GlobalTeam is another unregistered investing scam not to be confused with the BTC Global Team scam.  GlobalTeam claims to be different.  Not only does their logo have some similarities with the BTC Global Team logo, but their investment does as well.

“We are not in anyway affiliated or connected to BTC Global or any other investment platform having almost similar looking strategies. This disclaimer is to clear and correct doubts arising from queries by our investors through our email. GlobalTeam has come to stay, we survived the dip and can work through any obstacle. We have come to stay!” – Source

Claims Exposed in this GlobalTeam Review

There is no minimum age for participation. This investment is open to all.

We guarantee instant payment every week (15% per week) of your initial bitcoin Investment for 6 months.

Not a Ponzi scheme. Profits are made through core Bitcoin mining and also from trading forex with your bitcoins using the Professional BFQ10 platform which supports currency swiping. Profits are also made through active trades on gas, gold, oil, futures, stocks and bonds, mortgages and other valuable commodities to ensure guaranteed returns on your investments. In other words, a well-diversified portfolio.

GlobalTeam Scam Reality

Here is what the company says about themselves:

Founded in the year 2014, GlobalTeam Investments is one of the world’s leading independent branded companies. We provide a unique global perspective through our global network, in-depth market and sector knowledge. This puts us in an excellent position to address the increasingly global needs of our clients. Our work is always intended to provide a clear benefit to all our clients in both short and long-term investments. We focus our resources, leverage our global scale, and drive excellence in all we do while enhancing our partner-like culture to ensure profits on all sectors of our company. Global team is a long standing firm with an exclusive record of generating surplus bitcoins through core bitcoin mining and currency exchange methods trading forex with the new BFQ10 system unique to the great investment firm which have helped a lot in promoting the digital currency. GlobalTeam Investment (GT platform) is comprised of the highest quality financial platform providing tested educational information towards proper investment programs. Within the GT platform, we provide our members with the most expert and timely technical accurate trade analyses, fundamental analyses/news-pieces and accurate updated bitcoin trades. We assist retail and institutional investors in using crypto trading and other instruments as an asset class and part of their investment objectives. We strive to offer the best trading platforms with access to low-cost pricing, reliable trading infrastructure, fast execution and exceptional client support. We have the best and experienced professionals on board with complete knowledge of the crypto world. Our professionals are focused and dedicated towards customer service and satisfaction.

They claim to have been around since 2014, but their website was only registered in late 2017: 11-9-2017.

In my opinion, GlobalTeam is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.  There is no proof this company is doing anything other than using new investor money to pay old investors. There is no information on the “professionals” they claim to be using to invest your money.  There is no information on the founders of this scam. They do not even provide an address for their company on their website.

BTC Global has secured access to guaranteed 14% WEEKLY returns from as little as $1,000 in your account.

GlobalTeam we guarantee instant payment every week (15% per week) of your initial bitcoin Investment for 6 months.

BTC Global to qualify for the referral program you need to refer a minimum of 5 people which will unlock Level 1 earnings. You would then earn 2% of your level 1 members invested capital.

GlobalTeam when you have 5 people front line (on your Global Team 1) you get 7% paid monthly on their collective investment.

The BTC Global scam collapsed just a short time ago.  In my opinion, GlobalTeam will do the same thing in the future.



Compensation Plan

There are TWO ways to earn in Global Team.

Returns on investment
This is simply the amount earned (15%) every week from an investors initial investment. The returns are payed according to the investment plan.

Affiliate Program
This is the second way to earn in our platform. Just be focused and build your team up to the Global Team seven (7). Returns made from our affiliate program are calculated based on the team (Global team 1-7). This is earned MONTHLY on the people you recruit or refer.

When you have 5 people front line (on your Global Team 1) you get 7% paid monthly on their collective investment. *To qualify for the next levels see below;
GT 2 is 6% and you need 10 people front line
GT 3 is 4% and you need 20 people front line
GT 4 is 4% and you need 40 people front line
GT 5 is 3% and you need 60 people front line
GT 6 is 2% and you need 80 people front line
GT 7 is 1% and you need 100 people front line

***Remember all payments are calculated in US DOLLARS and PAID in BITCOIN. So pay is varied due to BTC price fluctuation amounts but DOLLAR payout is constant according to the above info. Note that you can only earn referral comission if you are active with a minimum of $1,000 invested.

Affiliate Automatic Commission Reinvestment Plan

All commissions earned are auto-reinvested by the system based on the amount you have personally invested which includes reinvested amounts as well.

The table below illustrates how your overall Active Investments with us affects the amount of your commission that is automatically reinvested. Please note that this Illustrative table is strictly for our affiliate program.

Affiliate Overall active Investment.Commission reinvestedCommission cleared to wallet
$1000-4,999 (Growing Team)75%25%
$5,000-9,999 (Stable Team)50%50%
$10,000-14,999 (Comfort team)Zero (0) %100%

Income Disclosure

Nothing in life is risk-free and that is why we have partnered with Hiromitsu Nakamura because he has proved himself reliable & trustworthy over the years. We use unique algorithms and a conservative trading strategy to greatly minimize the risk to our users. In the worst-case scenario, Trading can immediately be halted at any time in order to minimize losses.

GlobalTeam Review Conclusion

In my opinion, GlobalTeam is a Ponzi scam with an optional recruiting scam included. They use ridiculous rates of return to get people to invest in this scam. I was not able to verify any individuals behind this scam. They offer guaranteed returns that are not guaranteed. I would avoid the GlobalTeam scam.

2.4 Total Score

GlobalTeam is a Ponzi scam with an optional recruiting scam included! MUST AVOID!

  • Ponzi Scheme
  • Optional Recruiting Scam
  • No Guaranteed Payouts
  • Fake ROI Claims
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