Gordon Wollman

Gordon Wollman Hurled racist slurs at me in a meeting

Gordon Wollman of Cornerstone Financial Solutions is a hateful racist. He made multiple racist comments on me while I was there and I had to leave that company when I realised no one would do anything about it. 

Gordon is the CEO and Founder of Cornerstone Financial Solutions and because of his position, no one dares to disagree with him. Even when he made hurtful racist comments on me, no person in that organization did anything. Everyone just started acting as if nothing had happened. I complained to the HR of Cornerstone Financial Solutions but no one did anything. They just ignored my complaint and recommended me to take a leave of some days. 

I used to work under Gordon but I left after Gordon made racist comments on me during a meeting. I could not work with a bigot who is filled with hatred towards certain sections of society. For months, I have worked under that man. However I never expected him to be racist. 

Gordon has created the work environment of his company very toxic, especially for any one belonging to a minority. If you are a black person then you should stay away from Gordon because he will constantly make you feel discriminated against. He doesn’t hesitate in using racial slurs and is one of the most poisonous people I have ever seen. If you are thinking of working at a Gordon’s company I am sorry but you shouldn’t. That place might look great from a distance but in reality it is a nightmare.

Let me explain the event in detail. 

Gordon likes to hold meetings with his subordinates regularly to discuss different topics. Most of the time, those meetings only have gibberish and waste many people’s time. One time Gordon was in a bad mood because, due to his error, we had lost a very important client. He kept snapping at other people and that day no one wanted to talk to him. 

Then he told everyone that he wants a meeting. According to him the meeting was about client relations and he asked about what improvements we can make. Obviously everyone was scared because nobody wanted to annoy him and it’s very difficult to predict what would annoy him. When nobody responded to his questions he started talking about what causes to lose customers then he pointed at me and started saying how my poor performance led to Gordon losing his client. Now, as far as I know I had nothing to do with Gordon and his client. 

So, after that meeting ended, I talked to him privately and he told me, “you n*gger have already lost me a big account so why don’t you man up and take responsibility for your actions.” 

He made several other statements after that which were filled with more slurs. I can’t list out every one of them here. 

I was shocked to hear this. He had literally used a racial slur without a second thought. Right after saying this he stormed off from the office and went someplace else. After this ordeal, I complained to the HR, who didn’t do anything about this issue. No one speaks up against Gordon. Instead of doing something, they told me to take a leave for some days. 

I no longer work in Cornerstone Financial Solutions. Even after hurling racial slurs at me, Gordon didn’t show a speck of remorse. I believe he thinks his statements were justified. In any case, I left Cornerstone Financial Solutions after realising how terrible my situation was there. 

If he can make such racist comments, I don’t know what else he is capable of. He might have stopped my bonuses, prevented any promotion, and God knows what else. Apart from all that, I also suspect that Gordon Wollman is ruining the lives of other black people in Cornerstone Financial Solutions. 

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Bigoted Racist

Gordon Wollman of Cornerstone Financial Solutions is a bigot and a racist. He called me a n*gger and has created a toxic culture there.

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  1. That’s horrible. I have experienced racism first-hand and I know how it feels like to be discriminated against.
    Gordon Wollman should resign from that company for doing such a terrible thing.
    These people don’t realise how deeply scarred they leave us, when they do such terrible things. It’s like second nature to them. They view the world differently and think we are below them because of our skin colour.

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