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Government contracts are coveted since they are deemed to be more profitable and stable hence majority of GP&M Advisory Services for companies and individuals strive to win such contracts. Small, middle and large business entities strive day and night to win such tenders and are ready to part with considerable amounts of funds when individuals or other entities promise to increase their chances to win such tenders. GP&M Advisory Services is among companies that target companies and individuals with a high appetite for government contracts and promise to enable companies win tenders, some of which are not accessible to the general public. The question of whether or not GP&M Advisory Services keeps its promise of enabling companies to access government contracts is the subject of the current investigation. 

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GP&M Advisory Services Overview

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GP&M Advisory Services was founded on 15th April 2015 by Bill Hunter ( The company has its headquarters in Largo, Florida. The entity can be considered as a government contract management and procurement firm. The company claims that if you need General Services Administration/Veterans Affairs (GSA/VA) Multiple Award Schedule contracts, System for Award Management/ Dynamic Small Business Search (SAM/DSBS) contracts and other government contracts then you should not hesitate to contact them. The company also claims to be the only certified, licensed, bonded, and insured private entity that offers such services ( More evidence should however be evaluated to substantiate such claims. 

What are the unique programs or features offered by the company?

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The company offers the Premier Government Readiness (PGR) Program which aims at providing entities with the necessary knowledge and skills to win government contracts. In 2018, the company announced that it had received a Private Small Business Development Grant which would enable the entity to offer the PGR Program (\).

The effectiveness of the program in enabling government contract vendors to access contracts through the Simplified Acquisition Process (SAP) still remains a mystery. The grant was only available for 200 small business. Business entities that were not selected under the grant are therefore expected to pay for the program. The grant can therefore be viewed as a legitimate feature of the company or a method to market the program. 

The company also offers Premium Government Vendor Capabilities Statements services. A capability statement is a single page document that provides details of the key competencies of the business to potential customers. A capability statement can be viewed as a resume for the company to target customers. GP&M Advisory Services claims that it can help customers to create premium government vendor capabilities statement that would make it almost automatic for the company to win government tenders. Government entities consider various factors before awarding contracts including previous contractual agreements and the reputability of the vendor among other factors. The claim that a premium capabilities statement created by GP&M Advisory Services will guarantee a vendor of a government contract can therefore be misleading. A well-structured resume can increase chances of being employed but does not guarantee that the individual will be employed. Employers consider other factors like performance in interviews and qualification when choosing the winner among applicants. 

How Does the Company interact with Customers?

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Companies can use various platforms to communicate with customers including social media platforms, phone calls, and emails among others. The communication channel is a crucial element of customer service as it influences customer satisfaction and allows customers to express their frustrations. GP&M Advisory Services mainly uses phone calls to communicate with customers. The company calls prospective customers to determine whether they are interested with the government contracts at the time ( The company has adopted enhanced technology, mainly, Robo calling, to communicate with customers. Robo calling allows the company to pitch its services to numerous customers at the same time hence reducing costs incurred to hire customer service agents. The company also increases chances of getting more customers as the Robot can call numerous customers at a go. Although the company benefits from Robo calling, the system has received criticism from customers. Contrary to human calls, Robo calling creates a one-sided conversation as it only informs customers on current projects and cannot listen to the customers’ ideas. Additionally, customers have complained about the system calling the customer too many times. The system calls the prospective customers randomly hence calling a particular target customer numerous times within a short time. Customers have also complained that it is extremely challenging to opt out of the Robo calling system. Since the system is robotic not human, a prospective customer cannot inform the system that he or she is not interested in the services. The company does not provide prospective customers an option to opt out of the calls either on their website or during the call. 

The company uses various customer services agents once a client subscribes to the company’s services. The agents work with the customer to ensure that they apply effectively to government contracts. Some of the company’s most popular agents include Leena, Nicole, Ashley and Dana. Numerous customers have had a good experience working with the agents. Customers who have interacted with Dana Sanders have claimed that she is professional, responsive, and has a warm personality. Majority of customers have claimed that she works tirelessly with the customer to ensure that the contract application process is smooth and successful. Customers have also claimed that the staff take customers as part of the team which is a positive remark. Customers also demonstrated that the company’s staff are not rude and respond to all customers’ queries and concerns. They appreciate the dedication of the staff to ensure that the vendors have access to the government contracts. 

Does the company provide access to contracts not advertised in the public?

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One of the boldest claims made by the company is that it can provide vendors with micro contracts that don’t get advertised. Although the company does not make the claim on its official website or social media platforms, various customers demonstrated that they agreed to purchase the services of the company after being convinced that they would access such contracts. Different government departments use different avenues to advertise their contracts. 

