GoGlobal.Network: Cautionary Insights on OmegaPro’s Resurgence (Update 2023)

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In 2022 a Ponzi scheme called OmegaPro collapsed, It resurfaced as OmegaPro Go Global on February 2, 2023. The website operating under the domain "goglobal.network" doesn't provide ownership details.
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In 2022 a Ponzi scheme called OmegaPro collapsed, It resurfaced as OmegaPro Go Global on February 2, 2023. The website operating under the domain “goglobal.network” doesn’t provide ownership details.

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However marketing materials before its launch mentioned leaders such, as Nader Poordeljoo (CEO) who has experience in MLM with Jeunesse; A.K. Khalil (COO) the creator of Cloud 9 Living and a former member of Jeunesse; Juan Carlos Reynoso (CSO) who has connections to the iComTech Ponzi scheme; and Paulo Tuynman (President) who also holds a position, at OmegaPro.Another exit fraud using the term “hackers!” followed the OmegaPros exit scam employing PulseWorld XPL tokens. emerged, shifting losses to Broker Group. Co-founders Andreas Szakacs, Dilawar Singh, and Mike Sims are currently missing after OmegaPro’s failure.

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Joining Procedure for GoGlobal.Network MLM

To join the GoGlobal.Network MLM community here’s what you need to do;

  • Choose Your Go Pack:

Go Global offers five Go Packages with varying benefits and prices. Choose what works best for you and your budget.

  • Visit the Website:

Head over to the official Go Global MLM website to begin the enrollment process. There you’ll have the option to purchase your chosen Go Pack directly.

  • Provide Necessary Information:

As part of the enrollment process, you’ll be asked to provide details requested by the company. This typically includes information such, as your name, contact details, and possibly payment information.

  • Perform Payment:

After you have carefully cherry-picked your desired Go Pack and furnished the obligatory particulars, proceed to execute the essential payment for the handpicked package. The available payment methods might differ and encompass credit/debit cards, online payment platforms, or other modes of payment that are duly accepted.

  • One-Time Software Charge: 

In addition to the cost of the chosen Go Pack, there exists a solitary software fee of $99. This fee is likely intended to encompass the administrative and technical aspects of efficiently managing your MLM account and activities within the Go Global system.

  • Price and Perquisites: 

Refer to the provided image or material that explicitly delineates the expenditures and the advantages associated with each Go Pack. This will aid you in comprehending what you will be obtaining with your chosen package and hence enable you to make an informed decision.

  • Successfully Conclude the Procedure: 
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Once you have dutifully furnished all the requisite information and discharged the mandatory payment, your enrollment process will be brought to a consummate conclusion. You will now officially become an integral part of the Go Global MLM community, assuming the esteemed position of a member of the Go Team.

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Product from GoGlobal.Network MLM

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Certainly, here’s a detailed explanation of the products offered by GoGlobal.Network MLM:

  • Go Packs:

GoGlobal.Network MLM unveils a selection of five distinct Go Packs, each endowed with a unique price tag, spanning from $100 to $5000. By procuring any of these packs, you become an esteemed member of the Go community. As part of this membership, you acquire Go Learn credits, which are intended for utilization on the Go Learn Platform.

  • Go Learn Platform:

GoGlobal.Network MLM has ingeniously fashioned the Go Learn Platform as a comprehensive intelligent learning nucleus. This platform is tailored to equip users with novel skills and knowledge. In tandem with the principal offerings, such as webinars and training events, the Go Learn Platform functions as a dynamic wellspring for enriching your learning odyssey.

  • Daily Rewards System:

GoGlobal.Network MLM ardently pledges to furnish value to its clientele on a day-to-day basis through its groundbreaking Daily Rewards system. As a member, you have the prospect to reap the rewards of this system. The Daily Rewards system bestows daily incentives and rewards that are custom-tailored to your involvement in the MLM business.

  • Daily Go Incentives:

As part of the Daily Rewards system, Go Global MLM extends what are renowned as “Daily Go incentives.” These incentives are meticulously computed based on the original value of the Go Pack you’ve procured. Throughout the 14-month lifecycle of your chosen package, you potentially stand to receive daily incentives summing up to a staggering 0.27% of the initial Go Pack value.

Payout Schedule for Go Global MLM

The referral program at GoGlobal.Network MLM offers its Go Team members three alternative ways to profit financially and in other ways.

MLM Direct Programme Go Global

By personally recruiting Go Team members, you may get paid each week in cash and 5% of all Go Pack purchases.

MLM Direct Programme Go Global

To accomplish a task in this network program, you must sign up for new legs. The table below breaks down the structures of the necessary legs and objectives.

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Ranks GoGlobal.Network MLM

As its members reach their objectives and rise in rank, GoGlobal.Network MLM awards their Go Team members and legs with a variety of goodies. These ranks have 11 levels, and as ranks rise, prizes increase in value. These distinctions and positions are.

