers.

But are you concerned about being duped by a consulting firm? Many fraudulent recruitment agencies all over the world have been revealed in recent years, making job candidates and organizations wary. Furthermore, it has left people unsure of how to spot the genuine ones. 

Summit Human Capital founded by Glenn Diersen:

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Glenn Diersen, Founder and president, launched Summit Human Capital on January 18th, 2018 to provide vital innovation to the technology human capital market, as stated in interviews on numerous internet portals. 

According to Glenn Diersen’s interviews and what Glenn Diersen publicly claims is that Summit Human Capital understands that without the correct human capital, businesses ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations will fail. They were formed to provide those resources, and both their job seekers and clients see this in their ongoing delivery and execution by linking people to opportunity through project-based, Contract-to-Hire, and direct-hire engagements.

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Summit Human Capital’s CEO, Glenn Diersen, claims that the company specializes in providing IT human capital solutions for a wide range of industries, including information technology, healthcare, government services (federal and state), legal, and supply chain.

Glenn Diersen further claims that Summit Human Capital’s expert staff saves clients time by conducting a thorough and thorough Candidate Vetting Process (CVP). The Candidate Vetting procedure enables the team and firm to focus on critical initiatives rather than the time-consuming interviewing procedure. Glenn Diersen, on the other hand, believes that their CVP enables their clients to spend more time doing what they do best.

Glenn Diersen continues promoting his company by saying “We at Summit Human Capital strive to build deep and lasting relationships with our career seekers.” Glenn goes on to say that his organization understands that the path to the summit is a lifelong one and that they make sure their job searchers know they are not alone. 

Moving further with his corporate promotion, Glenn Diersen promotes Summit Human Capital by inviting individuals to visit the company’s website and apply to one of their jobs today, or if they are a client, they can request a consultation.

More About Summit Human Capital 

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Headquartered in Richmond Virginia, Summit Human Capital claims to offer IT human capital staffing and recruiting solutions to commercial, healthcare, and government services sectors. Summit Human Capital specializes in offering IT human capital solutions to a wide range of industries, including information technology, healthcare, government services (federal and state), legal, and logistics.

As claimed positively by Glenn Diersen about his company Summit Human Capital, reality looks something different according to the reviews by the clients who had a tough experience in Summit Human Capital 

21/12/2023 Update
As of now, Glenn Diersen has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

What people say about Summit Human Capital

Let’s have a look at some of the reviews here

One of the clients here mentions that the company by Glenn Diersen looks different in reality than on paper. Further writing about his experience working with Summit Humam Capital he mentions that this startup is only concerned about aesthetics. Whatever they can do to appear more diversified, professional, caring, and so on, they will do. Once you begin, you will discover that the environment is anything but collaborative, caring, and empowering. The issue here is with upper management. They claim to care about “changing lives,” yet it’s all about money in the end. People in the C-suite who are terrified of diversity.

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One of the clients described Glenn Diersen’s company Summit Human Capital as a mess!!. This client served in the company as a software engineer and he said that after reviewing his resume, they informed him that the position he was being placed for would require the use of javascript and AWS. When he arrived the first week, he was told he would be working with Java, angular, and AWS.

They and the client were all unaware that he had no Java experience (or interest). Furthermore, they provided no severance and did nothing to make amends for their misplacement.

The client mentioned that for this opportunity in Glenn Diersen’s company, he turned down other opportunities to accept this one, and now he is in the position to try to find work after this colossal blunder. It also doesn’t help that one of the company’s founders was involved in the blunder.

He further also put a word of advice in his review for the management of Glenn Diersen’s company Summit Human Capital that they should first acquire a deep knowledge of the IT industry before placing people in tech companies.

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The other client of Summit Human Capital mentioned that Glenn Diersen’s company makes fake promises to people seeking job opportunities and then grabs a higher rate of share from the salary of the individual. He further calls this practice and the company unethical and unprofessional. He further adds on saying that these unethical practices will one day make this company pay a lot in terms of reputation.

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A client named Brandon Gilmore shares his experience working with the company and describes it as very disappointing.  Here’s what he has to share.

Brandon mentions that while he was initially enthusiastic about the prospect, his experience with Summit Human Capital’s recruitment process has been less than acceptable. He feels compelled to share his story for others to be informed of potential problems.

To begin, after a 30-minute introduction phone call, the recruiter planned an interview for the following morning but did not show up without prior notification or communication.

This made him feel uneasy about the scenario. He also appreciates that unexpected events sometimes occur, but he believes that clear and timely communication is crucial in sustaining a professional relationship.

After the missed interview, the recruiter phoned Brandon five days later to reschedule and requested that he be available within a week. Brandon instantly provided my availability, but the entire week went by with no more communication or confirmation of the rescheduled interview.

Brandon is a person who is serious about his profession and appreciates his time. He expects potential employers to be professional and respectful, and this encounter did not match those standards. He is hopeful that Summit would consider this criticism and seek to improve its recruitment process. Further Brandon adds that he has decided to move ahead to pursue some other good opportunities available that better match his objectives and ideals.

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These reviews by some of the clients of Glenn Diersen’s company Summit Human Capital show us that this company is not what it portrays in front of people.

Wrapping up with some of the points to remember before choosing a recruitment agency

  1. Does the recruiter offer genuine details?

If a recruitment agency requests a security deposit or other upfront money, this is an indication that the agency is fraudulent. 

  1. Recruiter well-versed in the job profile?

It is critical to ensure that the recruitment agency understands the job description and explicitly outlines the obligations. To avoid fraud, always ask about the job description in full, and if they are unable to give you the necessary information, this is a red flag. A reputable agency, on the other hand, will thoroughly describe the work description and other obligations of the desired position.

  1. Is the recruiter open to sharing the client details with you?

To determine whether an agency is genuine or not, always request information about the company’s profile, links to its website, and so on. A reputable recruitment firm will always disclose information about a company to you.

  1. Does the recruiter show an interest in your job preference?

A recruiting agency’s objective is to assist you in finding a job that matches your credentials and qualifications. So, if a recruitment firm shows no interest in your interests and makes no relevant ideas, it may be a clue that they are untrustworthy.

  1. Does the recruiter share any constructive feedback on your resume/job application?

A genuine recruitment firm understands the needs of a certain organization and will always advise you on how to improve your resume before submitting it to an organization. Because doing so will boost your chances of being accepted. Professional agencies keep in touch with you from the minute you provide your information until your hire is completed.

  1. Is the recruiter willing to share salary or compensation details with you?

However, if an organization fails to ask you questions about previous pay or expected salary, then there are greater chances that they might be deceiving you.


It is clearly understood how difficult it is to get a good job in a reputed firm. The only method to contact a company is personally or through a recruitment agency. However, if one conducts thorough research on the firm before applying and follows the above measures to check for fakeness then one can avoid being duped. Fake recruiters are difficult to detect, but not impossible.

One needs to be cautious when providing personal information to an agency since people never know how one can utilize it unlawfully. Never take shortcuts or believe in any job that is advertised online or sounds too good to be true.

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