Government departments are compelled to advertise their contracts to the general public. For example, government agencies should advertise contracts above USD 25,000 on the System for Award Management ( which was previously known as Access to the websites is free of charge. It is therefore unlikely that the company has access to contracts not advertised since the departments have to advertise major contracts. However, the company knows various websites and platforms that government agencies advertise their contracts. The company can therefore access more contracts than a common person who have limited knowledge of navigating the massive advertisement platforms. Due to their unique expertise and experience, it is highly likely that the company can provide customers with access to numerous contracts. 

Customers expect that after providing their capabilities statements to the company, the company would filter out the contracts and match the customers with relevant contracts. However, customers have claimed that the company sends numerous irrelevant contracts to customers through email and expects the customer to filter out unwanted contracts. Customers claim that the company sends loads of contracts on a daily basis majority of which are irrelevant and unrelated to the customers’ expertise and needs. For example, if a customer needs contracts to supply stationery, he or she receives hundreds of contracts to supply pharmaceuticals, detergents and food among other commodities. Failure to tailor make the contract lists to meet the needs of the customers is frustrating to customers. Customers will therefore be assured of viewing numerous contracts but is not assured that the contracts will be in the relevant field.  

How is the company’s working environment?

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The company’s culture can be reflected by how it treats its employees. Companies that treat employees with respect are highly likely to have a good relationship with other stakeholders including customers. Frustrated employees are likely to be rude to customers. According to undisclosed employees, the company’s founder and owner Bill Hunter is a friendly person. Bill treats his employees with respect and encourages them to work harder ( Bill has created a good working condition. The company also occasionally provides lunch to its employees as demonstrated by undisclosed employees. The company also believes on its services hence expects employees to defend and believe in the services. Although believing in the company’s services can be a positive approach, employees are discouraged to provide negative remarks concerning the services hence reducing chances of improvements. 

One of the employees also complained of extremely short breaks between shifts or none at all ( Breaks allow employees to re-charge hence reducing work-related stress. Denying employees breaks or giving them short breaks reduce their productivity and increases their stress levels. Employees also complained of misinformation before being hired. One of the employees claimed that the company had promised that the customer service agents will only be responding to ready leads hence will not be involved in pitching for new customers. However, once the employee was hired, the employee was required to pitch the services to new customers who had been contacted by the Robo system. The system therefore calls customers randomly whereby customers may or may not respond. If a customer calls back, the agents are expected to pitch the company’s services which range between USD3,000 and 7,500 on average. Based on the employee’s remarks, the company provides falsified information to prospective employees which is unethical. 

Does the company deliver on its promises?

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The company has various selling points. First, the company promises to help companies to get government contracts. According to one of the company’s customers, the company failed to meet its promise due to various factors. The company promised that they would help the customer access numerous federal contracts. However, the company provided numerous contracts but they were not related to the needs and expertise of the customer. The customer complained that the system sent wrong types of bids hence making it challenging to get a contract. The customer therefore demonstrated a bid disparity between what the company promised and what was actually delivered. On the contrary, another customer claimed to have signed up with the company and received the first government contract after six months. The customer claimed that Dana Sanders used her expertise and professionalism to help the company win its first contract


 Due to the divergent customers’ views, it is likely that some customers actually get the contracts while other don’t. 

Secondly, the company promises to help the customers create professional and advanced proposals and contract documentations that would significantly increase the chances of winning government contracts. According to majority of customers, the entity delivers on the promise. Customers have demonstrated that the company’s staff, especially Dana Sanders work closely with the customer to create highly professional and quality documentations. The staff therefore has the claimed expertise and experience to ensure that the contract documents are high standard which is a positive attribute of the company. Government contract vendors with limited knowledge on creating the necessary documentations to bid for tenders would therefore benefit from the company’s services. 

Does the company provide refunds?

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One of the customers claimed that the company has failed to refund their cash after they were dissatisfied with the services ( The company has not made public any refund policy which increases the chances that the company does not offer refunds. 

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GP&M Advisory Services claims to help government contract vendors win government contracts which are mostly accessible to the general public. The analysis has shown that the company has access to numerous government contracts but whether they are advertised or not is questionable. The company’s main merit is that there are various staff members who can help customers create high quality contract documentation. However, customers claim that the company sends numerous contracts to the customers’ emails which are often unrelated to customers’ requests. The company does not provide refunds as evidenced by customers’ remarks. This review is, however, based on available sources hence it is open to critique. 

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