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GlobeKeeper – Fraud, Perjury and False Documentation (Update 2024)

Dan Peleg of GlobeKeeper might seem like a relatively usual startup founder. However, he has plenty of skeletons in his closet. 

He conspired with the CSM of his firm, GlobeKeeper to produce false documents in the court. They committed fraud and perjury to abuse the system. 

Before you consider doing business with GlobeKeeper, you should read how these fraudsters made a mockery of the judiciary: 

The case is about Sheina Myers of Haifa. She had filed a child support claim with Judge Hila Gurvitz and didn’t even include a pay slip. Her lawyer claimed that she was making around NIS 11,000 a month which doesn’t last because her expenses are over NIS 15,000 a month. 

globekeeper sheina myers

However, the lawyer failed to mention that Sheina was working at Globekeeper, which is run by Dan Peleg and SHay Slobodov. Furthermore, the lawyer didn’t mention that she was making NIS 18,000 a month (excluding bonuses).

When the father requested the judge to issue a document disclosure order to Globekeer Tech, the judge refused. 

So, the only way left for the father to tackle the situation was to sue Globekeeper for forging payslips to deceive the court

After refusing to order Dan Peleg’s firm to disclose more documents, the judge ordered the father to pay NIS 6,900 a month in child support. In exchange, he received the right to be with his child 45% of the time.


However, the court didn’t consider the fact that the father was an unemployed new immigrant who hadn’t found work in Israel. 

The victim, with the help of GlobeKeeper and Dan Peleg, was able to get alimony, treatment fees, half-day allowances and exceptional half-payments without ever showing a single pay slip. 

9/12/2023 Update
As of now, GlobeKeeper has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

How GlobeKeeper and Sheina Myers Conspired to Defraud the Court:

Sheina approached GlobeKeeper Tech Ltd, her employer, and asked them to forge vouchers for 3 months which showed their pay to be around NIS 11,000 to 12,000. 

Instead of stopping her from running her fraudulent scheme, Dan Peleg and his friends agreed to comply. 

They arranged the fake pay-slips and her NIS 12,000 pay was postponed. Furthermore, they arranged it so as to ensure it wouldn’t reflect in her bonuses as well.

The husband learned from a source that Sheina Myers boasts of receiving huge bonuses and had even bought a NIS 100,000 car. 

During the court proceedings, when Sheina was questioned, she testified that she doesn’t work at Globekeeper’s office in Tel Aviv. Instead, she works from home where she spends most of her time with the kids. 

Still, she demanded that the father pay for all of the expenses and only spend 45% of the time.

Once the investigations were complete, Sheina’s attorney requested to add more evidence. The husband asked the court to issue an order to the employer (Globekeeper) to reveal her true salary. 

While the court accepted Sheina Myers’ request of adding more evidence, it refused to issue the order to Globekeeper. 

Here’s a snippet of the payslip Sheina had submitted in the court. 

sheina myers legal

It shows that the net is NIS 11,469 while the gross is NIS 11,985. However, the cumulative data shows that her salary for this period was NIS 31,754. 

So, even though she made NIS 20,000, the payslips hid NIS 8,000 from her actual salary. Only the pay slips of the three months she had submitted in the court show the deferred sum of NIS 24,000. 

Dan Peleg and Sheina conspired together to make a mockery of the judiciary. They forged evidence to help her case and should be held responsible for their criminal activities. 

Sadly, no action has been taken against GlobeKeeper, Dan Peleg or Sheina Myers. 

More Info on GlobeKeeper

GlobeKeeper is a communication platform for operational teams. It allows teams to manage, monitor and document their operations with much better control and clarity. 

The company services defence services, private security, critical infrastructure and similar enterprises. 

It’s worth noting that at the time of writing this article, Sheina Myers is the CSM at GlobeKeeper.

The company was founded in San Francisco in 2016 and has grown considerably in the past years. 

About Dan Peleg (Founder and CEO of GlobeKeeper)

Dan Peleg is the CEO and founder of GlobeKeeper. He claims to be a programmer since he was 12 and being a founder of a successful software business when he was 15. 

