Golden Equity Properties: Are They Scammers?

Golden Equity Properties: Are They Scammers?
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Golden Equity Properties has received allegations of engaging in criminal activities. Find out if those allegations are true or not.
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The article from City News Everywhere highlights the ongoing struggle faced by renters residing in housing developments that belong to Golden Equity Properties, as they contend with foreclosure warnings as well as upkeep concerns. Mark McAllister conducts further investigations at several sites inside the city of Toronto.

Petition against Golden Equity Properties 

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The Significance of This Petition

The depicted image originates from the corridor situated within the adjacent structure. The container & broom are currently in a state of rest, devoid of any moisture, indicating a significant passage of time. 

Our Methodology

We look at 34 different data points when analyzing and rating online money-earning opportunities. Once the research on these data points is submitted, expert contributors reach out to the company’s customers and associates to get more insight into their operation. Finally, all the collected information is presented in the form of this expert review.

All the data is extracted from publicly available information and the sources are given in the transparency section at the bottom of every report.

These reports are made possible by the collective efforts of contributors like you. If you would like to become a contributor then contact us here.

Numerous issues require appropriate rectification, although our concerns are often disregarded when raised. When individuals engage in a particular action, it results in an interim resolution that subsequently deteriorates.

The severity of the situation has escalated within the ongoing pandemic. The refusal to engage in negotiations with renters facing financial difficulties is accompanied by the suggestion that they seek assistance from the Rent Bank. 

This proposed approach does not offer a viable resolution to the current global health crisis. Golden Equity Properties is persistently pursuing the collection of guideline increases mentioned above, which have not received approval from the Landlord Tenant Board. Additionally, residents have been requested to remit a payment of $400 for air conditioning. 

The payment of hydro expenses is accompanied by persistent and unwarranted communication in the form of intrusive phone calls, messages on the phone, or in-person visits, notwithstanding the absence of substantiating documentation or compliance with the regulations outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act. 

Golden Equity Properties exhibits a tendency to assert its authority and consider its statements as definitive while addressing matters. However, in cases when one persists in pursuing the matter further, Golden Equity Properties tends to abruptly disengage & cease communication.

petition filed against Golden Equity Properties.

For a duration of a month and a half, a single tenant has been residing in the living area alongside her family due to the presence of vermin. The school superintendent has demonstrated errors in data management, delayed the provision of entry alerts, and turned to verbal notifications on multiple occasions. 

The roof of a different tenant is experiencing structural collapse, and they are currently enduring a prolonged period of waiting for the firm to initiate an inspection. The condition of our residence is deteriorating in our immediate surroundings. The current situation is deemed unjust and inequitable. 

The author acknowledges the existence of several difficulties but emphasizes the importance of reform. The central theme is around the concept of receiving equitable treatment along with being accorded honor and reverence.

Updates on Golden Equity Properties 

According to the report of, updated by Alicia Ludwig replied on the website and said she expressed her gratitude to all individuals who have affixed their signatures and disseminated this document. I express my gratitude to all individuals who have united in solidarity with us.

Golden Equity Properties should be made aware that there exists an alternative approach that surpasses its present operational procedure.

Wishing you a pleasant and productive week.


Reason for Signing this Petition 

Replied by the people on the petition 

  • One of the people stated that it is imperative that the questionable company procedures employed by Golden Equity Properties be ceased.
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  • As per the assertion made by an individual, it was contended because a threshold has been reached and further tolerance is no longer viable. I am requesting that our fundamental rights be accorded adequate consideration.
  • Lisa Elyea commented that Golden Equity Properties should prioritize ethical decision-making.
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  • Suzanne Eddy commented on the petition that he said the company has treated individuals very badly. 
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  • Helen Ayers said that it is imperative to ensure equitable and compassionate treatment of individuals. If an individual is unable to fulfill that responsibility, it is advisable for them to disengage from the business & allow individuals with superior capabilities to assume leadership.
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  • According to Robynne Pepper, her motivation for participating stems from her maternal aunt’s residency in a corporate-owned residential establishment, where she experienced inadequate living circumstances. 