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RV is purchase-related points for certain products. A minimum RV is required for the smallest leg for each level.

GoGlobal.Network Review

  1. Going Global’s Deceptive Layers Uncovered: A Cautionary Analysis
t RQ7GKP4ZNlryXwKrtl5ErbogQbtOAPWz cfWephqyrIyfMNpc1YzMiYiee60tD84p0XEP1 CH63QN4yFyoBQbKzRbZwaUUVqelxKZn7sFWDurECtriqrB08wXgIz2akSkMLcxByJDOmNZ jgIAwlI

Examining the outright evaluations of an online education platform reveals a trend of “overwhelming” jubilation. However, there is a confusing truth hidden underneath this surface. GoGlobal.Network connects with the same people connected to OmegaPro while disguising itself as an educational platform. It’s interesting to note that GoGlobal.Network uses a video-on-demand model as a front for a multi-level marketing strategy. The rigidity of withdrawals, which comes with a steep 30% penalty for any attempt to get assets back, is one unsettling feature.

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Alarming patterns emerge when rewards steadily decrease and become more dependent on new money to survive. The updated terms and conditions, which prevent participants from suing or voicing their disapproval, are another worrisome trend. A substantial association is discovered after a more thorough investigation of Spanish-language YouTube videos. GoGlobal’s present registration in the Philippines, despite its players being mostly from Dubai, finds resonance with OmegaPro’s dominance in South America.

For anyone considering working with GoGlobal.Network, prudence is essential given these complex nuances. The platform’s dynamics must be carefully examined, and their relationship to earlier endeavors must be carefully considered. This is an essential element in the decision-making process.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with GoGlobal.Network but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

2. Fake PR strategy 

K0xwCEqa Tr3cLlfFsZEdhz7C6 pVZerGlU6oY2ZHxZ JzOxIw8sbThV oOLoH mwxXt02KLtHrGhKLmK6kWXAdCdpQQNDWse GrcEu9gChjkBgWSyyE8FHtCN1JdXYn4XG1YiNU gGEXKovz8eHUsM

The above person said that GoGlobal.Network has a faultless website, distinguished by its flawless design and smooth performance, demonstrating a genuine commitment to client happiness. The intuitive layout and aesthetically appealing aesthetics show a sincere desire to deliver a remarkable experience. This painstaking focus on detail and customer-centered strategy highlights the concern and care the designers have for their audience, encouraging trust and commitment. However, this is all fake as to hide their fault they are using fake PR strategies.

3. Warning from a Customer Regarding Omega Pro and GoGlobal

KxAJpZypjvcx3f1HPZ0ImWKD2O1M RLenTzvWio6p5OVzTiqlty72UeLjn2 QMyG0ph3Wq4jz2ZIYUxugEE3ZjFdCVdQ

The customer’s own experience included making deposits and inviting friends, only to discover oneself in the uneasy situation of having to reimburse these friends owing to the questionable methods used by these platforms. These scams’ perpetrators are categorically referred to as “fake artists.”

A thorough investigation into the backgrounds of people associated with GoGlobal.Network is highly advised by the client, who alludes to the likelihood of finding a trail of dishonest behavior. The client also makes a commitment to provide more information about these people and their actions, indicating that legal action will soon be taken against those who are thought to be involved in fraud.

The main takeaway is unmistakably stated: the author genuinely feels that Omega Pro and GoGlobal.Network are both fraudulent schemes, and they strongly advise people to use extreme caution and do their due diligence before using such platforms. This admonition emphasizes that not everything is as it seems and acts as a strong warning against falling for false talk.

4. Be aware of Gogobal

lqfTp5rdxAW4Dj9CRWtoiSvkFi7mTF6OdHtpzYB6U3mZH3rcFvouTBIuHFixPzm4dbwsb b WqwsuKlRZkGoph Cdu6bnPGWq3KRoKcunA Pb7zoU1Cz01Ep8LQ6rMcga3ITBlhOrkDnCFGa3RgdG0E

The story of a cautionary tale reveals a sequence of worrying occurrences in the realm of Omega Pro and Go Global. The legal implications that Juan Carlos, a former associate of both organizations, has apparently experienced raise questions about the legality of these endeavors. With charges that Paulo and Amira Tuynman started Go Global, which led to many feeling misled, claims of hacking in Omega Pro are disputed.

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Unsettling claims imply that some people received payment to propagate misleading information. With preparations to confront Paulo and Amira Tuynman in front of the camera, an attempt is being made to gather evidence from multiple sources, including films and Zoom conversations.

The main message is unmistakable: caution is advised about participating in these endeavors, and it is urged that you thoroughly investigate any of the people named in order to avoid falling victim to fraud.

