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We would recommend that any interested investor should stay off or avoid having any business with Globalix until they register officially.
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It isn’t a problem to attempt trading, but issues start to arise when you lose both capital and profit or you realized that you have just been scammed. So, before making your decision to trade your money with Globalix review will be wise to understand what risk you are about to face. In this review, we will provide our honest review of the platform and leave you to decide on what is best for you.

Globalix Review has the name, fame, and even a professional website with appealing offers soothing enough to entice potential investors like you. But beyond what the platform looks like, claims with top tiers banks in Europe, with the promises to help you make huge returns on your investment, among others, there are red flags about them.

This review details our honest and objective encounter with Globalix.

About Globalix

About Globalix

Being an acclaimed offshore broker with a lot of promises, Globalix Review has a professional platform design and persuasive offers on the platform to help investors trade their funds and make profits. The platform gives you access to assets, wrong details, including other data which sources are undisclosed.

Globalix Review brags a lot about fake things that do not genuinely exist and they are intentionally silent about providing the evidence for their claims to appeal to our logic.

For instance, Globalix Review claimed to have professionals whose information about their training and experience is undisclosed. Likewise, information about their registration and partnership with top tiers banks in Europe is questionable since they are not recognized by any EU regulator. Everything about Globalix doesn’t look genuine, and there is no guarantee of making a profit through it.

The platform doesn’t have evidence of genuine previous trading, and most of their acclaimed “professionalism” to help traders isn’t convincing enough. Globalix isn’t a licensed platform to trade and they do not have the right to invest with public funds merely based on their persuasive offers. No real trader will fall for such emotional bait, so, you shouldn’t. operates in disguise under the image of the compatibility of their website with 50 forex pairs on other investments which are not related to any crypto assets. However, this isn’t genuine enough to guarantee your profit. Many things seem suspicious about their mode of operation. For instance, Globalix is located in the Marshall Islands known for its lack of official regulation and recognition from the Marshall Islands government. 

Globalix Review operates

And while Globalix Review operates without being licensed for any financial regulation, they demand that your details be provided upon registration. This is a bit off. Providing your detail for such an unreliable platform with no identity would mean you are making yourself liable to scammers as they can use your details for illegal activities.

Globalix operates a demo account and operates an easy-to-navigate web page designed to make trading easy for beginners. This brokerage platform uses MT4 trading on its website which, based on experience, offers a good trading profit. Globalix Review looks fine from the beginner’s perspective, but technically, we identify that they operate using 3pips, which is more than the company’s average. Investing your hard-earned money into such an unregulated platform may be risky. Globalix Review doesn’t have any evidence of successful trades on its platform for the past few months. And, it will be dangerous to be a victim.

Not just that, Globalix Review has a lot of irrelevant trading options to trap your money. As well, the least you can invest in is $250 which is considered too much to risk or try out. Since Globaliz isn’t under any regulatory body such as FCA and CySEC which are reliable regulatory agencies and which compensate clients if there is any loss or fraud. FCA and CySEC compensate up to 85000 pounds, and 20000 euros per person, respectively. In other words, there is no guarantee that traders will get their money back since they are not under any regulatory body.

This brokerage platform has received a lot of negative reviews on its various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and many others. They have received many negative reviews within the last few months of operation. For instance, aside from it not being licensed to trade by the EU regulator, Globalix Review was also banned in Spain by CNMV, its regulator, in 2019.

Globalix doesn’t have any legal backup to operate as a crypto trader or perform any investment services. They are not authorized to provide financial advice or receive public funds. The government under which Globalix Reviewis registered doesn’t have forex trading under its regulatory system.

Globalix Deposit and Withdrawal

Globalix Deposit and Withdrawal

There are a lot of charges on Globalix, though explicitly stated, but not too favorable and don’t encourage trading. For instance, the platform offers different deposit options using wire transfer, e-wallet, and master cards, among other credit cards. Based on the information provided on the platform, while it is easy to deposit into the account, you will face challenges getting back your money. Aside from the fact that the company doesn’t look legitimate, it charges an extra $100 for not using your account for 45 days.

Not just that, every withdrawal charges 3.4 percent of the transaction fee, and must have participated in more than 20 trades if you are using their auto-trading software product with additional $100 charges. Globalix charges almost for everything to discourage withdrawal which is not a positive sign for a genuine business. That makes deposit supper easy and discouraged fast withdrawal. To make things worse, Globalix charges you for making inquiries on why your withdrawal is being delayed. All these are red flags for legal and profitable investment.

3.1Expert Score

Having taken time to study and analyze Globalix media platforms, service, terms of operation, and withdrawal process, we would recommend that any interested investor should stay off or avoid having any business with them until they will be able to do the needful and register with valid agencies.
Scammers are everywhere with pseudo images of being genuine. So, beyond the emotional appeals, investors are advised to trade with real trading platforms that are bold enough to register with recognized agencies that are trustworthy and reliable.

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