The absence of heating during winter, lack of air conditioning during summer, and unaddressed leaks originating from the top flat. The living conditions of our elderly citizens ought not to be subjected to such circumstances.

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  • The corporation in question exhibits significant deficiencies in its operations, warranting public scrutiny and condemnation due to its simultaneous disregard for employee well-being along with engagement in harassing behaviors. The actions of General Electric (G.E.) are deserving of criticism.
  • Joaquin Mur is more frustrated with the unresolved concerns that were not addressed by “the leadership” and the need to constantly track and oversee employees. The current situation has reached a point where further tolerance or acceptance is no longer justifiable.
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Youtube’s Presence 

According to the CityNews YouTube channel, they posted a video related to the fight of harassment between the landlord and Golden Equity Properties’ tenants. There are 2797 views on that video. CityNews has 436k Subscribers on their YouTube channel and 35 likes.   

The entirety of the film broadcast on the CityNews YouTube channel pertains to the ongoing struggle faced by tenants residing in rental homes under the ownership of Golden Equity Properties. 

These residents are engaged in a persistent fight regarding removal notifications and persistent problems with maintenance. Mark McAllister conducts further investigations at several sites inside the city of Toronto.

Individual’s Comments on the Video of Golden Equity Properties

  • One individual expressed their opinion in the video comment section, claiming that Toronto has served as a longstanding residence for many families. They emphasized the importance of not being compelled to relocate due to financial constraints or mistreatment from unscrupulous landowners.  

The responsibility for the current situation in Toronto, characterized by excessive rental costs, dilapidated housing conditions, and alleged administrative coercion to displace residents for profit, can be attributed to the federal government’s actions of permitting non-Canadian control as well as facilitating significant visitor and refugee influxes into the municipality, despite its already strained ability.

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  • Another commenter has mentioned that a similar occurrence is taking place with the Main Street firm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • One criticism asserts that the real estate tax is influenced by apathetic municipal officials who prioritize their monetary objectives.
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  • Carlos Pulpo, a prominent YouTuber, expressed his opinion on the video pertaining to Golden Equity Properties, asserting that the perceived “golden” nature of the real estate is solely advantageous for the individuals who own it. 

Properties located in Ottawa have instances of painting deterioration on the wall surfaces within the flats, while the lower level emits an unpleasant odor reminiscent of a ruptured sewerage line. 

This particular operator has a minimalistic approach towards fulfilling their responsibilities. It appears that this tenant has a consistent modus operandi.

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  • One individual also remarked on the condition of the wall belonging to Golden Equity Properties. Renovate the premises and attract high-value tenants to maximize profitability.
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  • The user with the username “althunder4269” made a comment suggesting that the owners of “Golden Equity” might be inferred from the title.
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Housing Advocates Raise Concerns about Property Mismanagement by Golden Equity Properties

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Concerns have been expressed by people residing in apartments that belong to a real estate business situated in Montreal, about allegations of mishandling by the aforementioned company. 

Several residents residing at 2460 & 2500 Keele Street have made claims that Golden Equity Properties, a property management company, has deducted funds therefrom their checking or savings accounts on the initial day of every month, notwithstanding the residents having previously revoked their authorization for rent payment through pre-authorized deductions. 

Individuals who choose to make payments via cheque or money order have reported getting intimidating messages about potential legal repercussions, while certain individuals have also been subjected to further charges of an unclear nature. 

In addition, the residents are currently awaiting pest treatment providers for both structures, which are reported to be in a state of urgent requirement. Additionally, there have been instances of water leakage at the address of 2500 Keele.

In the vicinity of Trudelle Street in Scarborough, there exists an apartment building under the ownership of Golden Equity. 

In recent years, the residents of this complex were notified via written correspondence that they are prohibited from convening conferences or engaging in social activities within the communal spaces of the three constructions, encompassing both indoor common areas and outdoor locales such as lawns and parking areas. 

The prohibition on meetings is justified in the letter on the grounds of COVID-19 apprehensions. 

