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Go Global MLM: Ponzi Scheme You Must Avoid At All Costs

Go Global MLM review: Although OmegaPro collapsed in late 2022, the Ponzi scheme was quickly revived as OmegaPro Go Global on February 2, 2023.

go global mlm

Go Global runs a website under the “” domain, which was privately registered on December 24, 2022. Go Global’s website does not list ownership or executive information as of the time of publication.

Yet, according to Go Global’s pre-launch marketing materials, the organization is led by:

go global mlm

-President of OmegaPro and former MLM executive with Jeunesse, Nader Poordeljoo (CEO).

-A.K. Khalil, the COO of OmegaPro, created Cloud 9 Living in 2019 and then joined the management team at Jeunesse.

-Juan Carlos, also known as Juan Reynoso and Juan Carlos Reynoso (CSO), was the CEO of the newly exposed iComTech Ponzi scheme and OmegaPro’s manager for Latin America.

go global review

-Paulo Tuynman, President, is the Vice President of Sales at OmegaPro.

OmegaPro’s initial exit fraud attempt used PulseWorld XPL tokens. A “hackers!” exit scam swiftly took its place after it fizzled. This ultimately resulted in the transfer of investor losses from OmegaPro to Broker Group, a recently founded business. Since OmegaPro failed, co-founders Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), Dilawar Singh (Germany), and Mike Sims (US) have disappeared.

12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Go Global MLM has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Joining Procedure for Go Global MLM

To join Go Global MLM, you must purchase one of their five Go Packages. Each one has a different price and a unique set of benefits depending on how expensive the pack you buy is.

By enrolling on their website, you can directly buy Go packs and join the Go Team. You must provide the required information and make the necessary payment to complete the process and join the Go Global MLM community.

go global mlm

Together with the purchase of Go Pack, a one-time $99 software fee is necessary. The image above describes the cost and advantages of Go Packs.

Product from Go Global MLM

Go Global MLM has introduced five unique Go Packs, with prices ranging from $100 to $5000. When purchasing any pack, you become a member of the Go community and obtain Go Learn credits, which you may use on the Go Learn Platform.

Go Learn Platform: Go Global MLM developed this all-in-one intelligent learning platform to impart new skills to its users.

go global mlm

Along with webinars and training events, Go Global MLM offers its customers daily benefits through its Daily Rewards system. Daily Go incentives might amount to up to 0.27% of the original Go Pack value throughout the package’s 14-month life cycle.

Compensation Plan for Go Global MLM

Go Global MLM has three different options for its Go Team members to earn money and other benefits through its referral program.

Go Global MLM Direct Program

You can receive weekly cash and 5% of each Go Pack purchase by directly recruiting Go Team members.

Go Global MLM Direct Program

In this network program, you have to join up for fresh legs to reach a goal. The structures of the required legs and objectives are broken out in the table below.

TargetWork Leg RequirementGo Pack OptionPercentage
Target 11000$1002%
Target 22000$1002%
Target 34000$5002%
Target 48000$5002%
Target 515000$10002%
Target 630000$10002%
Target 750000$30002%
Target 880000$50002%
Target 9120000$100002%
Target 10200000$200002%
Target 11300000$500002%
Target 12500000$500002%

Go Global MLM Ranks

Go Global MLM rewards their Go Team members and legs with a range of gifts as their members meet their goals and advance in rank. There are 11 levels to these ranks, and as ranks advance, rewards become more valuable. These accolades and ranks are.

RanksRewardsRV Point in Weaker LegQualification
G1Recognition500 RV1 Left & 1 Right Personally Enrolled
G2Recognition7000 RV1 G1 in Left & 1 G1 in Right Leg
G3Recognition20,000 RV1 G2 in Left & 1 G2 in Right Leg
G4Reward Retreat40,000 RV1 G3 in Left & 1 G3 in Right Leg
G5Laptop80,000 RV1 G4 in Left & 1 G4 in Right Leg
G6Leadership summit invite & VIP support200,000 RV2 G5 in Left & 2 G5 in Right Leg
G7Reward retreat & VIP support500,000 RV2 G6 in Left & 2 G6 in Right Leg
G8Luxury Watch & VIP support1,250,000 RV2 G7 in Left & 2 G7 in Right Leg
G9Luxury Car & VIP support3,000,000 RV3 G8 in Left & 3 G8 in Right Leg
G10House or Apartment & VIP support6,000,000 RV3 G9 in Left & 3 G9 in Right Leg
G11Cash Bonus & VIP support10,000,000 RV3 G10 in Left & 3 G10 in Right Leg

RV are product-related points that are gained with each purchase. For each rank, a minimum RV is necessary for the smallest leg.

Go Global Review

Time to give some information about Go Globa MLMl now. Go Global MLM appears to be a profitable way to generate passive income, and operator claims make it sound too good to be true.

Let’s start with the past as Go Global MLM operators and partner has a long track record of money-circulation scams.

History of fraud schemes

The more we looked at Go Global MLM, the more swindles and controversies we discovered.

In 2018, Dilawar Singh, who later created Omega Pro, co-launched the Omnia Tech scam.

image 120

Launched in 2019, Omega Pro was a well-known Ponzi scheme. Countries like Peru, the Congo Republic, Spain, Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, France, and Belgium have issued warnings about Omega Pro’s securities scam. Even some of Omega Pro’s top promoters have been penalized globally.

In both the UK and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Omega Pro has registered shell businesses. While Go Global MLM is also there because it provides a haven for these con artists, Omega Pro was genuinely run out of Dubai.

With the termination of the Omega Pro MLM program in November 2022, Go Global MLM was recently constructed. Top promoters transferred to Go Global MLM to help a new fraud become very successful, while Omega Pro is still operating as a regular business.

False Information

In the, there is a lot of misinformation and deceptive material. They have provided a Singaporean address even though they are nonexistent and have no physical presence there.

image 114

To entice people from all over the world, they have created several deceptive and incorrect claims. Go Global MLM is just getting started; they’ll use a variety of strategies to manipulate internet users.

Faux Products

Go Global MLM presents itself as a platform for education and imparts social skills. Currently, you can learn the majority of skills online for free. They charge $99 for software in addition to the Go Packs. It becomes laughably pointless because using their site for even $10 is futile.

Although their items are worthless, they provide high referral commissions because their goal is to attract as much business as possible to their platform.

Fraud of Money Circulation is a money-circulating scam like Go Global MLM posed as an educational portal, while OmegaPro appeared to be a trading firm. But, their main objective was to pull off a money-making swindle.

They utilize a multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation strategy that pays referral commissions at several levels to entice members to promote Go Global MLM platforms.

image 119

Go Global MLM‘s chief promoter, Eric Wore has extensive knowledge of this money-circulation scheme. Go Global MLM, like Omega Pro, is robbing Peter to pay the Paul system in which the business earns substantial commissions on each transaction.

Also, when the member network reaches a certain size, it will turn off the payout and resume business as usual.

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