5. Scammer 

DPePRrqYQ98JgA QqdMHRpAAWWE Oc5qGLj mLB2aMl7klCVcZhZ6 ecPRELrHuqv8DGZKaTxRp1aIfkr5OFqhmT p1Mu2UmUrKsZFpi3D1OktDi QDHWpIUT4hG YnbgLaZ5WMcXF CdDteXZNEQjo

The above person claims that Global, associated with Omega Pro, is a significant scam and advises against investing money in the company to avoid potential losses.

6. Unfavourable experience 

The person issues a warning about utilizing Go Global Network, GoGlobal.Network, and Omegapro, citing personal experience in which he invested $700 and did not get any profit withdrawals for a year. Due to their unfavorable experiences, they highly warn people not to put their money on these sites.


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by GoGlobal.Network, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

The Bottom Line 

In the OmegaPro exit fraud, PulseWorld XPL tokens were used, and in a different exit scam known as “hackers! emerged, shifting losses to Broker Group. Co-founders Andreas Szakacs, Dilawar Singh, and Mike Sims are currently missing after OmegaPro’s failure. 

The OmegaPro Go Global website claims to offer a “revolutionary” platform that allows users to “earn money from the comfort of their own home”. It also claims to offer a “unique” investment opportunity that will “help you make money quickly and easily”. However, the website does not provide any information about the company’s operations or its investment products. 

The website also does not provide any information about the company’s leadership or its financials. Furthermore, the website does not provide any information about the company’s regulatory status or its compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Given the lack of information about the company’s operations, its leadership, and its financials, it is difficult to determine whether OmegaPro Go Global is a legitimate investment opportunity or a scam. It is important to note that the company’s website does not provide any information about the company’s operations or its investment products. 

Investors should be wary of investing in any company that does not provide adequate information about its operations, its leadership, and its financials. Furthermore, investors should be aware that investing in any company that is not properly regulated or compliant with applicable laws and regulations could be a risky endeavour. 

In conclusion, OmegaPro GoGlobal.Network appears to be a suspicious investment opportunity. The company’s website does not provide any information about the company’s operations, its leadership, or its financials. Furthermore, the company does not appear to be properly regulated or compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, investors should be wary of investing in this company and should conduct their own due diligence before investing. 

GoGlobal.Network: Cautionary Insights on OmegaPro’s Resurgence (Update 2023)
GoGlobal.Network: Cautionary Insights on OmegaPro’s Resurgence (Update 2023)

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  1. I had just visited their sites to check their services. I registered there for more information and later closed the site. After a couple of hours, I got the mail from their official website. I was really frustrated and blocked them. These people are scammers who try to trap investors in their Ponzi schemes. Never went to this website again.

  2. Warning never trust this platform. It is a nightmare for the investors. They lied to me about my investment and always tried to con me. They were only focused on getting the money from the clients instead of giving their returns on investment. Treating their old clients badly. When you lose the money, they blame you and ask for more money instead. It was highly distressing for me. Do not recommend it to anyone.

  3. If you care about your funds then please don’t invest in this website. It was a dummy of the Omegapro just wanted to dupe the naive investors. These are the pyramid companies whose main intention is to mislead and earn money from the people. I found them an unreliable platform for investment. They blocked my funds when I called their customer care, they were never giving me the proper reply about my funds. Investors BEWARE of these untrustworthy platforms.

  4. Very rude customer service, the guy I spoke to seemed like he was not interested in talking to me about my investment. He always fibbed to me.

    If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy websites for the investments. Then this website is not made for you.

  5. I don’t believe that I have chosen the Ponzi scheme for the investment. Do not give hard-earned assets to them. I had to suffer the heavy losses while dealing with them. I registered on this website six months ago.

    I was not able to withdraw my money on time. Since the site had a server problem. But it surprised me that whenever I went to the site for withdrawal the site crashed. I called customer service and told them about the problem they told me it took time in the procedure. Later they blocked my funds.

    I want the SEC to take strict action on these platforms. And if you are still in touch with them please run away from there.

  6. Terrible customer service. Still waiting for my refund and never received any information about my invested amount. It was my mistake that I had not researched it properly before enrolling on this website.

    The investors who were going to invest their amount first check the previous report of the company where it is liable for the investment or not.

  7. These sites are run by a group of fraudsters. I’m unable to get my amount back. I inquired to the customer services about the funds.

    They are never responding to my question. Don’t give your money to them because when ask for your withdrawal the customer service changes. Avoid these fake websites.

  8. I invested in this company but was unable to withdraw my money. There was a lack of transparency and zero accountability. They were always trying to deceive the clients by using their bogus schemes. GoGlobal is another platform just like Omega Pro. It would be better to stay away from these platforms.

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