In subsequent correspondence, renters were advised to promptly notify the management of the building or law enforcement authorities in the event of seeing unfamiliar individuals disseminating unwanted printed literature or engaging in conversations with residents. 

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According to Alicia Ludwig, a representative of the Trudelle Tenants Association, there are allegations that the building’s management is engaging in a strategy to depict supporters as individuals causing disruptions by asserting that their gatherings are in violation of the law. 

The author additionally observes that the structure exhibits a prevalent issue concerning the presence of mice & pests, including inadequate management of cockroaches, bedbugs, & mice. 

According to Ludwig, she encounters difficulties in addressing apartment-related concerns, necessitating her engagement in persistent negotiations with Golden Equity Properties in order to prompt it to initiate appropriate measures.

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The judicial representation of renters residing in an apartment complex controlled by Golden Equity Properties on King West is now being undertaken by Samuel Mason, an attorney affiliated with Parkdale Community Legal Services. 

Mason asserts that the corporation has displayed a lack of willingness to engage in negotiations and resolve concerns pertaining to upkeep and degradation. Consequently, renters are required to navigate the Landlord and Tenant Boards while participating in separate legal proceedings for every problem, resulting in a significant expenditure of resources and time. 

Mason expresses apprehension over the occupants residing at alternative properties held by the identical corporation, who lack representation from a nearby legal assistance clinic. 

Mason is now engaged in the examination of several situations wherein renters are experiencing difficulties in meeting their rental obligations as a result of unresolved repair concerns, hence resulting in the accumulation of rent payments. 

The individual aspires to establish a mutually agreeable arrangement wherein the property owner receives the outstanding rental payments, yet concurrently demonstrates a commitment to meeting their legal responsibilities in maintaining the structure according to the prescribed standards. 

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Additionally, this contract would provide compensation to residents for the deterioration problems they have experienced throughout the preceding year.

CityNews has previously reported on the tenant’s problems associated with Golden Equity Properties. A notice of eviction had been delivered to a long-term tenant residing in a property situated on Wilson Avenue of a duration exceeding 50 years. 

The grounds for eviction were non-payment of fees, notwithstanding the renter’s consistent adherence to timely payments during their occupancy. Several people have reported numerous repair problems that were not attended to. The property underwent a change in ownership, with Golden Equity Properties assuming control. 

Emina Gamulin, a representative representing Parkdale Organize, a tenant advocacy organization, has already provided CityNews with information regarding the operational practices of Golden Equity Properties during property acquisitions. 

As to her statement, the organization endeavors to compel renters into subscribing to pre-authorized payment while imposing additional expenses upon individuals. In addition, renters are being served with removal notifications that lack specificity regarding the grounds for removal. 

Golden Equity Properties is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and possesses a portfolio comprising over twelve buildings located in Toronto, Ontario. 

The corporation refused to provide an explanation in response to CityNews’ inquiry. There have been reports from tenants indicating that officials from the business exhibit a refusal to engage in communication with customers.

Customers’ Reviews Exposed the Truth of Golden Equity Properties

Hey everyone, 

I’m reaching out to ask for your help. A close friend of mine had a terrible experience with Golden Equity Properties. She had to deal with bed bugs, cockroaches, holes in the wall, and other issues. If you have had a similar experience with this property manager, please get in touch with me. 

I can’t share too many details, as this is an ongoing legal matter. However, my friend is in contact with her family’s lawyer, the authorities, and the Landlord and Tenant Board. As a student journalist at uOttawa and an Algonquin College graduate from their journalism program, I’m interested in pitching this story wherever I can. 

If you can provide any information or point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. I can also keep your name anonymous, in case you’re worried about any potential backlash. Thank you for your time.