Before founding GlobeKeeper, he was the CTO of InnoBots, a Software Developer at Israel Defence Forces, CTO of Wip Messenger and part of the Batch 21 of 500 Startups

He founded GlobeKeeper with Shai Slobodov and has been running the firm ever since. 


Dan Peleg is not a trustworthy or reliable person. He co-conspired with Sheina to Myers to defraud the court and produced false documents to support her. 

There are plenty of fraudsters who use their resources to take advantage of the system. Some examples are Patokh Chodiev and Charles Mizzi Malta

If you’re familiar with GlobeKeeper or Dan, it would be best to raise awareness against him. Please share this article. Every bit helps. 

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Dan Peleg of GlobeKeeper conspired with Sheina to produce false documents in court to help her case. It is fraud and perjury. Beware of this company.

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  1. If you come across any of the firms in connection with Dan Peleg avoid dealing with the firm or anything.

  2. The authoritative powers and many other influential people are the reason behind the spread of this shit, producing fake documents in support of your case is capturing a market and this is becoming a business on large scale.

  3. The court shouldn’t have allowed her to produce documents in support of her case.

  4. People like Shenia will never be satisfied if you will send a million dollars to their account they will be complaining about not being able to survive on the sum of money or are not able to buy supercars and many more things. They are the perfect example of avaricious people.

  5. If you will compare her lifestyle to her salary then her expenses are higher than what she earns.

  6. See the hypocrisy, Sheina was earning $18000 and showed the proof of earning $11000 per month, and presented her increased expenses, after all, she was buying new cars, now god knows how she managed to do so with such a small salary.

  7. After reading about people like Dan Peleg I have come to the result that money is the real business, there are influential people using their powers or clearly saying misusing their positions to make someone innocent suffer. Thus the government should set up some authorities for demolishing the business of the dictatorial and overpowering people.

  8. This case reminds me of the people who can do anything for making themselves on the safest side.

  9. Sheina is the main culprit in the case, the only thing she required was money and played the victim card for grabbing the opportunity.

  10. I will be sharing one incident when I met a dealer after my trial he asked me if you some sort of help, and he offered to get clear off all my criminal records, he proposed the offer, and the charges were explained too. He helped to switch the charge to some other person and some other person was apprehended, the case was completely fake and I was free. In the case of Globekeeper, the same thing has been repeated, working like a broker for helping Sheina.

  11. Never get indulged in the process of this scam otherwise the consequences can be painful.

  12. It is clear that now you can’t even trust the evidence produced in the courts, due to the presence of scammers like Dan Peleg the produced documents can be modified. The court should take strict action against these fraudsters.

  13. The company has helped Sheina No one knows before her how many others had got help related to similar cases, though beware of this company.

  14. She was making various attempts to make the court believe that she was getting paid less than her expenses and trying to make her husband pay for the extra expenses. Such an evil woman!

  15. Dan Peleg should be sent behind the bars for helping Sheina with the fake documents and producing them in court for making their case stronger, yet the company isn’t able to produce the original copy of the documents related to her salary.

  16. The person helping her to produce the fake document should also be punished for making and helping her to produce fake documents.

  17. When they were caught producing a fake document for the court then why are they not yet punished for the criminal act? Thus the government should take serious action against Sheina for committing the crime.

  18. Sources told that she was working with a globe keeper where she was paid about $18000 per month but she claimed that she was paid only $11000 per month on which her husband asked for an investigation but the court refused to help him.

  19. Sheina Myers was misusing the freedom of speech she was trying to play the women’s card and also taking the advantage of her child by asking for money in the name of expenses.

  20. If she was getting less paid then how did she buy a $100,000 car without any problem and how come she is asking for extra expenses?

  21. When it comes to making money she was using illegal tactics to get money from her husband which is not acceptable and also the husband should take serious measures to tackle the situation.

  22. Producing fake documents to make anyone suffer for your use is taking place at full speed thus it is widespread that powerful people take advantage of their position to make someone not guilty.

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