People’s replies to the post

  • They exhibit the most unfavorable qualities. He also stated that he initiated legal proceedings in a small claims jurisdiction half a decade ago. He emerged as the victor, however, he has not received any monetary compensation up till the present moment. He expresses his condolences for the distressing situation your acquaintance is currently experiencing.
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  • Cats-astrophe responded by stating that the organization has undergone multiple modifications to its name. The property owner possesses numerous real estate with the intention of maximizing personal financial gain while neglecting the necessary upkeep and maintenance of these assets. The presence of bedbugs as well as upkeep difficulties has consistently posed challenges inside these structures.

Having stated that the organization has consistently collaborated with social services to provide housing for individuals with fewer resources or who are at risk, and has actively partnered with social service organizations to ensure continued housing stability for these individuals.

  • AllOutOfFawksToGive asked a question by stating that the abstract of the paper ought to read “Insects & Cavities: An Uncelebrated Perspective”.
  • CreamyMilkMan has commented and said he also filed a complaint with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB); first, they did not fulfill their payment obligation, necessitating my proactive pursuit of the matter.
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About Golden Equity Properties

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The establishment of Golden Equity Properties took place in the year 2001. The main assets of the organization consist of the purchase and administration of residential complexes located in Quebec & southern Ontario. 

Golden Equity Properties specializes in the acquisition of mature real estate, with a focus on making strategic investments and bringing about substantial enhancements to optimize their value. 

Throughout several years, the individual or organization in question has successfully accumulated an extensive collection of residential and commercial assets, establishing themselves as prominent figures within the residential multifamily sector, particularly within the southern region of Ontario, primarily in the area of Toronto. 

The establishment of the business was initiated by a trio of partners, as its initial purchase involved an asset consisting of 51 units located in Montreal. 

The current partners in management remain unchanged, although the number of employees has grown to approximately 90 workers. One significant achievement occurred with the initial purchase of Ottawa, which paved the way for subsequent acquisitions. 

Additionally, the company achieved its initial purchase in Toronto following multiple unsuccessful endeavors. The business’s move into Toronto was a pivotal factor in its development trajectory since it elevated the organization’s standing and significantly enhanced its reputation. To learn more about the organization, you may follow the link: Golden Equity Properties

Final Thoughts 

In summary, occupants residing in buildings controlled by Golden Equity buildings are encountering a multitude of difficulties & complaints. The purported incompetence exhibited by the organization has led to the occurrence of unlawful transactions from bank accounts of renters, the issuance of legal hazards, and the imposition of inexplicable supplementary fees. 

Moreover, the residents’ dissatisfaction has been intensified by the presence of problems related to insect control, water leakage, and limitations on communal meetings in shared spaces. 

The perceived unwillingness of the firm to acknowledge these issues has resulted in inhabitants experiencing a sense of being disregarded and dissatisfied, hence emphasizing the pressing necessity for enhanced management of properties & relationships with tenants. If you want to learn about the fake PR of the organization, you may learn from the link: Golden Equity Properties

Golden Equity Properties: Are They Scammers?
Golden Equity Properties: Are They Scammers?

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  1. I don’t know how but the word golden seems like ‘indicative fraud’. So I step back, wherever, I read the word ‘Golden’.????

  2. Look at the ceiling boss, the property looks stone-aged.????

  3. Being fair is highly important in business, if you people can’t be fair do not start a business, and make no claims.

  4. There are many complaints that have been reported about the company for providing service and never listening to its tenants.

  5. The main intention of this business is to deceive the people, as they don’t give full information to the person.

  6. In the name of real estate businesses, they were totally running the scam.

  7. If I was given a chance, I would too like to sign the petition.

  8. It is quite depressing for the person when they make the wrong investments.

  9. There should be a proper understanding between the tenants and the owner of the building. And is the duty of the owner to resolve the problem of the tenants.

  10. The condition of properties look scary, it can cause death or severe injury to someone.

  11. These cases need to be solved, Golden Equity Properties just duping the people and nothing else.

  12. The condition of properties look scary, it can cause death or severe injury to someone.

  13. The regulatory authority needs to take strict action against it and seize the company for defrauding others.

  14. The real-estate executives are immensely fake, they merely bluff their clients.

  15. I really like this article and also the viewpoint of the authors, these scams need to be stopped at any cost.

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